I'm Going to Sleep Well Tonight

Can someone give Bush a little love for a good speech?

On FOX news of all places, the immediate reaction from reporter Major Garret basically gave a better Democratic response than Gov. Tim "The Brow" Kaine. Instread of replaying highlights of the speech, we got talking points better than the actual Democratic party has. So, I’m going to give a quick highlight reel.

Sure, I’m not happy with a few moderate issues. More education spending, so on. But,that line. That great, great line: "second-guessing is not a strategy" ?

Put that puppy in the quotebooks now.

Bush spoke well on Iraq and didn’t hide the reality of Iran. He expressed dedication to keeping and encouraging a robust economy. He laid out clear initiatives and plans of action.

He faced down half of Congress when they disrespectfully (and childishly) applauded and patted themselves on the back for refusing to pass social security reform that would have put millions of young people in control of their savings. Proud, Hillary stood up smiling that she had helped defeat the President’s crucial initiative, making the House floor look for a moment like a bad high school student council meeting.

But Bush didn’t  lash out. This was not the cowboy that arrogantly strutted in the 2004 debates. He held his tongue and gave a forceful, dignified response telling them (paraphrase): "It’s  only going to get worse. You better get on track with me and figure this out."

The immigration points were disappointing, but he did say "no amnesty" and he didn’t back down from social issues, telling members Congress needed to define marriage. Soon.

We heard the good news not delivered in the papers. Abortions and crime are down.

But, the best part was seeing JUSTICE Samuel Alito wearing his fresh, new robe and seeing his wife smiling, not crying, in the gallery above.

Like any good drama, there was conflict and I’m confident Democratic staffers will be working all  night preparing appropriate attacks, but tonight I’m happy. I feel like the good guys won today.

Good job, Mr. President. Things are coming around just fine.