It’s boring, people

In just about six months, the nation will vote for a president. But if things continue the way they’re going, I don’t know how I’ll make it. The campaign blather is unbelievable. And even worse, it’s boring. Tedious. Painfully insipid.
Let’s start with the phrase “at the end of the day.” Overused by pundits and politicians alike, those words are now making my ears bleed. Lights out on this one, please.
Then there’s the “war on women.” It doesn’t exist. The left made it up. American women have more opportunity than they would have anywhere else on the planet. Don’t believe me? Book passage to China, Japan or even Italy. There is no war on women in the USA, so let’s knock off that boring stuff right now.
Obama is a Muslim. No, he’s not. His children were baptized in a Christian church. If he were a Muslim, the president would be damned just for that. He’s not a Muslim, and the folks who think he is are insane.
Global warming. It’s made Al Gore about $100 million. That’s all you need to know. Yes, Earth is getting a little hotter. But it could be a natural cycle; nobody knows except God. I’m fine with buying the $60 light bulbs to save energy because that might help the planet. But I would like those light bulbs to actually shed some light. Moths couldn’t find the last ones I bought. Much of the global warming hysteria is a con; almost all of it is boring.
Dogs in danger. Mitt Romney tied his canine to the roof of his car and drove him to Canada. Barack Obama ate a Doberman in Indonesia. Can we please stop this? It’s so boring, dogs all over the country are howling.
Protesting the word “illegal.” The loons at MoveOn are posting diatribes by cranks who say if you call an illegal alien an illegal alien, you are committing a “hate crime.” I am not making this up. This is not only amazingly tedious; it is also confusing illegal aliens, who are demanding to know what exactly their status is.
Medical marijuana. Mellow out. This is a huge con, and everybody knows it. In states that have legalized pot for medicinal purposes, all you have to do is tell a doctor you feel anxious and your nose hurts. You then pay the doc a couple of hundred bucks, and he writes you a script for the pot. Cheech and Chong wrote this law, and it’s boring.
Occupy Wall Street. It’s over. We don’t want to live in Cuba. Go home. Shut up.
So there you have it, from the heart. The two presidential candidates are boring enough. They don’t need any help from us. So let’s all band together and stop the tedium. Do it for your country.

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  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Bill O’Reilly has to walk into his TV studio side ways so his bloated ego warped head can fit through the door.  I only started watching him two years ago, has he always been this dumb?  Who the hell does his investigative work, they haven’t much to brag about .  Black Liberation Theology is the cult of the day, right next to Jehovah Witnesses, Mormonism, Branch Davidians, Jim Jones, etc.  You have to excuse Bill, there is no much dust on his “Bible” that a full powered vacuum cleaner would be needed to clean it up.  Any time the topic of religion comes up on his show I hit the mute button knowing it will all be useless commentary.  He is illiterate when it comes to religion, he doesn’t even know the precepts of his own Catholic faith.  

    I knew O’Reilly was also illiterate when it comes to the Constitution when he began slandering those that challenged Obama’s eligibility.  He lied about Obama’s father ever being in Connecticut, and keeps pounding away at some mindless birth announcements as being proof that Obama is eligible to be POTUS.  I wonder if O’Reilly has ever used his birth announcement to obtain Passports, Driver License, etc?  What a damn dope. 

    The worse offense of all it that he will not take the time or make the effort to examine all the 7 months worth of evidence that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his investigators have collect causing them to move from “probable cause” to a “criminal” investigation.  Hell, this is the story (scandal) of the century and Billy Boy is missing it along with others at Fox.  Boy are they going to have mud on their faces when the dung hits the fan.  How will they ever explain their silence?  They actually look worse than the MSM on this one, we expect the MSM to act this way but when Fox and Friends act this way they become Fox and Enemies.  

  • Dustoff

     Sometimes Bill hit’s it right out of the Park.   I said (sometimes)
    Yet most of the time he’s annoying on TV.

    Your right his ego all to often get’s the best of him. 

  • Rocco11

    Bill-O is still carrying the water for that flaming Communist, Barack Hussein Obama.  Imus nailed it when he said Bill-O remains desperate to be accepted by the Left, even after all these years.

