Playoff Picks for 2006

It’s 12:37 on a Friday afternoon.  We’ve already talked about Alito and Shadegg.  It’s now time to focus our attention on another pressing issue … the Playoffs!

Here are my picks:

Redskins/Seahawks – Obviously, I favor the Redskins.  Gibbs is one of the best coaches in NFL history, so I put a lot of stock in that.   Additionally, I just don’t think the Seahawks are tested.  Sure, they have a good record, but they got to play San Francisco twice and Phoenix twice.  Conversely, the Redskins have had their backs to the wall for seven weeks.  They have beaten good teams, including the Cowboys, the Giants, the Seahawks, and the Bears.

Steelers/Colts – The Colts will win.  The only reason to go with the Steelers is that they have “playoff experience” (Indy doesn’t).  But the Steelers advantage in experience is cancelled out by the tremendous year the Colts have had.  Colts should win by at least 7.

Patriots/Broncos – Got to go with the champs.  Patriots will win. 

Panthers/Bears – Unfortunately, for the Bears, the weather in Chicago will be unseasonably warm.  Additionally, the Bears are one-dimensional.  Sure, they have a great defense, but will that be enough?  Based on the Panthers performance last week, I’d say, “no.”  If the Panthers play half as good as they did last week, they will win.