Conservatives Pleased with New Justice

Several conservative organizations have expressed their elation in seeing Samuel Alito confirmed to the Supreme Court, acknowledging his respect for the Constitution as well as for traditional American values.

Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council:

"Today Justice Alito will take his place on our nation’s Supreme Court and contribute to a hopeful legacy of change in American law. The hope resides within the American people, whose weariness over the Court’s embrace of judicial activism rallied voters across the country in pursuit of a new course, a course true to our founders’ intent. Justice Alito is a reflection of that intent.

"We are encouraged by his fifteen distinguished years of judicial service, encouraged by the overwhelming support of friends and colleagues — both Republican and Democrat — and we are encouraged by his deep respect for the rule of law and the limited role a justice plays when interpreting that law. We do not suggest an understanding of how Justice Alito will rule on particular matters before the court, but we remain confident in the judicial philosophy he has aspired toward.

"Justice Alito should be commended for his willingness to serve the interests of justice for our nation. This confirmation marks a hopeful turning point for the country and the rule of law."

Joseph Cella, president of Fidelis (a Catholic-based organization that promotes traditional values):

"With his even temperament and respect for the rule of law will, we believe Justice Alito will serve on the Supreme Court with distinction. We congratulate him on his confirmation and wish him well in his continued service to our country.

"The state of the union is stronger with Justice Alito on the Supreme Court, and ushers a new era of respect for the rule of law. Without a doubt, Justice Alito’s confirmation is the single biggest domestic victory to date for President Bush.

"Justice Alito and his family faced unprecedented attacks by liberal groups and their allies in the Senate with great dignity.

"These scorched earth attacks on Justice Alito have failed and have disgraced the Senate and the important process of confirmation hearings. Americans reject such mean-spirited political attacks and Americans reject judicial activism.

"Swinging wildly at Justice Alito who is eminently qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, further illustrates how liberals are out of touch with Middle American values and are simply desperate for campaign money for the 2006 elections.

"Such behavior will have consequences in this election year and beyond."

Jan LaRue, chief counsel for Concerned Women for America:

"Americans can rest assured knowing that we have one more highly qualified justice on the Supreme Court who is deeply committed to the written Constitution and the rule of law. Judge Alito is everything a judge should be and I am confident he will rule with both integrity and respect for the rights of every American.

"It’s tragic that Judge Alito and his family had to endure such outrageous treatment by some members of the Senate. The Alitos have my sincerest admiration and respect for the courage and dignity they displayed throughout the process.

"The relentless attacks of his character and competence were completely unjustified. Fortunately, the liberals’ tactics only revealed their sheer desperation. The truth prevailed, and Judge Alito was able to leave the hearings with his head held high, having gained even greater respect from the American people.

"We can all be proud and gratified knowing that Judge Alito will be seated on the highest court of our land. This is truly a great day for Americans.

"Finally, the Phillies’ greatest fan gets to sit on the bench in the major league. The Court roster is looking much better with one less switch-hitter."

David Bereit, executive director of American Life League:

"We are extremely hopeful that the confirmation of Samuel Alito will lead to a greater protection of all human life including innocent children at risk of losing their lives to abortion.Justice Alito’s confirmation to the nation’s highest court offers pro-life Americans reason for hope and optimism about the future. His record suggests that he will help to ensure justice for all Americans — born and pre-born.

"Justice Alito’s confirmation was not an easy victory, but pro-lifers worked tirelessly to ensure that the tragedy of abortion was a focal point throughout the confirmation process. Prior to the vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee, ALL representatives delivered thousands of petitions signed by citizens across the country calling for the approval of Judge Alito.Efforts like this were crucial in helping to assure Justice Alito’s confirmation.

"Pro-life Americans are praying that Justice Alito will live up to his promise, and uphold a strict interpretation of constitutional law — not legislate from the bench.There is nothing in the United States Constitution that gives anyone a right to kill an innocent human person, by abortion or any other means, and we are hopeful that Justice Alito will recognize that reality in all abortion related decisions that come before him on our nation’s highest court."

Wendy E. Long, counsel to The Judicial Confirmation Network:

"Justice Alito’s elevation to the United States Supreme Court is a great moment for the country for two reasons:

"One, it represents the triumph of quality. We have a new Justice with outstanding qualifications and experience, proving that the demagogues of the liberal left can no longer ‘Bork’ such outstanding nominees. The process is still nasty, and the demagogues still try their hardest, but the partisan judicial filibuster has failed. The attacks of the leftist extremists failed, because the American people can see that Justice Alito is not the caricature the extremists tried to paint. Indeed, it is clear now that the extremists are the ones who attacked Justice Alito.

"Two, it advances the philosophy of judicial restraint, modesty, and respect for democracy in our courts. The last few years, Americans have grown increasingly frustrated with out-of-control judges imposing a leftist agenda on them through judicial activism. A recent ABA poll shows the public believes such judicial activism has reached ‘crisis’ proportions. But Justices like Chief Justice Roberts and Judge Alito are a positive step toward greater faithfulness to the Constitution and the laws enacted by the people through their elected representatives. Today, a significant step has been taken in restoring American self-government."


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