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The top 10 Hollywood hypocrites

We know, we know – it’s hard to boil down the list to just 10 Hollywood loons, but we’ll give it a try anyway. We scoured Jason Mattera’s latest New York Times bestseller, Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama’s Biggest Backers, to bring you the worse of the worse.

As Mattera says in his book, this is less about hypocrisy and more about the fact that not even Obama’s staunchest allies live by the same lefty policies they seek to impose on the rest of America.

In no particular order, here you go….

10.  Whoopi Goldberg erroneously plays the race card on “The View” against Obama’s critics, even flat-out saying “I’m playing the damn [race] card now.” Yet the self-appointed investigator of all things racist proved impervious to real racial offense when her then-boyfriend Ted Danson dressed in black face and carpet bombed a Friars Club audience with the N-word, a routine that Whoopi not only approved of but helped craft.

9. Spike Lee. Speaking of those oblivious to their own racist sins, Spike has blasted Colin Powell and Clarence Thomas for “think[ing] like whites” and chided fellow black filmmaker Tyler Perry for producing “coonery and buffoonery.” Yet when Spike was promoting his movie Bamboozled, he took out ads featuring a “child with frizzy hair eating watermelon.” The ad was considered so distasteful and offensive that even the New York Times refused to run it.

8. Michael Moore scolded Hollywood in 2008 for taking subsidies from states in the form of tax credits to produce their movies. “Why do they [large corporate movie studios] need our money from Michigan, from our taxpayers?” Moore proclaimed. Good point. Now fast-forward to 2010 and Moore took more than $1 million from those same Michigan taxpayers for filming part of his socialist propaganda movie, Capitalism: A Love Story, in that state. The movie grossed Moore more than $17 million in total.

7. Alec Baldwin. Forget for a moment that he actually wrote a book on parenting after he left his 11-year-old daughter a voicemail calling her a “rotten little pig.”  The Father of the Year railed against the evils of big banks raiding the taxpayers for bailout money in 2008, writing this in the Huffington Post: “To hell with Wall Street…Don’t give them the money. Don’t loan it.” Then three years later he became the pitchman for Capitol One, which received $3.56 billion of that very same bailout money he got all worked up about.

6.  Harrison Ford is the chairman of a global conservation group and he got his chest waxed on camera to bring awareness to climate change. Yet the aging Indiana Jones owns seven airplanes and has stated, “I often fly up the coast for a cheeseburger.”

5. Another environmental fraud is Barbara Streisand who harps about a “Global Warming Emergency” as she spends $22,000 a year watering her lawn and gardens, requests 120 bath-size towels upon arrival at production offices, and uses thirteen, 53-foot semi trailers at her concerts.

4. Cameron Diaz says that the “planet needs a publicist” and goes around on camera asking Americans if they know how to protect their bodies from the pollutants unloaded into the environment. She also likes “hugging trees.” And in her spare time, she declares, “weed is awesome” and exhales a smoke ring or five of marijuana.

3. Arianna Huffington, the creator of the most influential progressive media platform, is a priestess in a very little known cult pronounced “Messiah,” a cult where she swears divinity to a former school teacher who goes by the name John-Roger. John-Roger argues that he is higher than Jesus Christ. And when she wasn’t chanting weird names to a diminutive weird guy, Huffington suckered 9,000 bloggers and celebrities to write for her for free and then sold the Huffington Post to the corporate behemoth AOL for more than $300 million… as she spent the last decade denouncing corporate greed.

2.  Bruce Springsteen endlessly condemns giving tax breaks to the wealthy. In fact, his recent track “Jack of all Trades” slams the bankers who grow” fatter while the “working man grows thin.” And his song “Death To My Hometown” alleges that American families have not been hit hard by the disasters of violence, wars, hurricanes and the like, but rather by the left’s favorite bogeymen—the evil one percenters! Funny thing is the one-percenter Springsteen himself writes off 98 percent of his property taxes on 200 acres of his land in New Jersey by having a part-time farmer come grow organic tomatoes. The Boss is taking advantage of an arcane law in New Jersey that was passed in 1964.

1. The biggest celebrity of them all, our American Idol-in-Chief, Barack Obama. He and his wife hector the rest of us about eating healthy and the evils of fried and salty foods, while they are photographed wolfing down chili dogs, French fries, and ice cream bars. Barack’s reputation for eating trash is so well known in the fast food world that he even has a burger named after him. One restaurant in Boston unveiled the “Obama Pizza Burger” this election cycle.