  • Rocco11

    Bill-O is like a pond, fairly broad, but not too deep…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PYMI4LCBAM7PX5457244M3W6BQ Confused

    Bill O’Reilly is an interesting mix between the historic jounalists and most of today’s openly partisan “journalists”.  He profeses neutrality but will profess that certain issues, that are indeed unresolved or are mysterious due to obama fighting so hard to prevent resolution or showing behavior that lends itself to the perpetuation of the topic, are “closed”.  Kind of like the global warming scammer crowd (as Mr. O’Reilly points out).  The left professes to hate him in many cases, yet he does indeed carry their water suprisingly often.  So despite him having some conservative perspectives, these unexplanable oddities cause many people to question how much of his other reporting is tainted and meant to lead people away from legitimate issues.

  • http://profiles.google.com/douglynn23 Doug Lynn

    I do not think he is saying that. He is saying that instead of talking about important issues people and the candidates are boring us with stupid and insignificant issues.

  • http://profiles.google.com/douglynn23 Doug Lynn

    Jeremiah Wright is old news. Those of us that care about Wright and think Wright is a dangerous lunatic have already made our minds up. We cannot force casual voters to care. Causal voters care about themselves and their future and that is all. We need to find issues these causal voters care about and make them aware of how more Obama is going to hurt them. We need the media to talk about issues like the danger of our deficits, the danger of bigger, more expensive government, the danger of obamacare, the danger of the growth in entitlements, the danger of job destroying regulations, the danger of using unemployment numbers that do not include people that have given up looking for work.   

  • http://profiles.google.com/douglynn23 Doug Lynn

    It is hard to make 10 million a year and not be pretty comfortable that you are a winner.

  • abc2xyz

    Mr O. !  You  give us this argument : “Obama is a Muslim. No, he’s not. His children were baptized in a
    Christian church. If he were a Muslim, the president would be damned
    just for that. He’s not a Muslim, and the folks who think he is are

    Mr. O., you prove that “Obama is not a Muslim” based on some facts that are done by others and not by him.  Obama did NOT baptize his children, he HAD his children baptized. 
    Your argument s a RED HERRING  by which  you deflect the focus from Obama to his baptized children.

    Mr O !  You  must know that a leopard can not remove his spots …. the leopard is a leopard due to
    his/her parents . The same with Obama…… he remains as his parents   begotten  him
    [ father muslim, mother atheist ] and we can not change it, even you try trowing RED HERRINGS to us.  Another proof  that you are  very, very , very soft in Obama … No wonders ….. 

  • Telescoping You

    I gotta hand to you Bill, you sure know how to evade REAL issues with this clown you Pollyanna every week here and everyday on your TV program.

    But I must take issue with you on one continually incorrect classification you give Obama, and that is that he is an African American, he is not.  He is an Arab.  Took me about thirty minutes to assemble sufficient and authoritative documentation on his direct ties to the Luo tribe, which were not only muslum (a cult indoctrination your guy received the first half of his life) but were preeminent slave traders in Kenya, and also Arab as well. Just like Obama’s cousin Odinga, a full blown muslum Kenyan Arab Communist. But can you imagine SLAVE TRADERS?  That means Bill, that Barock’y people made boo-koo bucks selling real Africans slaves. Perhaps this can help you to silence the race pimps.

    For someone who pawns himself off as ‘historian’ you don’t even give a cursory look at what could be right in the middle of you monitor, after just a couple clicks.

    Ok, enough of this “It’s boring people” stuff.  How about getting behind the ‘fair and balanced’ mantra and do some reporting on the newest scandal we are now being told in HE’s Jim Hoft’s article today, “Awful. Obama Officials Drafted Memo to Blame Military If OBL Mission Failed.”

    You could even use the “P & C” words to describe Obama.  Come on Bill, you can do it.  Here, let me help you;  P H O N Y   C O W A R D.  That wasn’t so hard was it?

  • wodiej


  • ghostshirt

    Actually I think he’ll have trouble raising a Billion from domestic sources. I imagine he’ll get some donations from the Saudis, Iranians and the Muslim Brotherhood though.

  • rdman_VietVet

    O’Reilly fears if he acts too aggressively, he will jeopardize his covert pursuit to be part of the Washington DC Ruling Elitist Clique and Hollywood, and will suffer some sort punishment or rejection.

    As a result, O’Reilly becomes prey to intense anxiety, seeking reassurances that, no matter what he have done in the past, his pursuit to be accepted by the DC Ruling Elitist Clique and Hollywood is still a possibility, revealing a frightened, insecure, spineless fraud beneath the facade of the tough authoritarian.

