Liberal Blogger Invades CPAC

It comes as no surprise that the Center for American Progress’ Campus Progress has sent a liberal blogger to CPAC. And you’ll probably be even less surprised about what “Conventionette” has to say.

With half of CPAC behind us, there are six posts up on the Campus Progress site, including one that goes into great detail about our very own John Gizzi, political editor at HUMAN EVENTS.

Here’s an excerpt:

Oh Lord, they’re talking about Wellstone. This must be a test to root out covert progressives like myself. It almost worked, too–as soon as I heard John Gizzi of Human Events utter the name, it took my ever fiber of concentration not to cheer or cry or at least clap.

For those of you who aren’t from Minnesota (best state ever, by the way), Paul Wellstone was a senator who took the state by storm and got people excited about being progressive, about standing up for what you believe in and fighting for it–even when what you believe is unpopular or might harm your political career. We progressive Minnesotans loved Paul Wellstone pretty fiercely, and that’s not faded.

Anyway, in the course of a panel on the 2006 elections, the panel was asked to predict the outcome of the senate elections. Gizzi tellingly refused to answer, instead elaborating on the potential for an unforeseen upset. You can look all over and find "Wellstones or near-Wellstones," Gizzi warned. THANK GOODNESS! This is good news for us, folks.


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