Pirro Drops Out

A recent Quinnipiac University poll of 1,091 registered New York voters shows Hillary leading her once probable Republican opponent, Jeanine Pirro, by a comfortable 62%-to-30% margin, which apparently was the last straw for Pirro, who pulled out of the race yesterday and switched to the race for attorney general, which is what many GOP leaders wanted her to do.

A solid 61% said Hillary was either a “great” or “good” senator, while 37% said she was either “so-so” or “bad.” Sixty percent of these New York voters expect Hillary to run for President in 2008, with 24% saying they would “definitely” vote for her and 25% “probably” doing the same, while 13% said “probably not” and 32% said “definitely not” to the prospect of another Clinton presidency. A remarkable 53% said they think Sen. Clinton should pledge to serve for a full six years if she runs for re-election.