Professor Wants More Liberalism in College

It’s not what you think. Yes, a professor in Aberdeen, South Dakota says, "State universities need to be more liberal." But, he means it in a nice way (if that’s possible).

Art Marmorstein, a history professor at Northern State University writes in the Aberdeen News that various historical figures insisted that, "if all views were given a fair opportunity in the marketplace of ideas, the truth would eventually win out: The only thing that could stop the truth was its forcible suppression."

The professor goes on to say this concept is "at the heart of liberal education," and he recalls some "wonderful teachers" who were committed to this type of "liberalism."

But, Marmorstein then writes:

"Unfortunately, much of the academic left in this country has ceased to be liberal, embracing (often unwittingly) a kind of bastard Marxism as its core philosophy. Dogmatic, intolerant and mean-spirited, doctrinaire leftists often make academic life miserable for conservative students — and for traditional liberals, for that matter. They and their like-minded students shout down campus speakers whose ideas they don’t like. They publicly ridicule students who dare question their ideas, and they refuse to even consider hiring faculty members who don’t toe the proper political line."

Bravo Professor Marmorstein! If you’re for students receiving a fair, well-rounded education that encourages open, honest discussion and intellectual debate, I don’t care whether you call it "liberalism" or conservatism or fairness or some other term. As long as professors aren’t force-feeding their political agendas down the throats of students, I’m happy.


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