Cash From Yonkers

John Spencer’s recent FEC filing showed listed more than 200 itemized contributions to his campaign, but according to The Journal News, the report showed no donations from people living in Yonkers, New York.

Normally the lack of Yonkers contributors wouldn’t be of much concern, save for the fact that Spencer is the former mayor of Yonkers, and would in theory be able to demonstrate some financial support from his old constituents. Spencer spokesman Christian Winthrop argued that since the bulk of the campaign’s donations came in amounts under $200, which do not have to be disclosed under federal law, there are many contributions that just aren’t being made public. "He has received a lot of support from Yonkers and Westchester," Winthrop said. "A lot of them were contributions that were under $200 that were not itemized."

But Hillary’s spokesman, Howard Wolfson, took a different view, saying that "Mr. Spencer’s increasingly outlandish rhetoric is embarrassing both Democrats and Republicans who know that Senator Clinton is working hard in a bipartisan way to get results for New York."

Spencer did receive funds from Yonkers residents in earlier FEC filings.


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