Kate O'Beirne Skewers Famous Feminists

In April 2002, then-Counselor to the President Karen Hughes announced that she and her family would be leaving Washington, D.C., and moving back to Texas so they can spend more time together. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd bemoaned Hughes’ decision writing, “Women will never get anywhere in this boys’ administration, or this boys’ town, or this boys’ world, if they’re going to sacrifice prime West Wing real estate every time their husbands and kids kvetch.”

In her new book, “Women Who Make the World Worse: And How Their Radical Feminist Assault Is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military, and Sports,” Kate O’Beirne shows why Dowd’s disdain for family makes her a feminist’s favorite.

Beyond the familiar faces on the book cover (Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Jane Fonda and “Carrie Bradshaw” of “Sex and the City”), it’s the phony experts and professional feminists that are most harming America and the rest of the world. These graying bra-burners are part of an incestuous sisterhood that thrives on bureaucratic largess and false information.

O’Beirne writes, “Time and time again, I would find myself as a minority voice on panels discussing ‘women’s issues,’ and to my right and left would be professional feminists funded by my taxes. These women sit on review panels to give federal grants to each other, to study things only they care about. Every new federal law they design, aimed at addressing some inequality they identify, based on studies they’ve written, comes with hundreds of millions of dollars in feminist pork.”

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“Women Who Make the World Worse” identifies the major players in the radical feminist movement and their influence in weakening the family, damaging the reputation of motherhood, falsifying the wage and gender gaps, indicting little boys as oppressors and potential rapists, promoting abortion as the only choice, and jeopardizing our military readiness.

“The modern women’s movement is totalitarian in its methods, radical in its aims, and dishonest in its advocacy. Coercion is employed through the courts to enforce their unpopular agenda, on issues like abortion and gender quotas. They warn of the perilous gender gap threatening any politician who doesn’t knuckle under to their demands, but rarely seem to win elections. They confidently predicted the defeats of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush at the hands of angry women,” states O’Beirne.

It doesn’t stop at Maureen Dowd’s disgust for more family time; feminists sneer at women who choose marriage and motherhood over career and at-home care over day care. The late professor Jessie Bernard was named one of the top women sociologists in the world and her 23 books made her “the preeminent scholar of the women’s movement.” She is certainly preeminent in establishing the feminists’ views on marriage. Bernard wrote in the early 1970s of marriage’s “destructive nature” and “To be happy in a relationship which imposes so many impediments on her, as traditional marriage does, women must be slightly mentally ill.” The Andrea Yates defense is born.

Similar to Michelle Malkin’s newest book, “Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild,” that showed the wacko Bush=Hitler, pie-throwing liberals as a growing part of their mainstream, “Women Who Make the World Worse” shows that the radical feminist movement is not operating out of “womyn’s” bookstores and coffee shops in San Francisco. These women are directing more than 700 Women’s Studies departments on American colleges and universities, directing the American Psychological Association, conducting mandatory sexual harassment training for hundreds of corporations and government agencies, and sitting on committees that lobby for women in combat. O’Beirne sums up feminists’ motivation with one word: Jobs! And can we blame them? When is the last time any one of us has searched for a “Professional Feminist” in the Yellow Pages?

Lest readers be discouraged by the morose thought of militant feminists running the world, O’Beirne delivers with her trademark common sense and wit. “Throughout recorded history, men have fought their nation’s wars. (Only the French looked to a teenage girl to lead them in battle.)” It is also laughable that the anti-war feminists would be so adamant about putting women in combat to fight in wars they don’t believe in.

“Women Who Make the World Worse” argues that despite feminists’ sniveling, conservatives have at least one powerful woman on our side. “[I]n their battle to erase sex differences in every facet of modern life, feminists have squared off against Mother Nature, and she’s no feminist… All of these women who make the world worse by waging a destructive war between the sexes are at war with Mother Nature.”

Let’s not forget the many other women who are making the world better. Organizations like the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, National Rifle Association, The Heritage Foundation, Pacific Research Institute, Eagle Forum, Regnery Publishing, Center for Military Readiness all have women leading them or in their top ranks. In response to several Dowd-y columnist, we can boast a great number of patriotic and intelligent women (many of them featured in HUMAN EVENTS) like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Phyllis Schlafly, Myrna Blyth, Suzanne Fields, Bay Buchanan, Star Parker, Mona Charen, and, certainly, Kate O’Beirne.