'Silent Bob': Why Is Casey Keeping Quiet on Alito?

A week after U.S. Senate hopeful Bob Casey Jr. pointedly refused to explain how he would vote on Samuel Alito’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, the Democrats’ star candidate of 2006 decided to skip a Democratic primary debate Monday night — avoiding the big question yet again.

A week ago, here’s what Casey had to say on the "Michael Smerconish Program" about Alito:

  • "…I’ll be there this week…"
  • "I’ll know in the next couple of days."
  • "…I think we’ll have a decision soon." (emphasis added)
  • "…You will know in the next couple of days."

Putting aside the obvious question of "Who’s the we, Bob?" we’re also left wondering why this guy can’t make a decision on one of the biggest issues for his left-wing donor base. After all, even Pennsylvania’s Democrat governor, Ed Rendell, has made up his mind on Alito — and he’s not even running for Senate.

While polls still show Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum trailing Casey, there’s hope of late in Santorum’s camp. Episodes such as Casey’s refusing to answer a simple yes or no question are happening more often, and Santorum’s people aren’t letting him get away with it.

So, Bob, what’s it gonna be? Time is running out.


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