Kennedy Kong

At their annual off-the-record “holiday” party this year, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D.-Mass.) had fun dressing up as King Kong and explaining to guests he was late because he was on the phone with President Bush. Kennedy’s wife Vicki, posing as Ann Darrow sported a blond wig and asked if Kennedy/Kong had phoned the President. Kennedy/Kong said no and replied “He’s on top of every call” making light of the NSA wiretapping scandal. Kennedy/Kong then pretended to fall down the Empire State Building, joking he needed to fill out an HMO form before reaching the ground. The couple also sang their version of “Falling Snow,” called “Falling Polls” to attendees that included Kofi Annan’s, Bill Clinton’s and Elian Gonzalez’s attorney Greg Craig and C-SPAN’s Steve Scully. Kennedy gave a nod to Sen. John Kerry, also present, noting there could be an open Senate seat in Massachusetts when Kerry leaves for the White House.