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Claim: Clinton Collected $50K Per Month From MF Global

William J. Clinton (left) and Jon S. Corzine

A former MF Global employee accused former president William J. Clinton of collecting $50,000 per month through his Teneo advisory firm in the months before the brokerage careened towards its Halloween filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Teneo was hired by MF Global’s former CEO Jon S. Corzine to improve his image and to enhance his connections with Clinton’s political family, said the employee, who asked that his name be withheld because he feared retribution.

“They were supposed to be helping Corzine improve his image as a CEO—I guess you can tell how that went,” he said. Corzine resigned as CEO and chairman November 4.

Before Corzine joined MF Global in May 2010, the firm was a smart and well-run commodities broker, a culture that was turned upside-down by his leadership style, he said.

“The traders would be shaking their heads,” he said. “They would come back to their desk and say, ‘Well, I thought we were going to do this—but Corzine would come by and do something else all by himself,’” he said.

The Teneo contract with MF Global lasted at least five months, he said. “The board cancelled it after Corzine resigned.”

The source, who is no longer associated with MF Global, said Teneo is a dual-track company with one side devoted to merchant and investment banking and the other side set up to provide image and strategy consulting services.

Clinton is the chairman of the company’s advisory board. His duties and compensation have not been released. The other member of the board is former British prime minister Tony Blair.

Two of the three founding partners are very close to the former president and his wife, Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton. They are Douglas J. Band, who is the former president’s counselor and has served on his personal staff since 1995 and Declan Kelly, who earned the “Hillraiser” status in the secretary’s 2008 run for president for bundling more than $100,000 for the campaign.

Another prominent member of the Clinton political family is Tom Shea. Shea is a senior vice president for Teneo Strategy and served as Corzine’s chief of staff, when Corzine was the governor of New Jersey.

Kelly sold his public relations firm Financial Dynamics in 2006 to FTI for $340 million, and stayed with that company until July 2009, when he joined the State Department as the Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland.

The source said, “Kelly was given a job they created out our whole cloth.” The job did not exist previously.

“He basically got to ride around developing a book of business, while he waited for his non-compete clause to run out,” he said.

Kelley and the former president traveled together networking and making introductions at international conferences and events, he said.

The Secretary of State also traveled with Kelly, including the October 2010 U.S. – Northern Ireland Economics Conference, which Kelly organized and at which the secretary was the featured speaker.

The secretary announced that she accepted Kelly’s resignation May 11.

Teneo landed its first major client June 1, when the Rockefeller Foundation gave Teneo a $3,447,150, six-month contract to help plan the foundation’s 2013 centennial.

The foundation is another member of the Clinton’s extended family. It gave Clinton its Lifetime Innovation Achievement Award July 27 and the foundation is listed as a between $1 to $5 million contributor to the William J. Clinton Foundation, along with several members of the Rockefeller family who are listed as individual contributors.

[In the preparation of this story, several emails and phone calls were placed to Teneo, MF Global and the State Department for comment. In each case, there was no response.]

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  • Leroy_Whitby

    50k a month. See, no corruption in Washington. Hypocritical Democrats.

  • The_Political_Industry

    yawn…they are Democrats, they get a pass

  • Hominid

    Electoral politics is the fertile soil of corruption.  Government is synonymous with corruption.

  • Mike_in_Wasilla

    Wow! We don’t even have to scratch the surface anymore to see the corruption. The most important appointment of our next president will be for the Attorney General. Now THAT would be a great place for a Chris Christie type .

  • AgTrotter

    I pray that at least 1 Republican in Congress has the guts to call BJ Clinton to testify during the oversight hearings. Of course, my guess is that the GOP will be as silent on this as the MSM.

  • Wigglesworth

    So basically Clinton was getting paid with MF Global customer funds then the contract was cancelled when Corzine finally through in the towel like Madoff.

  • Keith1941

    I agree…that’s chump-change when it comes to obama’s green energy handouts.

  • Keith1941

    Yeah….I would also like for them to ask Bubba how much was collected when Hodler asked him to pardon Mark Rich…..oh well, we can dream Of course, Rich’s ex-wife may have had something to do with that….

  • Denise Simon

    The connections go far beyond Teneo by the way……as a tip, take a look at Chris Dodd and Ireland too.

  • Niniane

    Around the time when the Whitewater mess hit the fan, staff anonymously said that Hilary would carry around a file box, never letting it out of her site. No one knew what was in it, but since this was about the time of the Starr investigation. The Clintons seem to have started very early building a successful career in corruption. And now, with Obama in their loop, corruption will continue to blossom.

  • lewis b

    Clinton has always been DISHONEST. He lied abou Monica and He and Hiliray has lied about as much as Odummer. He started the Destruction of Government. Why does anyone hold him and Her in High Regard.
    Both being Progressive have done Much to drive this Country down and Certainly Moral Decay !! I have NO regards for the Clintons !!

  • TeaPartyNation

    From lewinsky to MF Global – anything and everything that’s totally disgusting has “monica-stain” bill’s finger in it.

  • John West

    We can only hope that they do us the courtesy of using it on each other. Not loss there.

  • Getwisdoms

    Oh Oh Bill Clinton did so much for us. PUKE He robbed the Laborers Union for nearly 4 million. 
    Can’t wait to depose him. LIUNA here I come. Robbed the wrong Labor.

  • matism

    Where is “Law Enforcement”?  Oh, that’s right!  The FBI is on the scene, helping MF Global shred their records.  Just like they did with the THIRD gun found at the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  But what else can one expect from the Thugs with Guns?

  • Getwisdoms

    Yet as soon as he enters the race, Mr.
    Clinton enjoys a decisive seven-to-one advantage in campaign funds over the
    nearest Democratic competitor, and will spend twice as much as his
    well-supported GOP opponent. It begins with a quiet meeting at his mother’s
    house in Hot Springs.  Around the
    kitchen table, as Virginia Clinton
    will describe the scene, avid young Billy meets with two of his most
    crucial early backers — uncle Raymond G. Clinton, a prosperous local Buick
    dealer, and family friend and wealthy businessman Gabe Crawford.  As they talk, Mr. Crawford offers the
    candidate unlimited use of his private plane, and Uncle Raymond not only
    provides several houses around the district to serve as campaign headquarters,
    but will secure a $10,000 loan to Bill from the First National Bank of Hot
    Springs – an amount then equal to the yearly income of many Arkansas families.  Together, the money and aircraft and
    other gifts, including thousands more in secret donations, will launch Mr.
    Clinton in the most richly financed race in the annals of Arkansas — and
    ultimately onto the most richly financed political career in  American History.


