The Mark Levin interview

The radio host sat down with HUMAN EVENTS for an interview on his blockbuster book, Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America. Here are parts one through six in descending order:

Part six: Republican leaders are feckless

Part five: The Republican Party is in danger of destroying itself

Part four: Liberals ooze of greed and envy

Part three: Utopians must destroy the family

Part two: Egalitarianism creates hell on earth

Part one: Unmasking the utopian pipe dream

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  • justinwachin

    Before we battle among ourselves let’s defeat President Obama. There will be plenty of opportunities to deal with congressional leadership after election day. 

    With that said, I would like for the Republican leaders to get their act together and lead. Congressional Republicans should come up with a new Contract with America, but in order for that to be believable the leaders are going to have to show they can lead.