Justice Sunday III Pastor Is Under Attack

The Rev. Herb Lusk, pastor of Greater Exodus Baptist Church in Philadelphia, host of this weekend’s Justice Sunday III event, has come under attack in the liberal media for his past support of President Bush and his involvement with the Family Research Council.

According to today’s Washington Update from the FRC’s Tony Perkins, the liberal press isn’t exactly telling the full story about Rev. Lusk.

When liberal newspapers cover events in a church, we should be pleased. We should be even more pleased when they acknowledge black and white Christians joining together. But liberal reporting on Justice Sunday III can’t resist the sly innuendo.

The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer are telling readers that Rev. Herb Lusk’s Greater Exodus Baptist Church has hosted President Bush in the past and that they’re getting $1 million for social services as part of the Bush faith-based initiative.

They never tell readers that Pastor Lusk’s church has yet to see one penny of that pledged amount, or that it is a matching grant that requires the community to raise equal amounts up front.

Perkins goes on to note:

When was the last time The Times noted that Planned Parenthood receives nearly $400 million every year in tax dollars? Does The Times question Planned Parenthood’s all-out opposition to Judge Alito? It should be noted that Pastor Lusk has not endorsed Judge Alito. (Neither, for that matter, has FRC.)

What Pastor Lusk has endorsed is the need for judges who will respect religious liberties and the institution of marriage. Therein lies the threat: white and black evangelicals standing together against judicial activism that threatens the very foundation of our nation.