African Union: From One Tyrant to Another

A Daily Telegraph article discusses the election of a new chairman for the African Union, the only alliance that includes every African country.

Although the alliance claims democracy as a founding principle, the meeting was held in Sudan, where the Sudanese military dictator, Omar al-Bashir, has overseen the massacre of hundreds of thousands of his own citizens in Darfur.

African officials are patting themselves on the back for rebuffing Al-Bashir’s campaign to get himself elected as AU chairman. Instead, AU members elected a different military dictator, Congo-Brazzaville "President" Denis Sassou-Nguesso. A former ally of the Soviet Union who seized power in a bloody coup, Sassou-Nguesso presided over the disappearance of 350 refugees that the feckles UN had repatriated to Brazzaville without guaranteeing their safety.

Oh, and in order not to offend the bloodthirsty Sudanese dictator, the AU guaranteed him the AU chairmanship next year.  

It almost makes you question whether these governments can be depended upon to justly adjudicate the billions of dollars they receive in foreign aid every year.