The fanciful political cross dressing of Charlie Crist

The fanciful political cross dressing of Charlie Crist

As the GOP head to Florida, the literal poster boy for trial lawyers in Florida is endorsing Obama. It is not a surprise. Charlie Crist was Barack Obama’s favorite Republican for the longest time. They stood shoulder to shoulder in support of the stimulus.

RedState played a great role in helping beat Charlie Crist. Marco Rubio is such an improvement

But I do hope Charlie Crist gets a speaking role at the Democratic National Convention. They could use a refreshing voice such as Crist’s.

See, Charlie Crist has long maintained Todd Akin’s abortion position — no exceptions except life of the mother. Given the Democrats’ extremist “abortion on demand” position, Crist would be a refreshing recalibration for them.

Crist also has an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association…

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