Frist Fills In What Cheney Left Out

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.) used his speech at CPAC this afternoon to address two issues that were noticeably absent from Vice President Cheney’s address to the conservative confab last night: the Marriage Protection Amendment and death tax repeal.

One has to respect Frist for jumping on two issues that needed attention and up until his speech hadn’t attracted as much as might have been expected.

Here’s what Frist had to say about gay marriage:

When the whims of a few activist judges are free to override the commonsense of the American people, we need to act.  When Americans are told that their voices and votes no longer matter, we need to act.  When America’s values are under attack, we need to act!
And this June, when I bring the Marriage Protection Amendment to the Senate floor, we will act.

He followed up those comments with a vow to address the death tax:

Think about it … from the second you’re born, every move is taxed.  But the Democrats?   They’re not content with that.  They’ve managed to give us what may be the most offensive tax of all: the death tax.

But let me make it clear, the days of the death tax are numbered!  This May I’ll bring it to the Senate floor for a vote.   I will do everything in my power to bury the death tax once and for all!

Kudos to Frist.