    Though he loses narrowly, his showing is
    so impressive, especially in his capacity to attract such money and favors,
    that he rises rapidly to become state attorney-general, then governor, and
    eventually, with much the same backing and advantage, president of the United
    States . . . No mere businessman with a spare plane, Gabe Crawford presided
    over a backroom bookie operation that was one of Hot Springs’ most lucrative
    criminal enterprises.  [And the]
    inimitable Uncle Raymond – who had also played a pivotal behind-the-scenes role
    in keeping young Bill out of the Vietnam draft – was far more than an auto
    dealer.  In the nationally
    prominent fount of vice and corruption that was Hot Springs from the 1920s to
    the 1980s (its barely concealed casinos generated more income than Las Vegas
    well into the 1960s), the uncle’s Buick agency and other businesses and real
    estate were widely thought to be facades for illegal gambling, drug money
    laundering and other ventures, in which Raymond was a partner.  He was a minion of the organized crime
    overlord who controlled the American Middle South for decades, New Orleans boss
    Carlos Marcello or “Mafia Kingfish” as his biographer John Davis
    called him.”

  • Getwisdoms

    Yet as soon as he enters the race, Mr.
    Clinton enjoys a decisive seven-to-one advantage in campaign funds over the
    nearest Democratic competitor, and will spend twice as much as his
    well-supported GOP opponent. It begins with a quiet meeting at his mother’s
    house in Hot Springs.  Around the
    kitchen table, as Virginia Clinton
    will describe the scene, avid young Billy meets with two of his most
    crucial early backers — uncle Raymond G. Clinton, a prosperous local Buick
    dealer, and family friend and wealthy businessman Gabe Crawford.  As they talk, Mr. Crawford offers the
    candidate unlimited use of his private plane, and Uncle Raymond not only
    provides several houses around the district to serve as campaign headquarters,
    but will secure a $10,000 loan to Bill from the First National Bank of Hot
    Springs – an amount then equal to the yearly income of many Arkansas families.  Together, the money and aircraft and
    other gifts, including thousands more in secret donations, will launch Mr.
    Clinton in the most richly financed race in the annals of Arkansas — and
    ultimately onto the most richly financed political career in  American History.


    Though he loses narrowly, his showing is
    so impressive, especially in his capacity to attract such money and favors,
    that he rises rapidly to become state attorney-general, then governor, and
    eventually, with much the same backing and advantage, president of the United
    States . . . No mere businessman with a spare plane, Gabe Crawford presided
    over a backroom bookie operation that was one of Hot Springs’ most lucrative
    criminal enterprises.  [And the]
    inimitable Uncle Raymond – who had also played a pivotal behind-the-scenes role
    in keeping young Bill out of the Vietnam draft – was far more than an auto
    dealer.  In the nationally
    prominent fount of vice and corruption that was Hot Springs from the 1920s to
    the 1980s (its barely concealed casinos generated more income than Las Vegas
    well into the 1960s), the uncle’s Buick agency and other businesses and real
    estate were widely thought to be facades for illegal gambling, drug money
    laundering and other ventures, in which Raymond was a partner.  He was a minion of the organized crime
    overlord who controlled the American Middle South for decades, New Orleans boss
    Carlos Marcello or “Mafia Kingfish” as his biographer John Davis
    called him.”

  • James Gorrell

    Slick Willie has always been for sale and he an Hill have a history with REFCO  ( turning $5000 into $ 100,000)  which  MF Global owned.  
    Slick Willie and Hill were some broke a** biatches until they left the White House,  Al ” happy ending”  Gore has followed the same thieving path.

  • 14401

    How come we can’t get in on some of these perks.

  • Disingenuous

    What are friends for ?  There is nothing to see here…. uh, no biggy.  no news…  no groping involved so no one is interested….

  • bobofromtexas

    This is the Hope&Change! that you voted for.

  • Golfendude

    It’s way past time to clean them all out America, before they clean us all out. 

  • KWHodges56

    Thugs with Guns? You mean the Fish and Wildlife folks that confiscate wood from guitar makers? Or, Perhaps you are talking about the armed folks at NOAA (yeah, the weather people) who confiscate tuna from fishermen? Or perhaps it is the 78 government agencies that regulate water quality?

  • David Moore

    The spring/summer of 2012 is going to be more than interesting 
    We have Europe imploding
    We have the middle east ready to explode and the arabs going after Israel 
    We will have hyperinflation in USA followed by depression etc.
    We have the elections coming and heating up.
    We will have riots in major cities etc
     So whats a little graft among socialist elitists.
    If we do get through the elections I hope the conservatives put a lot of the demedope crooks in jail 
    like Holder, Frank, Dodd, Polosi etc

  • Tex A. Montana

    Any time that a sewer like MF Global is exposed, a close look will reveal the Clintons wading in it. Slick Willie has evaded a perp walk for far too long. It is imperative that Obama and Holder are replaced so justice can proceed. The “boys from Chicago” will conspire mightily to steal the 2012 election. They know they could all see the interior of a jail cell. 

  • Scott Zajac

    It’s over folks. We’re done. The crooks are in so deep they’ll never be routed without a violent revolution, and even then it’s not guaranteed.

  • mirted

    Some creative soul should write new lyrics to Barry Manilow’s “I Write the Song”….maybe “I Write
    the Laws that Make the Whole World Pay….” The adage about “It’s not what you know, but who you know” was never more apt. In Monica Lewinsky’s case, change the last to “who you b low.”

  • RotalSnart

    Corslime was Obammy’s first pick for Treasury Secretary, and now we find out the Clinton’s were being paid off too. Corslime/Obama/Clinton = The Real Culture of Corruption, but they have the liberal media on their side to lie for them.

    Lets have some more lies about Sarah Palin’s re-tarded kid!!!!

  • johnk144

    Because one way or another, the money to pay for these “perks” comes out of the free market. That means you and me.

  • Steve

    Part of nancy’s “draining the swamp” effort I guess.

  • RickOShea

    We haven’t seen anything yet. This was a slush fund for democrat payoffs. The impeached, disbarred serial sex offender Clinton is so important that he got 50K a month, so, what are the other dems that are actually in the legislative process getting?

  • numag

    What in the WORLD could be worth $50k a MONTH from a serial liar like Bill Clinton?  How to lie and get away with it?  Yeah, that’s probably worth a MILLION dollars a month to these slimy politicians.

  • VinBick

    Local, state, and  national dems all the same:  crooks!  Some things never change…..

  • harleyxx

    The corruption and greed from these scumbag politicians never ends. The Democrats are without a doubt the undisputed leaders in corruption and crony Capitalism. If Communism ever takes over our country you will have the Democrats to thank.