  • abc2xyz

    Mr.O. please make sure that your next HE “expose”  is not ….  humdrum .

  • deeme

    I can think of a lot of words to describe the most important election of my lifetime, but boring does not seem to be one of them…Under the last three plus years, we have been forced to consider One World Government, I feel seriously like this President is the President of “anywhere but America.” We have CIA guys telling us how dangerous the relationship is that this administration has with the Muslim Brotherhood,he snubs his nose at our allies, we have forced Universal Healthcare coming, we have gas prices and food at an all time high , taxes are set to be higher then we have ever seen, there are not enough people working to cover SS and Medicare and don’t even get me started on the corruption..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Archie-Stewart/1784932148 Archie Stewart

    Bill if you want to avail yourself of some truly interesting political commentary go to www conservatives 4 palin dot com.

  • aleddie1

    Bill is always dancing around the center to keep high his ratings and collecting interviews, the article was right until the last paragraph, when he called both candidates “boring”. At this time, I don’t care about charisma, beauty, speech, etc, but about EFFICIENCY fixing the mess the inept on chief has taken this country. 

  • aleddie1

    Sure, he is hoping for another softball interview before Obumbo gets the pink slip in November…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QGJB6XKBWEVILASOVXE5FP65SA Dave D

    Spot on!  Bill could break the boredom by some phone sex describing what he is wearing.

  • JohnERebb

    Wow!  The comments are much better than the article itself.

  • BeansFerSupper

    So at the end of the day Mr. O’Reilly is bored. Well, perhaps before the next time you have Obama on you might look up what Taqiyya means, and then ask him about his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and why he isn’t a Muslim anymore. Then for even more excitement, ask him if the sounds of the prayers towards Mecca are still his favorites and about John McCain questioning his”Muslim Faith.” That ought to make things a lot less boring. Do it for your Country.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E4C65QOIQ4XH67F6MEHWTXGODY Alan

    Mr. O. I’m so sorry you’re bored.  Judging by the comments to your essay, I would say we are bored with you.

    You know Mr. O, I had to turn the Factor off some time ago, because you really have failed to to do your due diligence in investigative journalism. Or maybe, Fox won’t let you report the “REAL” story. If you had only researched “black liberation theology” maybe you would get your eyes opened to what Obama listened to for 20 years.  It’s HATE speech!

    Also, Bill, why don’t you find out why our illustrious Imposter in Chief is paying millions of dollars to an Attorney to keep his identity under lock and key?  Of course, you dismissed Sheriff Arpaio as “nothing to see here.”

    Bill, why don’t you also do an investigation why our election process is so CORRUPT!  The only reason we have Barack Obama is because of CORRUPTION!  Where did all the foreign donations come from?  Follow the money trail,  and I’ll just bet we find out who Obama really is.  John McCain knew that the ’08 election was bought and voter fraud ruled the day.

    And speaking of buying elections, why doesn’t Fox News look into the fact that Willard “Mitt” Romney is buying this election?  Find out how many campaign coffers are full right now.  Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley, Rob Portman, Kelley Ayotte, to name a few.  You might also look into Mitt’s religion of Mormonism, because “the left” is really going to turn up the heat where that’s concerned. Mormons are NOT Christians and following a false ideology.

    And while you’re at it Mr. O, why don’t you look into the fact that the RNC chose our nominee right after the ’08 election was over.  It seems that the voting population really doesn’t have ANY say whosoever in who the President is.  Elections are merely a formality to appease the people. The Washington elitist select the President. Is this America anymore? I don’t think so. 

    So you see, Bill, you absolutely wouldn’t be bored if you would do some actual journalism and provide “the folks” with some really informative stories.

    You think you are the historian?  Newt Gingrich would mop the floor with you and probably should after how Fox News has trashed him.  Shep Smith should lose his job after what he and Ed Rollins said on the air a few days ago.

    Thanks again, but I haven’t listened to you OR Fox in months and I don’t miss it.  I’ll just get my news from the internet, thank you very much.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3JKYECDK63I2B3CFZHKW2VRAAA Richard

    Bill!  Obama is everything but boring!  He is the most dangerous man on the planet.  He is a larger danger to America than our enemies.