MoveOn Moves In for the Kill has chosen its first victim in its new campaign.

As mentioned in a previous blog, the liberal political action organization polled members via e-mail earlier this week to find out if they would support a campaign to challenge right-wing incumbent Democrats in primary elections. MoveOn reported Thursday that 84% of respondents said they would support the new initiative. That’s when MoveOn decided to officially move in for attack on Rep. Henry Cuellar (D.-Texas) by backing his opponent, a more "progressive-minded" Democrat named Ciro Rodriguez.

Unlike Cuellar, Rodriguez is said to be "a true Democrat" — opposed to the Iraq war and "would stand up to the Bush administration in Washington," according to MoveOn.

MoveOn said Cuellar has "consistently voted against Democrats on important issues and literally campaigned for Bush in 2000."

MoveOn is requesting members donate $100 to the initiative before March 7, the date of the election.