  • harleyxx

    Clinton involved in corruption?  Who would have guessed?  LOL I guess all those libtards who claimed that “character doesn’t matter”, will have to eat their words.

  • Gary

    I wonder how much the unions got?

  • StNikao

    Their salaries, their under-the-table profits while in office and from such things as the MF Global (and other scams) have come from unwitting, unaware investors and taxpayers.

    How much money do these despicable people need to be content?

    There is an Equalizer and Judge.   They will meet Him one day.

    “Fret not yourselves because of evildoers.  [...] but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for He sees their day is coming.”  -  Psalm 37 (good reading for this time in history)

  • rirose

    well, well, well – it is amazing – and the Dems/Libs/Progressives will still think Billy boy is the best thing since sliced bread – the man who is responsible for children all over the world learning about the POTUS – sexual manuvers – swell – it is unbelievable that the Clintons hold their heads high, laugh, smile, earn millions and keep rolling along.   These Dems starting with Obama have no idea what the average American endures – they are totally disengaged from reality – open the pocket – money flows in – and not dollar bills – millions upon millions – after a while one trillion has no meaning – buy votes – get in office – steal more.

  • Randall Dunning

    Nancy and the crony “Das Kapital-ist” left  have not only filled the swamp, they added a few metric tons of additional mosquito larva for good measure.

  • Reader11722

    Corrupt politicians, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

  • bubba60609

    I really thought if Clinton was going to start a business after his presidency, it would have been a dry cleaning business. Seriously.

  • Randall Lape


  • Randall Dunning

    My former president made $200,000.00 in four months for doing essentially nothing but beeing a loonylib former office holder.  Contact the DNC and see how you can take advantage of this fabulous money making opportunity.  Operators are standing by! Call now for your free information kit!

  • sb36695

    Birds of a feather flock together!

  • Randall Dunning

    They have already cleaned us out.  The question is, can we stop them before they cast a covetous eye upon our retirement plans, savings, and physical assets?  Can we defeat them before they trample down everything they haven’t stolen or hocked?

  • Wigglesworth

    So what you are saying is Bill Clinton was cashing a check from MF Global that was really customer funds stolen by Corzine.  Clinton should return it all so that customers can get their money back.

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    …and Hillary has ‘no recollection’ of the events (whatever they were)….

  • CharlieM

    I’m guessing Corzine has a stained blue dress somewhere and Bill Clinton is worth every penny he collected from Corzine.  Crooked illegitimate dogs.

  • CharlieM

    Seriously, when does the Supermarket Sweepstakes end ??

  • ruskydisq

    “before it’s completely banned”, LOL!  

  • Ann Dame

    Scott just above this comment is right. We are done. Bill will smirk his way right through this, Corzine will come out of this cesspool smelling like a dozen roses and Barack Hussein Obama and Joseph Bite me will get re-elected to the cheering of the stupid multitudes. God help us because the Republorats cannot.

  • snapperman

    What does MF stand for?

  • WBC

    And all perfectly legal.  What a great country.

  • hashbrownies

    Her version of the queen of England’s purse. Probably had the “nuclear football” codes in it since Bubba was “otherwise engaged”.

  • ruskydisq

    Democrats accuse Republicans of the corrupt activities in which they themselves are involved.

  • gatormom45

    Why oh why has Chelsea Clinton stopped selling hedge funds?

  • phillysmart

    Just the usual Democrats stealing from the people

  • Bill Thrower

    time after time it is always democrats tied to this kind of stuff.
    Who was the largest recipiant of funds from Enron?   A democrat. And don’t forget that it was democrats who tired to get Bush to bail them out but he refused.
    Who received more money from BP than anyone else? Obama (a democrat)
    Fannie May and Freddie mac are a whos who of democrats.
    Country wide?  Democrats
    Global Crossing?  Democrats
    Union thugs?  Democrats
    Don’t forget Berinie Madoff was a demcrat as well.
    Which party get most of the wall street dontaions? Democrats
    Now IMF headed by a democrat has been paying off Clinton.

    That is jsut a quick list and I am not even getting into the shady deals of Pelosi and other house democrats.
    Yet the meida will still try to convince the mindless it is the republcians doing all of this.

  • phillysmart

    It is clear that the democrats have become the enemy of the people

  • None None

    The only similarity between these statesmen and Slick Willy is Slick Willy’s middle name – Jefferson. William Jefferson Clinton has much more in common with George Jefferson.

  • None None

    Not me, I knew better than to vote for an un-vetted empty suit.

  • mr_charlie

    the depth of the corruption is unbelievable 

  • roxannesays

    Are there any honest Democrats? Or for that matter, honest politicians? They seem to go into office with meager means and all wind up millionaires. Clinton probably gets checks every month from dozens of situations like MFGlobal.

  • None None

    Only the brain dead could have any respect Bubba and Billary.

  • tom59

    Clinton get involved and a whole bunch of people get screwed.   Imagine that.

  • None None

    Alleged groping.

  • None None

    I think you must be delusional. It will be anyone but O’Blamer. My neighbor’s dog would kick his butt in a debate or an election. The dog has created many more “shovel ready” jobs too.

  • Jack_Kennedy


  • larrys

    Clinton should be audited by the IRS.

  • None None

    They are the swamp.

  • lawman_1

    The fact that Bill Clinton is corrupt is hardly a news flash. Political corruption is one of his better and more benign features. The reality is he is a disgraced former president who was impeached by the House of Representatives. He was proved a craven coward, a documented liar and a sexual predator of women unheard of in civilized society. The attributes of a true progressive liberal democrat.

  • Rick

    Gee, another corrupt democrat up to his eyeballs in a failed scam that stole millions of dollars from private investors… who would have guessed.

  • None None

    They make Huey P Long look like an amateur. Compared to this crowd, Old Huey looks like Mother Theresa.

  • None None

    Old Slick Willie should be doing the perp walk.

  • TruthDetector

    MF Global = Whitewater and cattle futures on steroids times 1 million

  • rnagel

    Evan Bayh of Indiana is usually considered a relatively honest politician. he went into the senate having worked for the state of Indiana his whole life. He came out with about $5,000,000 in net worth. And he is one of the honest ones. heaven knows what Harry Reid is worth.
    He’s the member of the gambling commission who repudiates Robert DeNiro in the movie Casino.

  • None None

    I don’t think you really have to ask, because I am sure we all know the actual meaning . The second word rhymes with sucker.

  • planeboy

    And then there’s this from Hillary..  these people are pathic…

  • Frank E

    For some reason it is sooo difficult to put politicians in jail.  Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy and husband Pelosi, Barny Frank, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid, Franklin Raines, James Johnson, on and on should ALL be in jail.  If these people aren’t careful people will take the law in their own hands and dispence justice.