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  • globalcrap

    Holly- weird multi rich demoncraps O Bogus frauds who hate America drowning in American money .Telling Americans how to live ,while they do the oppsite.  Don’t forget S Penn, J Fonda.

  • DaneChile

    If you disagree with their politics, stop paying to watch heir trash.  Free-market effect!!

  • Keith1941

    You’re right…I quit long ago. 

  • Larry Gibby

    I did that but I have a measurable IQ.

  • Joe Shmoe

    A great commentary on “Do what I say not like I do”.   Such as “Don’t go to Mexico if you can help it due to the violence” (Obama State Dept. current policy) …. and then, “My 13 year old daughter Malia will be going to Mexico for spring break with 12 of her friends” (Obama).

    The only example which I don’t see as hypocritical is the one about Celine Dion.  Putting chemicals which you choose to put into your body, knowing the risks and cost-benefits, is MUCH different than having no choice, or being kept in the dark, about ingesting chemicals and toxins placed in your environment by other agencies, either corporate or governmental.  (I don’t care for Celine Dion for other reasons, but small amounts of marijuana or alcohol are not necessarily bad for oneself)

  • endpork

    ***IT IS SIMPLE***

    If the Hollywood left and the Libs in the music industry who have MILLIONS and I mean MILLIONS coming out of their ears each, they can put their MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTH IS AND

    1. Start a green energy company  Just think…. 100 of them put 5 of their vast millions each

      a. Wind Power company
      b. Solar Panel company
      c. Algae Farm

      I used to live near Hollywierd while going to college and they are rich elites who will NEVER GET CHALLENGED.
    The media make TOO MUCH MONEY off of them and DON’T WANT TO STOP THAT GRAVY TRAIN..

    It is up to us.  SIMPLE…..

    Start simple… their values, ideals, and politics are not challengeable to the media, they will not do it


    WE turn on THEIR t.v shows, and go to see THEIR movies, and go to THEIR concerts and buy THEIR products so it starts with us.

    Those who fail to LEARN  from history are DOOMED to repeat it…..
      What are we continuing to fail to learn from and continue to get doomed to repeat.
    — we get mad, we get shafted, we get over taxed, we get laughed at,  SHALL I KEEP GOING???

    Where does it end…. I MEAN THE DOOMED PART?

  • AgTrotter

    I truly believe that Arianna Huffington went nuts when her former husband informed her that he preferred men. Think about it, what aging woman wouldn’t go whack-job upon that news?

  • bill1967

    they left out roseanne barr, she said all personal net value over $80 million should been confiscated by the govt.  wow how did she come up wth that number, well she’s worth about $50 million and thinks she’ll “earn” about 30 more
    with out a clue of any facts she is outraged by the death of trayvon martin and puts innocent people in danger of thier lives by posting thier address i think she take the cake

  • Altosackbuteer

    Yeah — little 13-year old Malia indeed went to Mexico with her little friends — and a matching troup of Secret Service agents to boot.

    Mexico sure is a safe place to visit as long as you got taxpayer-paid private cops at your disposal.

  • Altosackbuteer

    If I’d been married to that nasty old harridan I’d prefer men too.

  • Dustoff

     But, she may have drove him to it?    0-:

  • Altosackbuteer

    They left out hundreds of deserving poltroons.

    That’s the trouble — too many worthy mutants, but only 10 spaces available on a top ten list.

  • Dustoff

     Michael Moore.   

    Come on Adam…. You can’t begin to tell me that fat jerk loves this country.

  • just4thefax

    Fact: I
    think there are so many more that belong on the list but I see the enemy that
    has a full time camera to spew their hate is and should be the guide to the crazies
    among us list !!!

  • BodieInSD

    M. Moore?

  • BodieInSD

    Rosie O’Donnel and her million mom march who has armed body-gaurds?

  • Jason Johnson

    What these rich liberals are saying in effect is, “We’ve made our pile, but we can’t let YOU become rich. We need peons and serfs to worship us and wait on us hand and foot.”

  • Neena Lane

    Don’t forget Oprah who has her staff count the number of days she resides in her California Palace so she doesn’t have to claim residence and pay California taxes.  And there’s Ashton Kutcher who promoted “serving” not his country, but Barry himself during the 2008 election and drives a 7 mile per gallon exoctic rare sports car…

  • Joseph Jr Vanchieri

    There are so many in Hollyweird where do you start? All the members ( present and past ) of the view. Striesands hubby Jame Brolin could top the list. I try not to pay much attention who says what in Hollyweird. Rosanne Bar. Rosy O’donnel.

