Saul Anuzis: Proudly Representing Michigan, GOP at CPAC

As the lone Republican state chairman at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Michigan’s Saul Anuzis might feel a bit lonely — especially with conservatives picking apart the GOP on the big stage.

But that’s not the way Anuzis operates. He just dropped by Bloggers’ Corner and was proud of the fact he’s representing the Republican Party of Michigan. He also touted the 55 college students from Michigan who made the trip.

Anuzis told us he flew in from Michigan this morning, but not before he did his own blogging on the Michigan GOP’s new blog. He was particularly excited about George Will’s column today on Republican gubernatorial hopeful Dick DeVos.

UPDATE: I’m told that Anuzis wasn’t the only Republican state chairman at CPAC. Deleware State Chairman Terry Shrine was also here. Kudos to both for showing their dedication to the conservative movement.