  • None None

    You should know that dimocRat and honest should never be used in the same sentence.

  • NetShark

    You would think that the big money making libs who claim they care for the poor folks would spread that easy money around that they are bringing in for doing nothing.

  • None None

    They have been for a very long time. Harry Truman was the ONLY good dimocRat ever.

  • Brawny Cat

    You had your chance – right before you put it in an envelope and sent it in on April 15th.

  • 1uncle

    If some rich person or persons got behind getting 37 states to bypass congress and pass some amendments to constutition, we could restore sanity to government.  Get rid of career politicians. Limit time in office to 8 years, no special benefits, pay into social security and retire when the rest of us retire.
    Do all government employees pay into SS? Apply punishment to anyone making financial gain from inside knowledge.

  • Beau Zilla

    If you think this is just a Democrat problem you are an idiot. There are no Democrats or Republicans anymore… only thieving scumbags. They are all the same. Until you can get over this false paradigm being fed to you, you will continue to be part of the problem.

  • 1uncle

    Truman put us illegally into a war he had no intention of winning wasting alot of lives and wealth in Korea leaving Korea and China as enemies.

  • 1uncle

    Limit time in congress to 8 years. Get rid of career politicians.

  • devan95

    Bill and Hillary Clinton should be in prison for crimes against humanity for what they did to their fellow citizens at Waco, TX, on April 19, 1993. The Waco Massacre and church burning (it was not a “compound,” it was their church),was the most brutal, heinous violation of civil, human and Constitutional rights in this nation’s history. Innocent men, women and children were attacked with tanks, poison gas (CS gas turns to cyanide when heated) and burned alive. Those who ran from the church were machine-gunned as documented in the movie “Waco, The Rules of Engagement.” If you doubt how bad this was consider that you never hear the left stream media talk about it. They want it erased from history but this memorial site will remain forever: if that weren’t bad enough, Clinton’s thugs then stuck a machine gun in the face of a 5 year old boy and sent him to the communist gulag known as Cuba:'s hope Clinton isn’t teaching President Prompter too many of his old tricks! (unfortunately, it appears that he is): With military precision, the federal officers surrounded the building, donned flak jackets and helmets, readied their weapons, burst in, and forced terrified employees out at gunpoint. Officers ransacked the facility, seizing computers, papers, and materials. It was the second raid in three years by the Fish and Wildlife Service on Gibson, maker of the famous Les Paul guitar. The situation would be laughable, if the consequences for Gibson weren’t so dire.

  • aunt_bea

    I did not have financial relations, with that man Jon Corzine !  Wm. J. Clinton



  • Californian7

    Haven’t you guys got it yet…….it’s all Bush’s fault……..or was it the “vast, right-wing conspiracy”?   I can’t remember…..

  • haydenma

    This was nothing but money laundering and embezzlement.

  • bonnieblue2A

    I suspect the impeached former POTUS will be given a pass. Wanna bet he knows where that $3 Billion + went? Audit Bubba!

  • timbo44

    Hmmm, this thought just struck me. A current President who admitted in his book that he tried blow, and a former one who had tons of allegations, and now the two of them are always getting together at the White House, and supposedly the current occupant is “making beer” in the White House basement, which I never believed for one second. And, during the 2008 campaign there were compilations of the current one wiping his nose at some imaginary substance on his nose, while he was on the campaign trail! And, he’s still doing it! Getting off the plane in Australia recently, and in Hawaii, both times I saw him wiping his nose. I say this because I always watched for Clinton to be doing it and sure enough on a documentary about the White House years ago, there’s Clinton wiping his nose looking straight at the camera, right before he gave a speech in the Rose Garden.

  • bonnieblue2A

    The DOJ is busy thinking up new lies to tell Congress about Fast & Furious. Elite Democrats don’t qualify for indictments because membership has its benefits.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Just enough to launder through the 2012 election.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Ask Gerald Celente.

  • Obama_The_Horrible

    Bill Clinton was legitimately being paid for supervising the interns at MF.

  • FFlintstone

    We need to start putting politicians who creative embezzle money in jail.

  • focusonzenergy

    Another Obama Czar instigated crisis!
    This Corzine BURGLARY is an attempt by the Obama Czar’s to break the back of the agricultural industry.
    Part of the liberal/marxist anti-business pogroms, Which officially encourages massacre or persecution of a minority groups!

    Thousands of ranchers and farmers across the country are at the heart of futures trading. The MF Global bankruptcy filing has $ billions locked up while $600 million of segregated customer funds are missing. These funds are capital used to mitigate risk in cash market and its rightful owners are being denied access to it. Smacks of another GM.

    Corzine is guilty! Expect Corzine to receive a full pardon.
    Remember Clinton pardoned Marc Rich in a similar case.

  • RufusChoate

    Neither Clinton nor Corzine were in Congress or office for more than 8 years so I don’t understand your comment in this matter.  

  • Not Surprised

    Is anyone surprised by this? Bankers and hedge fund tycoons involved with politicians and ex-politicians…scratching each others backs and selling out investors in he process?

    Welcome o the new world order: George Soros and the rest of the NWO crowd looting the world economy with the assistanc of government officials like Timmy Geithner and Ben Bernanke.

    The average, hard-working taxpayer will end up paying for this as these NWO thugs destroy currencies and treasuries he world over. Follow the money.

  • cassisanass

    It depends on what the definition of is is.Some way, some day, for our sins, we all must pay. Pray….

  • Not Surprised

    Clinton has a classic coke-head nose. Classic.

  • BigBoa

    You are correct. But the apathetic population couldn’t care less. Warn them that O’Bozo is going to steal or suspend the election and they act like they’ll all of a sudden find spines. Truth is, they can’t even band together to get rid of the occupy bum thugs.

    O’Bozo will have eliminated any means by which to remove him when he makes his move. They’ll all be in for a rather unpleasant surprise.

  • MH

    $50K per month… seriously?  $600K per year?  I wonder how many other money spigots Slick Willy has?  And the wingnuts are complaining that Newt openly did consulting work for Fannie Mae while he wasn’t in office?

  • nifongnation

    Time to assert our unalienable rights.   “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God”.

  • Guest

    Slick Willie should turn all that money back to the people who lost money in this scam.  Suppose he will?  Suppose any of the legacy media will ask him about that?  Naw.

  • Guest

    Well written. 

  • aunt_bea

     T. Jefferson

  • Guest

    The Chicago Way is now the American Way.

  • MW33

    Why in God’s name is Corzine walking free? And now old slick Willy is in the picture lining his pockets! I used to be an MF client, the damage this clown did is incredible. I’m in North Dakota and I can tell you, allot of farmers are reeling from the aftermath of this jackass Corzine’s actions.

