John Kerry's International Filibuster

Fidelis President Joseph Cella has the best statement yet on Sen. John Kerry’s "international filibuster." Here are Cella’s comments:

“Senator Kerry just reconfirmed how out of touch he is with the American people–he launches an international filibuster against Judge Alito from the tony resort town of Davos, Switzerland when   54% of the American people support Judge Alito’s nomination.

“It certainly is bizarre for Senator Kerry to launch a filibuster while he is in the middle of an Alpine playground attending the World Economic Forum.  

“I hope it doesn’t interrupt his snowboarding plans.

“While I’m sure Senator Kerry feels right at home at the plush resort, he has only further marginalized himself as a very liberal Senator who is completely out of touch with Middle American values.

“This filibuster move has next to zero support, even among fellow liberal Senators, and is simply a political outreach effort to court Left wing groups for his 2008 Presidential bid.