Cindy Sheehan: Michael Moore's Twin?

Just before President Bush entered the Capitol for his State of the Union Address, a security guard looked over and noticed that the new darling of the extreme political left, Cindy Sheehan, had removed her outer jacket revealing a shirt that read, “2,245 Dead. How many more?” The Capitol police immediately arrested her, put her in handcuffs and led her away. Wednesday they apologized to her and admitted what they did was a mistake giving her all the encouragement necessary for her to file a class action lawsuit and have a good chance of winning it.

I thought “Dumb and Dumber” was a really funny movie. It has become something else: The philosophical strategy being used to harness Ms. Sheehan so her anti-war in Iraq message cannot be heard by the American people. This moronic approach to dealing with Cindy is playing right into her hands, er, mouth. I have not seen this kind of stupidity in public relations since they turned off Ronald Reagan’s microphone thus assuring him the winner in the New Hampshire primary.

If the Republicans were smart, they would take a more clever approach in taking away this woman’s credibility…

Let her TALK!

She is not Governor Reagan. She is Howard Dean. She is not Bill Clinton, she is Billy Carter. The more she says, the less she is believed. The less she is believed, the less she is liked. But, if you continue to surround her with security forces and slap manacles on her, she is going to achieve rock star status.

Then, she will never shut up.

As a case in point, take Jesse Jackson. Please. The mouthy reverend actually believed he had a chance to become the President of the United States at one point. He was gathering his supporters, raising money, giving speeches nationwide and deluding himself into thinking, “I can WIN!” No, Jesse, you cannot win. Why? Because what you say is so ridiculous no sane person is going to believe the things that come out of your mind and onto your vocal chords. The only chance that Reverend Yammering had was to follow the traditional axiom on the subject of revealing your thoughts, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” The more Jesse spoke, the less votes he received. Soon, his supporters changed their chant from, “Run, Jesse Run!” to, “Mute, Jesse, MUTE!” He may have been with Martin Luther King on many occasions, but the chasm between his mentor and himself widened by each and every new utterance fluttering out of the Rainbow Coalition’s poster child. He is still talking. Stunningly, he is still losing more and more credibility. I think the only politico who still listens to him is Fidel Castro.

Enter Cindy Sheehan who believes she is the New Frontier of Feminism. She lost a son in the Iraq war. Heartbreaking, yes; a foundation from which to launch a national campaign for the hearts and minds of liberalism, no. Cindy is like a teenager who believes she is ready for “American Idol,” when in reality she has yet to win her school’s talent show. Her message is, “Hey, I can’t sing, but I lost someone really close to me so can you give me first place here?” Sorry, Cindy, excellence in any field requires more than just sympathy and a sob story. You have to prove to those around you that you are more than just someone who knows how to pitch a tent along a Texas side road. You want to challenge Senator Diane Feinstein? Great. Try running for city council first. Take your act to the level you are on before you show up at a State of the Union Address as if you are Eugene McCarthy in jeans.

By the way, Cindy, he was already a United States Senator when he challenged another President who was leading us in a war in a land far away and even as a Senator, he got smushed like an armadillo wandering into a tractor pull competition.

Therein lies the main point here. Why are the Republicans so paranoid about this, uh, wannabe armadillo? Do not pull her out of the tractor pull arena, let her wander to her heart’s delight there. Not to worry, a tractor will soon find her. I would have been delighted to see her sit there in her t-shirt as President Bush delivered his address. Maybe, if we were lucky, she would have jumped up from her seat and began babbling like she normally does, throwing out her customary four-letter curse words and screaming, “I DEMAND a meeting with you, Mr. President! I am the future Senator from California! I will be HEARD!” I agree with her. Let’s hear what she has to say. Because I guarantee you that as America gets a load of this loopy lady, they will soon be shaking their heads, Republican and Democrat alike, as if they all wondered the same thing at the same time…

“We never knew Michael Moore had a twin sister!”

Keep talking Cindy. Please.

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