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RE: What Will You Get the Liberals in the Family This Season?

Inspiration isn’t firing on all cycliders today, but here are a few ideas.

  1. OPERATION OPM: Don’t worry — somebody else will pay for it.  If you mess up, the patient’s nose lights up Ted Kennedy red.
  2. HUNGRY HUNGRY HILLARIES: Gobble up all available resources for a presidential bid while pretending to run for the Senate.
  3. OTHELLO: The game you liked before you hated it.  Each player starts with two stones.  Then the flip-flopping begins.
  4. DIPLOMACY (U.N. EDITION): Each turn is a year.  Make dozens of binding resolutions.  Stall for time.  Do nothing for as long as possible.  First player to do something gets attacked by all the other players.
  5. (WHAT) TACTICS: Who needs strategy?  Simply attack whatever your opponent does.
  6. CONNECT THREE: Like connect four, except more inclusive.  Approved by teachers’ unions.
  7. CHINESE CHECKERS: Like regular checkers, except made with slave labor.
  8. (SAY) SORRY!  The game of a thousand pardons.  Take a statement out of the context pile then hound your opponent to issue an apology.  Approved by the all the major victims societies.
  9. BATTLESHIP NIMBY: Keep warships out of your port to please radical constituents.
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Mr. Moffat is a freelance writer in Bethesda, Md.

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