• Another Impossible Thing May Happen: Change in Partisan Alignments

    In my last column, I looked at the possibility of two impossible things — impossible things in the sense used by Alice and the Red Queen — happening in the already turbulent 2016 presidential cycle.

  • Can the GOP Deal With Iran?

    Ten weeks before the first U.S.-Soviet summit ever held in Moscow, in May 1972, North Vietnam, with Soviet-supplied armor and artillery, crossed the DMZ in an all-out offensive to overrun the South.

  • The havoc that Trump wreaks — on his own party

    Every sulfurous belch from the molten interior of the volcanic Trump phenomenon injures the chances of a Republican presidency. After Donald Trump finishes plastering a snarling face on conservatism, any Republican nominee will face a dauntingly steep climb to reach even the paltry numbers that doomed Mitt Romney

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  • Conservative Review’s Big Announcement

    Conservative Review’s Big Announcement

    When I first started writing for Human Events in 2008, I was untrained in how to write a weekly column.

  • Protectionism In Air Travel Hurts American Consumers

    Protectionism In Air Travel Hurts American Consumers

    Ron Phillips, director of the Monroe (La.) Regional Airport, said it is “well past time” for the Obama administration to step up and protect the U.S. airline industry from unfair competition.

  • Why Home Schooling?

    Why Home Schooling?

    Many public primary and secondary schools are dangerous places. The Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics show that in 2012, there were about 749,200 violent assaults on students.

  • Let's See More of Hillary Now, to See Less of Her Later

    Let’s See More of Hillary Now, to See Less of Her Later

    Hillary Clinton shows signs of anger and desperation and pops out of her shell with shrill and extreme rhetoric. She should be nervous, with both the feds and rivals breathing down her neck.

  • A Revealing Clue

    A Revealing Clue

    Even those of us who are not supporters of either Donald Trump or Jeb Bush can learn something by comparing how each of these men handled people who tried to disrupt their question-and-answer period after a speech.