  • jjca

    How better to silence a critic 

  • strawnman

    Corzine is a pretty sharp guy. He knows Bill’s wife is a savant in the cattle futures market, and he was just buttering Bill up so he could get the inside scoop first.

  • mwimperis

    weren’t the old rockefellers republicans? i guess the young republicans have turned democrats like jay rockefeller.

  • buckbamboo

    Corzine is a known thief, why would anyone deal with this criminal?

  • buckbamboo

    For some reason, all these thieves in government think they are above the law and until some of them start going to jail, they are. 

  • KR K

    Finally, in 2012, we have become connected enough to see in no uncertain terms how morally corrupt  our politicians and institutions have become.  All we need now are authorities willing to throw this generation of “Greed Spawn” into prison.  Enforce Sarbanes Oxley and start the perp walk in Q3 of 2012!

  • Big_Bear

    Sadly, that is what it will take.  They have no accountability any more.  A tax revolt is in order.  Stop supporting them.  If they crack down on citizens, these non-representative elite will be targets.  Not looking forward to it, but the Tree of Liberty needs to be watered.

  • bevus

    And you all worry about newt working for Freddie and FAnny!!! OMG! there will be a claw back to get the $1.2B back! and Billy C’s finger prints are on a lot of it, and you can bet Obama’s and Geithner’s and Franks, and Pelosi’s and Reid’s! corruption runs deep in the progressive demonrat party.

  • Jeff

    The Clinton family is guilty of accessory to murder at the least, Hillary has proved to be a Soros stodge and lair, it time to look at Chelsea funding. One thiong for sure Bill and Hillary need to be tried and let the public decide.
    In memory of Vince Foster

  • bevus

    How do you think Billy C is worth $100mm having worked for tthe State of Ark, and as Prez, in less than 8 years! now you know , he stole it with his buddies help. The progressive demonrats ARE the 1%ers!

  • Big_Bear

    But…either way, a lot of them will be eradicated, and then their tender lifestyles will be forever changed.  They can rule a limited part of the former USA from their bunkers, but the far-flung regions (including this Bear’s den) will have long seceded from the Ivy Leaguer’s fiefdom.

  • Brandon Martin

    Ahab and Jezebel=Billary

  • Izzydunne

    Your list is partisan. What you fail to realize is that just as many Republican politicians belong in jail as do Democrats.

  • beebee2011

    You can bet your last dollar that there are more than a few Republicans riding the corruption gravy train too. That’s why none of this will ever be seriously investigated, and no-one of any importance will ever serve any jail time.

  • Bob McKay

    now theres your 1% if ever there was one..

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    Crony capitalism
    crystalized for all to see.

  • j

    spell chk jeff.

  • JBSPuddintane

    He who is trustworthy with little things will be trustworthy with big.

  • Debra_jean

    Nothing will ever come of this, because all the players are democrats….I hope I am wrong, but we shall see.

  • patriot120

    What a disgustingly corrupt government ours has become.

  • JBSPuddintane


  • JBSPuddintane

    Isn’t it comforting to know vengeance belongs to the VERY Powerful?
    These things are temporary. 

  • Sasquatch Sr.

    Clinton offering image advise to MF! You can’t make this stuff up!  The only truth there is the truth in Advertising

  • justinwachin

    Once again we see several corrupt politicians, Clinton and Corzine, who through incompetence and sheer theft have looted the savings of many hard-working Americans.

    America would be better if politicians such as Jon Corzine, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were given a life sentence in a federal work prison. Regardless of the BS they tell us, they are out to prey on working class people. They have built their fortunes through connections, deceit, and theft. 

    If Barney Frank wants to enact real reforms he would make it possible for the wealthy and well connected who run these corporations in the ground to be held criminally responsible for their actions. I’m tired of corrupt politicians who plunder the wealth of working class Americans. 

  • EnabledVet

    Hey, let’s not run to the Constitutional Convention just yet!  Let’s get behind the Constitution and Have these criminals sent to prison.  We, The People, run this country, and as long as we laydown and allow the political elite, the banksters and the judicial officials who legislate from the bench to do as they please, we are going to get trampled.  And what is the point of constitutional amandments?1?  We see what these politicians think of the constitution!  They despise it, because it allows the people they would like to rule basic rights and freedoms.  Changing the Constitution at this point would simply mean they would disregard a different document with the same name!

  • JBSPuddintane

    Doesn’t it have to do with apple-pie?

  • mutantbeast

    well, lets see-Isnt Bubba taking in MILLIONS PER YR from Arabs to go to the ME and make speeches bashing the USA? How many Clintonites were involved with Fannie/Freedie-Gorelick, Raines, Johnson, Emanuel. Wasnt the former DNC chair Terera McAwful involved with the Global Crossing scam? Gee, media moguls, you seem to have  HUGE problem reporting corruption when a commiedem is involved.

  • Metamech

    Exactly. I’m conservative to the core and couldn’t call myself that without adding boehner, frist, etc to the list.


  • mutantbeast

    Harley-the democrats are the communist party.

  • mutantbeast

    85 yo women who will be suing the TSA for essnetially not only literally ripping off her clothes, but causing injuries that required she needed a tetanus shot.

  • mutantbeast

    He actually claimed he was going to be a front man for Speilberg and Geffen-turned out even his Hollyweird c ommies didnt want him. So now he takes MILLIONS per year from the Arabs to go over to the ME and make a couple of anti-USA propaganda speeches.

  • mutantbeast

    2 words that I apply to the likes of Bubba, Barak Insane and Jon Corslime.

  • mutantbeast

    Because Chelsea is about to be “hired” as a “commentator”at BSNBC

  • mutantbeast

    Even Harry started out as a tool of the corrupt Kansas City Pendergast machine. The Pendergast were no different than the Chicago Daleys or the Huey Longs of Loiusiana.

  • bonnieblue2A

    You left Newt Gingrich, the leading RINO candidate, off that Fannie/Freddie list. Newt is a closet Clintonite.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • bonnieblue2A

    Pay little attention to the initial (D) or (R) after the name, it matters naught, most are corrupt. Give the corrupt neither your vote nor your money.

  • mutantbeast

    I seem to remember his own brother saying once that Bubba”had a nose like a vacuum cleaner”. And like Barak Insane, Bubba never released his medical records. Any guesses why?????

  • bonnieblue2A

    He’s still in the laundering business: money laudering the MF Global way. He has a teflon coating so nothing sticks.

  • mutantbeast

    along with Rezko, Blago, Eric the Aholeder, Janet Incompetano, and the members of the mexican drug cartels who killed Brian Terry.

