Novak's Bull's Eye:

Bob Novak may not have used a word appropriate for TV before he walked off the set of CNN recently (he has since apologized for his language), but the sentiment he expressed hit the bull’s eye. Novak perfectly symbolized the disgust of hundreds of thousands of former viewers who have tuned out CNN in recent years as the network’s programming plummeted ever further into mindlessness.

CNN has always been a liberal organization. But it used to maintain higher journalistic standards and at least a little balance–even on its political debate shows. Now, it absurdly equates sloganeering James Carville, a smarmy professional apologist for a political party, to Novak, who has served for decades as one of this nation’s most fearless and independent political reporters. CNN has lost its traditional audience while futilely reaching out for another audience that does not really care about the news. Viewers who want to watch mindless ranting and raving will tune into MTV