Manuel Miranda: Big Winner at CPAC

At tonight’s CPAC dinner Manuel Miranda will be recognized with the Ronald Reagan Award — a fitting tribute to a man who shed light on the Democrats devious attempts to slander Republican judicial nominees and then paid the price when Senate Republicans failed to stand by his side.

Here’s a note Miranda just sent via email:

I have just heard that the American Conservative Union (and CPAC) will give me the Ronald Reagan Award tonight at the CPAC convention. If you can be there to cheer me on, dinner starts at 7:30 but the award presentation will come at the end of the evening. You can slip in and hang if your time allows.

It is at the Omni Shoreham off Conn. Ave on Calvert.

Sorry for the short notice.

For more on Miranda, I would recommend an excellent article written by Alex Bolton in The Hill back in November shortly after Samuel Alito was nominated for the Supreme Court. Bolton chronicles Miranda’s ordeal. Congratulations, Manny!

UPDATE — 5:50 p.m.: We were just told the second award recipient this evening will be Suzette Kelo, the conservative activist and woman behind the infamous Kelo v. New London court decision that gave governments the power to use eminent domain to seize private property.