  • Reagan_Smash

    Simply put, I can’t wait to get my copy of this book. It’s great having the extra ammunition against liberals. I just love to see them squeal with hatred and joy when they are able to point out ‘Conservative’ hypocrisies.

    The biggest ones are Newt’s extramarital affairs and Palin’s daughter getting pregnant out of wedlock. While Newt’s affairs are no guppy they certainly do not even scratch the surface of the crap the liberals do. And Palin’s daughter, she just failed to apply the law of chastity that was presented to her.

  • Midlandr

    Can you believe that turd is an Eagle Scout?!  (Moore)

  • Gary Stevenson

    Tom Hanks has really surprised me with his “Lock Step” Liberal Stances! I really thought he would just be more in keeping with the Nations Founding Father’s, but cash and fame seem to be more powerful than any Constitutional pipe dreams I might have had about his love for our Founding Fathers Dreams. Perhaps that’s why Gods Word says “You can’t serve God & Mammon, as you will love one and hate the other”! Having money is not the problem it is the love of money and the liberal cash cows that can keep it coming for you if you are willing to assist in the downfall of the last truly Free Country in the World.

  • timmysfriend

    Jon Bon Jovi also has land he uses for “farming” in New Jersey to get a large tax break.

  • koteda

    no but I can believe that that eagle scout is a turd! 

  • globalcrap


  • globalcrap

    And I thought she was a man.

  • globalcrap

    It’s nice spending other people s money on  their O Bogus million dollar vacations.

  • globalcrap

    Spike lee. Racist

  • wiselatina2theright

    I say…take it straight to Hollywood….challenge them in small but public ways…like writing letters to the Editors of People Magazine, the Enquirer, Vanity Fair, and the rest of the liberal trash rags.  Put it out there…call them out on their hypocrisy.  Go their websites, FB pages and post the questions.  make them answer.

  • AKgunguy

    How about Jenine Garafalo
    She is in my opinion one of the most repulsive. And to think when in my 20′s I thought she was kinda good looking. I know, I know, I know. It was a period of
    instability, at least I never took to the Liberal view.

  • Cathie Knowlton

    Shaun Penn, Susan Sarandon altough we haven’t heard much frm suzy lately

  • warrant4

    YES!  I have. I took out the cable over a year ago now and do not miss it a bit. We do not patronize movies or anything else done by the hollywood trash panderers. I can get my news from a few web sites. And people think I am some kind of xenophobic kook. Oh well.

  • fd1001

    Did t Matt Damon had a radical neighbor whose ideas he subscribed? Howard zinn I think

  • TetVet

    People who post around here are (mostly) pretty literate, so I risk sounding foolish re-stating the age-old cliche that leaps to mind:

    “Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.”

    If the socializing, sockdoligizing, secularizing sleazeball left put out a list like this, Elmer Gantry would be at the top of it.

    The only difference is: Elmer Gantry was a fictional character.

    My point?

    Being a “hypocrite” because you succumbed to universal human weakness (and then tried to atone for it somehow) is one thing. Newt Gingrich and Bob Bennett are examples that come to mind.

    Flaunting your hypocrisy and doing nothing whatever to atone for it, reveling in it, in fact, because you make no bones about being “better” than everyone else, is an entirely different matter.

    Why is it that conservatives who “get caught” apologize, but liberals who “get caught” brag?

  • TetVet

    A “…sockdologizing old man-trap… ,” as it were.

    Probably just verging on the menopausal stage where her estrogen levels were at war with each other, and the “bad” ones won. Hence, she swung liberal, after a mature life as a Greek immigrant married to “conservative” Michael.

    I can stand her hypocrisy. What I can’t stand is the way her accent makes her sound so supercilious to my tender “fly-over-country” ears.

  • Dustoff

     NO……………… your kidding right?

  • globalcrap

    Nevere did

  • globalcrap

     Another OBogus zombie lover…

  • LeftistsStink

    Also helps to be on the same side as the drug cartels.

  • tiamoaz58

    I agree with you.  I also stopped watching their movies.  Including TOM HANKS.  I was saddened to see that he would produce and narrate that propaganda film about the one who said he would cause the oceans to recede…. the only thing that’s receded in the past three years is his grey hairline!

  • tiamoaz58

    Thank you for making this known…I said the same on another blog….  they’ve already made THEIR money…but then once they do, they laud the praises of communist dictators, and then throw a pittance at the poor rather than allowing them to move up the ladder via capitalism, as they did. 