  • bonnieblue2A

    So why can’t the OWS folks figure this out? Oh yeah, they are largely funded by the organizations supporting same government/banker corruption.

  • mutantbeast

    Indeed-Corslime was fired from Goldman-Sachs in the 90s for looting $400 million from there investors.

  • Millieann

    However, Debrajean has a good point.  Democrats RARELY face consequences for anything.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Why wait? Send the message at the GOP primaries that corruption will not be tolerated by getting the only honest man running nomintated: Ron Paul ! No more voting for the lesser evils. All Progressives are corrupt be they RINOs or Democrats.

  • mutantbeast

    Not only Corslime-why in the world George Soros being allowed to live period?

  • bonnieblue2A

    Farmers all over the Midwest have been screwed by the CME & MF Global. Too bad they cannot afford to “go Gault” and starve the beast, quite literally, by not planting next Spring.

  • mutantbeast

    When Chelsea got married, any guesses where Bubba and Hilldebeast stayed for the weekend? At the estate of the daughter of George SoreA$$.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Its the Chicago way (referencing Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a.k.a. CME).

  • 1johnsilver

    He did to NJ what he did to MF Global. The Mafia must be in awe of the white collar gall of it all.

  • mutantbeast

    The moslems have been bribing Bubba to the tune of 10-15 M/yr ever since he left office. Same with Carduh to a lesser extent. Carduhs presidential library was built entirely on Moslem blood money.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Moral relevance? Theft from the taxpayers is still theft is it not? It matters not which party one is a member.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Sadly we are getting the government we deserve. Pray indeed as tyranny is setting up to slaughter the little people. Posse Cometatus has been cancelled by Congressional Act. We are all screwed, we have no rights, our Constitution has been murdered in a 93-7 vote of the US Senate.

    Wake up folks: tyranny has taken off its velvet gloves.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Was that Uncle George Soros’s wedding present to Chelsea?

  • matism

    You’re going to have to deal with ‘”Law Enforcement” first.  For it is THEY who are the enablers for this damnable swill.

  • matism

    As if THAT is going to happen while “Law Enforcement” is enabling them…

  • psadie

    Clinton. Still a thief, liar, pervert, greedy and treasonous to his country.  What a disgrace.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Even worse is that Obama’s monetary policy is the very same Jon Corzine implemented at MF Global. Steal from the taxpayers and spread the wealth amongst his friends. So, it would seem that Corzine did advise Obama-Biden & Co. while paying off the impeached former intern molestor-in-chief.

  • Stratosaurus

    $300K won’t make much of a dent in the $600M that went missing. 

  • mutantbeast

    your missing something-Newt didnt have to defraud anyone for the $ he made at Fannie/Freddie. BTW, has ANYONE in the media EVER mentioned just how much $ Jamie the Gorelicker, Raines, Johnson ,and Emanuel DEFRAUDED ? almost $200 million combined. And not ONE media outlet reported it.


  • matism

    Or the Department of Education SWAT team that raided the wrong home a few months ago.  Yes, DOE has at least one SWAT team.  But pigs are pigs.  EVERY ONE OF THEM has taken an oath to the Constitution.  Yet the number who actually HONOR that oath are few and far between.  When TSHTF in the next few months, remember that THEY are the ones who have enabled our “Leaders” to do what they have done to this country.  And understand that when “Law Enforcement” comes around looking for supplies to “redistribute”, they aren’t looking out for Mere Citizens.  They will ONLY  be looking out for their Brothers in Blue and their Masters.  So greet them appropriately.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Street criminals train to become professional felons in prison. However, the truly greedy go to Congress and the White House for their training of how to commit theft and get paid to do it with a federal lifetime retirement pension as a bonus.

  • Junie3

    Imagine if it was Bush instead of Clinton……………..OMG they would be occupying his house.

  • phillysmart

    I am not defending republicans or suggesting that there is no corruption on the republican side…but the democrats have made it a staple of their platform…they want to redistribute the wealth and pretend to fight for working people and at the same time line their poskets and become the so called 1%…..they are the lowest of hypocrites

  • Stratosaurus

    Amen, sister!  I think we need to occupy congress, but with some dignity, and a lotta angry people who’re tired of the idjuts leadin’ us to the financial slaughterhouse.  Might be a good idea to bring back tarrin’ and featherin’….

  • Joanne Newnam

    no he’s not.

  • aposematic

    Hmmm…how did that protection money work out for you Corzine?

  • AngryBuddha

    That’s a pretty far stretch.  The headline isn’t quite accurate, but the story is still disturbing.  We need to find a way to limit the money in politics.

  • aposematic

    Hmmm…never did hear what happened to all of that Haiti relief money Clinton and Bush I were put in charge of distributing… Last thing I did hear was that none had gone to Haiti due to the corruption there…go figure…

  • aposematic

    Obama will be re-elected, the World’s Billionaire elites already have bought and paid for the win… You must understand, the voters don’t choose the winners, the vote counters choose the winners… Many examples over the past couple of decades and the World’s elites want Obama to win… Why do you think Congress passed S. 1867 with 1031/1032 in it, preparing to put down the uprising when Obama is declared the winner…

  • devan95

    It won’t take a violent revolution – just a quiet tax payer strike when the “makers” simply refuse to send in their tax payments until the central govt. is brought back into Constitutional limits. Can we count you in?

  • Timothy Bendel

    So? It still doesn’t explain why they aren’t prosecuted. Each side has criminals and no one does anything because they just sit around and say, “Well your side does the same thing”.

    Why aren’t both sides prosecuted? Why is there de facto immunity for these politicians?

  • devan95

    In case you have forgotten those
    wonderful Clinton years, let me take you down a bit of poetic memory lane:

    The Clinton Question

     A Farewell Ode to the Oder 


    Bimbos threatened with bodily harm

    of this there is no doubt.

    People dying everywhere,

    bodies strewn about

    No need to raise the question of
    Bill Clinton and his clout

    Long term government employees

    forced out in a seatless van

    victims of the Arkansas mafia

    and their Hollywood klan

    No need to raise the question of
    Bill Clinton and his clout

     Watergate was bad indeed.

    the media was thrilled

    there may have been abuse of power,

    but – nobody got killed!

    Why would Vincent Foster

    with everything to gain

    throw his career, his wife, his kids

    down that eternal drain?

    No need to raise the question of
    Bill Clinton and his clout

    Something must be very wrong,

    very bad indeed,

    which may give whole new meaning to

    the term “decade of

    Was Leona Helmsly the only one

    allergic to payment of taxes,

    or was the Governor of Arkansas

    guilty of similar

    No need to raise the question of
    Bill Clinton and his clout

    The media was outraged

    when Anita Hill accused

    but when the cad is of their own

    the behavior is excused

    There was Gennifer, Sally, Dolly and

    but Juanita takes the cake

    the only American president

    to have gotten away with rape!

