Hey, Big Angry Spender

Today Hillary defended her largesse and her temper.  

She proudly stood by her $10,000 contribution to the campaign of Pennsylvania State Treasurer Bob Casey, a Democrat challenging Republican Sen. Rick Santorum.  As everyone knows by now, Casey is pro-life, and he has encountered stiff opposition from the very feminist groups that are usually Hillary’s biggest fans.  

But Sen. Clinton did not make excuses for her generous contribution, calling Casey a “real champion” on issues like health care.  

Said Hill: “Regardless of what differences there may be among Democrats, the differences between Democrats and Republicans today could not be starker.  And if we can move toward a Democratic majority, we can prevent some of the ill-advised legislation and nominations we have to deal with from ever seeing the light of day.”  

Of course, one of the top “ill-advised” legislative issues that would be prevented from being considered in a Democratic-controlled Senate would be any pro-life bills.  Still, pro-choice groups are complaining about one of their own associating with a known pro-lifer, with NOW president Kim Gandy saying she is “very concerned” about Mrs. Clinton’s contribution to Casey and that “I do understand the desire of the Democrats to have a Democratic majority in the Senate, but I don’t think that’s a goal that should come at the cost of core Democratic values.”  

Hillary also addressed remarks made on ABC’s “This Week” by Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, who noted that the senator “seems to have a lot of anger.”  

Hillary suggested that Republicans should instead “worry about these devastating budget cuts [and] the confusion and bureaucratic nightmare in the prescription drug benefit,” because “[t]hat’s where they should be spending their time and energy, instead of trying to divert attention away from their many failures and shortcomings.”