28,000 Reasons to Speak

The Colorado Daily, which serves the University of Colorado and Boulder, reports "The Reverend" Al Sharpton received $28,000 for a speech that left many audience members disappointed.

According to the article, the Cultural Events Board paid Sharpton the amount, which included travel and security expenses, to speak on racism and politics in America. However, Sharpton avoided making any specific comments concerning diversity on the CU campus.

"I wish he would have done a little more homework instead of just ranting about the right-wing media and how it twists things," said Trevor Martin, public relations director for the University of Colorado Student Union (UCSU).

"My impression was that he would talk a little bit more or that he was going to make some remarks about CU specifically, and I guess he sort of did in part of it, just not as specifically as I had hoped. Nonetheless, he did bring a good message," said Camilo Quintero, speaker coordinator for the Cultural Events Board (CEB).

The Colorado Daily goes on to say, "That message, according to Quintero, is for students to never give up and to keep fighting even if the fight isn’t popular."

Now, that’s a message conservative college students in the midst of liberal academia can take to heart!