Video Game Goes Overboard with Violence

A new video game on the market allows players to kill cops — and the more they kill, the better they score.

And with graphic imagery and an offensive soundtrack, the "25 to Life" is sure to produce the next generation of thugs and punks. The game’s official website says the game is rated "M" for mature audiences due to "blood and gore," "intense violence," and "strong language."

The game was released February 17 with this promotional line:

"The wait is over; now get ready to take it online and show the world what you’re made of. Design your tag, customize your look and fight it out in malls, clubs, subways and south of the border."

However, the "story" section of the website does promise to teach "true life lessons" when all is said and done. (Possibly about how cop killers can get anywhere from 25 years to life in prison if caught?)

It may seem as though this is nothing new but police officers are complaining that the makers of the game have gone overboard in glorifying the killing of law enforcement officers. Many are signing a petition to protest the sale or rental of the game in the U.S.