    You couldn’t pay ME to rent or buy…or go to the theatre….of one of these has-been’s….some of them haven’t even graduated from H.S., and they’re going to teach the rest of us?  Give me a break!!!  Who are they?  This is a free country…and the American people can keep paychecks from going into their pockets by not paying money to go see their propaganda garbage.  

  • tiamoaz58

    I don’t know why I thought Tom Hanks was of the same vein as actors like Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, and Red Skelton, i.e., conservative.  Maybe because he raised money for that World War II memorial?  At one time I thought he was like Gary Sinise on his stance about America.  Many of the actors of yesterday were conservatives.  John Wayne was blackballed by many because of his conservatism, as told by Robert Mitchum’s son recently.  He said that just by being in a film with John Wayne, he couldn’t get an interview to save his life.  Makes you wonder when Hollywood turned to the left so drastically.  Many of the older guys who are still there, i.e. Clint Eastwood and Ernest Borgenine are scratching their heads, and have made comments about how the “old glory days” of Hollywood are gone.  Now it’s known as “Hollyweird” as I’ve read on many a blog.  

  • tiamoaz58

    Jane Fonda’s dad, Henry Fonda, was a conservative, and I read where he was very ashamed of what his daughter did.  He was embarrassed by it.  Makes you wonder where she got her view of politics from.  Probably from one of her many husbands.  Every one of them were liberals, and she never could think for herself, but took on their images after a very short time.  She says she’s a Christian, but pays no attention to the communist countries she lauds…that they won’t even allow a bible into the hands of their citizens.  In some of them, you can be killed for owning a bible!  It’s like she hasn’t even read her own bible, where Paul the apostle says, “If you don’t work you don’t eat!”  He said he and his followers worked harder than the rest.  He was against laziness…yet Jane and her type would rather let people lay around, and collect a check from the rest of the taxpayers, and become dependent on others, rather than allowing them to become so much more under a free, capitalistic society. Instead, she’d rather throw out a little “pittance” to the poor..and keep them under the heavy hand of leaders who are drunk on power!  She’s confusing “Christian giving” by FREE citizens who give out of the goodness of their own hearts, with “forcing people to give to things they don’t believe in via a bloated government who claims to know better how to spend OUR money!”  Obama is even trying to do away with allowing CONTRIBUTIONS to be written off, which will lessen contributions to many not-for-profits who help those in need.  He’s also forcing Catholic institutions to close their doors rather than go against their consciences (which many have said they’re prepared to do) with regard to abortifaciants and contraception.  And yet Obama and his ilk SAY they’re for the POOR.  Yeah, right!  Just like he stopped the VOUCHERS in Washington, D.C., for the poor kids, and they’ve had to go back to the trash schools where they can’t learn because of all the drugs and bad teachers.  People Magazine did about a five page spread on it in 2011.  

  • rosie

     Alec Baldwin is certainly deserving of this worthless company. He was swept up in a Hollywood Love Fest the minute they heard he was the wife-and-daughter bullying type. He’s like gosh damn, is that all I had to do to become a STAR?  

  • tiamoaz58

    TROUP of secret service is right — 25 or so is what I heard!  And a PRIVATE JET to travel there.  I’ve never in all my years seen a more hypocritical president and wife.  They’re just so blatant about it!  My guess is that we’ll be inundated with books by “those who worked around them in the WH; as well as secret service agents” just as we’re now hearing about THE REAL JFK from his mistresses and protectors of his secrets.  Then someone will write a book about how he was PUT into office by so and so….and how all his information was KEPT UNDER LOCK AND KEY…blah, blah, blah….how the NEWS MEDIA kept the truth from the American people, and how anyone who dared to open their mouths were called names…i.e., birthers, racists, etc.  

    If any of those people are reading this blog…they’d do well to keep notes now…so that they don’t forget the details when they begin their books.  I’m sure Obama will write his own book, and take advantage of the CAPITALIST system of being hired to give speeches after he loses in November.  Hypocrites….all of them.

  • tiamoaz58

    Yes…I’m sure Holder contacted some of his cartel buddies down in Mexico, and pulled some strings, so that the little tykes would be safe.  Good post LeftistsStink!

