Bush Calls for Quick Confirmation

President Bush used his radio address today to call for a quick confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.

"The Senate has a duty to give Judge Alito a prompt up-or-down vote," Bush said. "I look forward to the Senate voting to confirm Sam Alito as 110th Justice of the Supreme Court. America is fortunate to have a man of his intellect and integrity willing to serve, and as a Justice on our Nation’s highest court, Sam Alito will make all Americans proud."

Bush added:

"Judge Alito has embodied this understanding of a judge’s proper role throughout his distinguished career. He has participated in thousands of appeals, and he has authored hundreds of opinions. His record shows that he strictly and fairly interprets the Constitution and laws, and does not try to legislate from the bench or impose his personal preference on the people. As the American people saw this week, Judge Alito always approaches the law in a thoughtful, fair, and open-minded way."