Democrats Embrace Blogs; Will It Help or Hurt?

Former National Review blogger Eric Pfeiffer (of the well-written "Buzz") quotes our very own Matt Lewis today in an article in the Washington Times about the Democrats’ sudden interest in blogs.

Here’s an excerpt:

Although blogs carry weight on both sides of the political aisle, liberal bloggers appear more eager to shape the Democrats’ agenda, while their conservative counterparts mostly promote the party line.

"This is the Democrats’ Gordian knot: If they appeal to mainstream Americans, they alienate their liberal base, and if they appease the liberal bloggers, they show themselves as being out-of-touch," said Matt Lewis, who blogs for the conservative Human Events Online.

As we have written about on The Right Angle on several occasions, it only benefits conservatives and the GOP when Democrats’ such as John Kerry and Harry Reid put their thoughts down on paper. Keep it up!