    No need to raise the question of
    Bill Clinton and his clout

    God gave us a vision of pilgrims,

    seeking salvation at Waco;

    Bill Clinton’s arrogant reply was

    the damnation of satan’s inferno.

     And never forget Somalia

    where unarmed boys were stuck

    no truer words were ever spoke when

    she said “Clinton, you

     No need to raise the question
    of Bill Clinton and his clout

    If you don’t think

    That Wag the dog

    was the strategy de jour

    Then what the Hell was Bosnia for

     No need to raise the question
    of Bill Clinton and his clout

    Billy and the young Lowinski

    with Macanudo and blue dress

    tought our children a few things

    we’d sooner they forget

    So great their lust for power

    no secret would be free

    on sale for cash donations

    from agents of the Red Chinese

    two for one the deal they made

    with Hillary Clinton Rodham

    Now a President she seeks to be

    will America hit rock bottom?

    No need to raise the question of
    Hill Rodham and her clout……

     Ego drove his every move

    that his legacy be reached

    But the bottom line on Clinton

    will forever read IMPEACHED!


    No need to raise the question……?



  • aposematic

    And the FBI raiding and taking all of the Soyndra documents that will just so happen to mysteriously be misplaced down some Leftist sink hole… The Terry murder investigation files disapearing from the Justice Department mystery… This is no longer our America, the World’s Billionaires do and get whatever they want…

  • Carl M

    This is Sick it’s like a Family in the Deep South the brother marry’s the Sister who childre marries another family member. Look how one Dem party member keep the dem money with other dem org. and than just pass the income and take the Tax deduction.


    Yeah, right. They want access to Hil’s genius. It has nothing to do with her ability to push pull. (Ref Ayn Rand “Pull Pushers). 

  • markgoff

    if you haven’t figured it all out yet… They are all crooks.  And, it’s our fault for letting them become crooks.  Time to take the country back. 

  • dupkaman

    Corzine will probably never see jail.  Martha Stewart made a trade on insider information…something that is legal for Senators and Congressman.   Hypocrisy!

  • aposematic

    Remember S. 1867 with 1031/1032 passed Congress (American Citizens can be disappeared for any reason anytime the Powers want, America no longer has a Constitution protecting you and you have no rights now) …the Powers that Be are preparing to put down any attempt to get rid of them…

  • robertzraick

    Yeah right.  A criminal will be audited by a criminal organiztion.  In your dreams.

  • aposematic

    Not the point…the media covers for the Dems while pointing out every Reps stubbed toe…

  • MadCharles

    Had enough yet ?

  • aposematic

    Not really, we are talking Billions to line the Polls pockets with little if any chance of punishment… Could you fight that temptation?

  • aposematic

    Agree; most Polls, even those of the highest character, are corrupted in their first year upon finding out they are exempt from laws against stealing the peoples’ wealth and lining their own pockets with little to no chance of ever having to pay the piper.

  • Heinrich

    Leave the Deep South out of your lame metaphors.  You’ve been watching too many movies.   Last time we looked, Corzine was an oily crook from New Jersey and Clinton has long left Arkansa and put down roots in New York.

  • Brian Schmidt

    You know the French got it right once with these Elites.

  • robertzraick

    More than a few is an understatment.  The entire government system is corrupt.  There is a word for breaking a sacred oath of office.  It is treason.  When you have an entire goverment 99% filled with traitors, including the justice department, what would you expect.  When outright ciminality is the norm, it is time to rid us of these criminals.  They will not put themselves in jail.

    This has nothing to do with parties.  It is systemic.  This system as well as all such governmental systems world wide must be stopped.   When all peaceful means are removed there is only the alternative of violence.  But a change must be made.

    I regret that it has come to this, but the fact is that it has.

  • BigBoa

    The mighty Boa has warned people of all this for years now. Knowing that this was coming was one reason why. The mighty Boa warned the people that their time was running out and failing to remove him would lead to the point in time when they no longer would be able to.

    It still is not too late, but the time has grown very, very short. Considering the lack of urgency on the part of the public and the time needed to facilitate such an action, it probably is past time, but perhaps if people would actually ACT, it might not be over just yet. But O’Bozo, in anticipation, has taken over all means of communication, is confiscating weapons and will soon ration food, fuel and energy. Since “F and F” failed, he might have to send out the BATF to confiscate weapons. He actually wants to do that as it will be his violent act to instill fear into the people. Something all dictators do when seizing power…..

  • Dave

    Just another Democrat “spreading the wealth around.”  Funny thing, it’s never their wealth that gets spread, always other people’s and without their permission..

  • malapai

    I still say Web Hubbell is her daddy!

  • robertzraick

    Get rid of the government

  • BigBoa

    They probably would have torn it down by now…… The media would run “breaks” every 5 minutes with the classic “WHAT did the president know, and WHEN did he know it?”……

    Something they apparently can’t care less about when it involves O’Bozo and the rest of the marxists…..

  • malapai

    It seems to be what they excel at.

  • BigBoa

    You are absolutely correct…..

    Just like a lot of people got all excited over “Fast and Furious”……..”Oh BOY, it’s ALL over for O’Bozo NOW!”……

    Instead we get Issa telling us it is up to O’Bozo to decide what to do about Holder…….

    And STILL this public sits on its apathetic hind-side and does NOTHING!!!

  • Luther

    Checks and balances has been supplanted by one hand washes the other in corrupt Washington.

  • malapai

    You are correct. Just as in 2008, it is a done deal.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Thus far it is working pretty well. Corzine hasn’t done the perp. walk meanwhile no one can explain where $3 Billion + has gone. Madoff and Strauss-Kahn did the perp. walk but not Corzine. Having friends in high places means paying impeached former military-secret seller in chief to China  Bill Clinton the very protection money of which you write.

  • Joe Lanning

    Mr. Paul’s foreign policy precludes one from voting for him. To say he’s extreme in this area is like calling the Grand Canyon, a simple hole in the ground! In other words, he’s crazy as a mad hatter…….

  • bonnieblue2A

    What the heck do you think TARP was???

    “I had to destroy Capitalism to save it.” Pres. George W. Bush 2008

  • bonnieblue2A

    Pay attention, do your homework. Wake up!

  • Not Surprised

    Is anyone surprised by this? Another banker / hedge fund captain swindling investors and using connected pol’s (or former pol’s in Clinton’s case…) to pull a rabbit out of the hat in hopes of not being caught. Welcome to the New World Order society where George Soros and his cadre bilk investors and raid the treasuries of the world so as to control wealth and power of unimaginable scale. Folks like Clinton, Gore, Soros, Geithner, Bernanke, Corzine, et al. should all be in jail. But that won’t happen. Instead, investors will be sacrificed and in the end, responsible taxpayers will shoulder the burden.

