Reagan's Legacy Brings Inspiration to March for Life

Ronald Reagan, perhaps the best and most beloved presidents America has ever seen, once observed that, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”  On this 25th anniversary of his inauguration as the 40th president, hundreds of thousands of people are about to descend on the hallowed city of Washington to echo Reagan’s passion for the most fundamental principle upon which this great nation was founded; the right to be free, the right to be an American, the right to life.

Monday marks the 33rd anniversary of one of the most disastrous instances of tyrannical judicial activism, commonly known as Roe v. Wade.  The decision, which has been criticized by everyone from Antonin Scalia to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the most liberal judges ever to serve on the Supreme Court, has denied 43 million of their most basic constitutional right.  If a liberal nut says one of the liberals’ most sacred rights is bad law, one has to believe that Roe is in fact bad law.

Samuel Huntington, a noted political scientist, once published a manuscript that gave light to the existence of an American Creed.  The American Creed, according to Huntington, is defined by several elements, including individualism, democracy, liberty, and the rule of law under a constitution.  These principles define America; they are what set this nation apart from any other, and they are what make this country great.  Huntington further states that during the course of history, several American policies have come into conflict with the American Creed, chief among them are slavery.  While Roe is not mention in Huntington’s writings, it is fair to say that Roe, like slavery, is in bold conflict with the American Creed, and must be rectified.

Monday will be marked by the annual March for Life in remembrance of the entire generation of American citizens that have been killed by abortion.  However, this weekend will also mark the dawn of a new era for America.  The confirmations of Chief Justice John Roberts and Judge Samuel Alito have already begun to reverse decades of indifference to life and deference to Roe.  

In addition to the March, several lectures, conferences, and other activities are planned by several Pro-Life institutions, including the American Life League, the Family Research Council, and The Catholic University of America, which will also serve as a “base camp” for the weekend’s festivities.  In fact, upwards of 1,500 high school students will spend the eventful weekend at The Catholic University of America, where they and other pro-life groups will participate in lectures, conferences, and several Masses to be held at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in preparation for Monday’s March and possible clashes with braless, radical militant feminists that could care less that Roe has been saved; she is now a pro-life Catholic.

But the pro-life movement is not strictly limited to Catholics or high schoolers that give witness to the fact that American values aren’t dead.  Several conservatives of other religious denominations will be present for the March for Life, including Protestants of all stripes, as well as Jews, feminists, and atheists, all to show their support for the Constitutional principals that make America great.  The weekend promises to be one of the biggest in the weekend’s 33-year history as the movement marks the dawn of a new era for the pro-life cause and the Supreme Court.

A weekend filled with hundreds of thousands of American citizens descending on the nation’s capital to take a stand for the American Creed, Constitutional principles, and most of all, freedom, is the greatest tribute to life’s most passionate champion, President Ronald Reagan on the 25th anniversary of his inauguration.