  • tiamoaz58

    Yes, and they tell people to stay away from Las Vegas while they fly there themselves!  I’ve never seen such audacity in a first family.  They don’t even try to hide their hypocrisy, but openly flaunt it in the American people’s faces.  That remark of Obama’s about Las Vegas ruined many a worker’s lives, because they couldn’t find work….and he tells others NOT to vacation there, and THEY vacation there years later?  Kind of late to undo his remarks, isn’t it?  The damage has already been done.

  • rosie

    “Old Hollywood” was mainly ruled by Jewish moviemakers who insisted on clean, morally strong movies for the most part. In the fifties, Senator McCarthy saw the strong and insidious communist movement infiltrating Hollywood’s movie industry and began trials after investigations of actors, screenwriters, etc attending clandestine commie meetings. The progressives all howled at the unfairness of it all and, despite his heroic efforts, this attempt to stop the infiltration was portrayed as a negative. I consider him to be a courageous weedkiller, even though the result was useless, the weeds are still everywhere.  

  • tiamoaz58

    And don’t buy the “autobiographies” they write at the age of 25 of their OH-SO-IMPORTANT lives work!  Don’t pay for their movies or tv shows online.  Don’t visit any theatre that shows their movies.  Don’t buy their music.  I only buy the music of rock n’ rollers and country singers….who love this country.  At some point, if people stop giving over money for these things their tills will run dry! 

  • rosie

     …And the movies we are subjected to, with the “F” word every sentence, and all manner of trash shown, is also the result.

  • tiamoaz58

    I think you’re right…and his mom is a public school teacher, I believe.  So, most likely a Dept of Education union lover I would imagine.  They love their rubber rooms!

  • rosie

     CAMERON DIAZ, not Celine Dion.

  • tiamoaz58

    Not only did he filter out many communists in Hollywood, he tried to tell FDR about all the communists in his administration.  They called him nuts, and yet in the new book about his life, he’s been vindicated…and there were more than 50 KNOWN communists in FDR’s court.  If it could happen to FDR, why do so many people act shocked when one commie after another is outed in Obama’s admin?  I only feel bad about TWO actors who were falsely accused in those trials under McCarthy…and one of them had his career ruined, and years later it turns out he was a lover of capitalism….and it was proven that the accusations were false, and that was John Garfied; the other was Lucille Ball…who was accused simply because her dad or grandfather (can’t remember which) took her to one of their meetings once when she was young.  She really didn’t even know what it was all about.  She was a true American, as was Desi Arnaz, and they both loved this country.  So, were there some wrongly accused?  Yes…but for the most part, the ones who were “outed” were outed because they truly were communists….like Elia Kazan.  Most that were outed were writers and directors; many of whom returned under assumed names in order to find work.  Oh…Sean Penn’s dad was one of the biggest commies in Hollywood as well.  The apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

  • BuckeyePhysicist

    Let’s not forget the sanctimonious Sarah Jessica Parker who unleashed a diatribe against the Bush Administration over “cuts” to welfare.  The mega-rich star claimed cuts to entitlement programs hurt her family directly.  Now why do I think she is lying?  There is no way her family is that badly off.

  • vietvetagstjkerry_1

     I refuse to watch any of the Useful Idiots of Hollyweird, and have done so for close to 30 years.

  • Guest

    Alcohol is legal, marijuana is not.

  • BuckeyePhysicist

     Well of course.  Too much sex.  Not enough city.

  • taliesin319

    Make that 2.

  • Ronaldo

    AMEN! If you don’t like these liberal zeolots, stop supporting them.

  • 2richard1

    Among all the rogues gallery that have been listed Al Gore was missed.  Whining about global warming and wanting everyones beach fires be doused for the environment when one of his jet trips around the world put more pollution in the air than 10 years of beach fires.  Time to put on the boots its getting deep.

  • Awkwardly_Scripted

     I fail to see how your write up of Diaz makes her a hypocrite. Annoying perhaps, but not hypocritical.

  • You Know It’s True


    Christians are the biggest hypocrites of all. Eating shellfish, piercing ears, wearing polyester, playing games of chance and picking and choosing which rules to follow (the Bible is pro slavery and againts women talking in church but Christians just skip those parts). Don’t quote “God’s” word when you probably don’t even follow it to the letter. Hypocrites calling out other hypocrites… and this country is hardly free. Gays aren’t free to marry. Blacks aren’t free to assemble or walk down the street (nor bare arms or carry merchandise). Church and state aren’t separated like they should be. People are sanctioned all the time for using their freedom of speech (both liberals and conservatives). Most of the laws are not upheld. Where is the free? Free as long as you agree maybe.