    Let them eat cake.

  • malapai

    Why don’t snakes bite lawyers?
    Professional Courtesy.

  • lsly54

  • Clarity-jane Seer


  • Paul Roth

    Yes he is a little nuts, and although he has a good idea or two he is not going to be nominated. Most of his views are at best naive, if not radical. Best to choose someone who might win or we are liable to get stuck with the current loser in the White House for yet another disastrous 4 years. 

  • Joe Lanning

    “D’s” don’t ever have to pay for their malfeasance. “R’s” do. That’s a huge difference.

  • Joe Lanning

    democrats are incestuous miscreants aren’t they.

  • Pat

    Quite telling of the American attention span, and their focus and comprehension of reality these days. These demorat crooks do this stuff to the tune of billions of $$$ right in front of everyone’s faces all the time, and yet they can bring down republican presidential candidates with sexual hearsay?? What’s wrong with this picture? 

  • poorhardworker

    As Gomer Pyle said” Well, SUURRPRISE, SURPRISE!”  Nothing new here…

  • paoliana

    The one in the WH isn’t a loser- we are!!!
    And if he will get reelected we can kiss good bye to USA

  • VoteLoud

    Don’t you love Clinton’s and Democrats ethics!

    Just laugh it off Willy…

    We know what / who you are!

  • http://WWW.OBAMATHEMARXIST.COM/ jackrazz

    Wave a $100 bill in a Trailer Park…

  • VoteLoud

    But the moochers love them!!!

  • VoteLoud

    With your lousy grammar, you criticize the South???

    Where the Hel(l) did you grow up?

  • VoteLoud

    I thought you were speaking of Carter… Errrr… Obama….

  • VoteLoud

    Like with McCain?

  • Joel

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  • Pat F

    $50k per month?  That’s a lot of lap dances Bubba!

  • sndrmrv

    The one percentage are democrats and they have the 99 percentage as useful idiots.

  • 1Crusader

    Absolutely correct, which is why we all need to start implementing change at home. I supported my congress-critter his first couple times around (Jeff Miller (R) Fla), but he is now nothing more than Boehner’s lap-dog. I am now actively working to get him out of his posh position. I encourage everyone else to do the same. If your representatives weren’t voted into office within the past three years then you should be working hard to convince your friends to vote AGAINST them. They are now CORRUPT.

  • quixel2000

    IzzyDizzy now you are being Paritsan and NOT HONEST!! The ratio of Demoncraps to Republicas that should be in jail is at least 3 to 4 to 1 if not far higher(that is a coservative number it might be closer to 10 to 1)!!! Be Honest not Partisan!!!

  • rch46


  • quixel2000

    Wow an incredibly bigoted and short sighted answer!! Well i gues Conservatives do act just like Demoncraps i may ways!

    I would guess since you post on here  far more then a person like me just happening upon here you are more corrupt just for the fact of you being you,without any rhyme or reason behind it!!!! I mean saying all Politicians are Corrupt just because is like saying all women should stay in the kitchen or certain jobs are man jobs ad others are woman jobs…Get back in that kitchen woman did you here me!!! Also be careful what you wish for the,devil you know is many times better then the one that comes around next and bites you in the arse!

  • harrydweeks

    Ah….. and thus the coined phrase Beltway Bandit’s.

  • GuessWho

    Every single week it’s another disgusting scandal.  Where is the blow back from the lame-stream media?  Obama could drop a nuke, his supporters would call it “renewable energy.”  What’s so alarming is how no one on the left says a word about the most transparent administration in history and the amount of cover they get, extraordinary.

  • RacerX1962

    I hate to say it, but it won’t happen. Most of the electorate is so dumbed down that they will continue to send these traitors back to DC. All the politicians have to do is feed their constituents a PORK sandwich and they get re-elected. Look at Pelosi and Frank… How is it that any rational human being could vote election after election for such obvious corrupt people? It’s because the electorate itself is corrupt…

  • RacerX1962

    Agreed… Welcome to the new DARK AGE.

  • JDStill

    Per Webster’s:

    Organized- Having a formal organization to coordinate and carry out activities, affiliated by membership in an organization such as a union or political party.

    Crime- Acts punishable by law.

    Confidence-To  trust wholly, believe, expect.

    Confidence Man- A swindler who first gains the confidence of his victim.

    Victim-One injured by others who pursue selfish gains.

    Politician- One engaged in political life , often used with the implications of seeking personal or partisan gain.

    Patriot- One who truly loves and serves his country.

    Citizen – A member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to it  and is entitled to its’ rights and is responsible for performing required duties for it.

    Vote- The expression of a wish or opinion as to a matter on which one has the right to be consulted.

    Right- Having a just claim.

    Responsibility- Deserving the blame or credit.

    Informed-To have facts learned, knowledge, or information.

    It has been said, “In the end, We deserve the Government We get”,.Sic Semper Veritas.

  • David Wooten

    Bankruptcy law includes ‘clawback’ provisions that require those who receive money from a firm withing 90 days of its declaring bankruptcy can be required to return the money.  I am opposed to some of these provisions but in Clinton’s case, I’d make an exception.  The bankruptcy trustee should sue Clinton.

  • Contrarianthefirst

    Somehow I’m not surprised.

  • jennfire

    Sadly too many will not believe any of it, and will stick up for them all, even if you paste it in front of their eyes.  People are too gullible and forgiving and will not see these criminals for what they are. The Clintons have never been properly investigated, and it has been known for years that they has been involved in this and a lot of other stuff, which they have laughed off.

  • Steve Jarret

    if you have ever needed any proof that democrats are the biggest prostitutes, peel the onion back and take a wif 

  • Harold LaCour

    I don’t think so.  Democrats breed corruption and thrive on it.  Republicans can become corrupt for sure, but corruption is not part of their DNA, as it is for Democrarts/Progressives/Socialist.  

    Did you know that “health care” is FREE in North Korea… but many many people cannot afford it because they can’t afford the bribes required to get the lower level “officials”  to schedule a visit for them with the local doctor.  Without a skilled official, properly bribed, there is no health care available to ordinary citizens in that country. 

  • NorthlanderLJ

    If you don’t want crooks looting the treasury and sticking you with the bill, stop voting for democrats.

  • Oneolddude

    Remember this.

    Barbara Bush said she considered and treated William Clinton like one of her sons.

  • Harold LaCour

    What you say is all valid, except maybe you should rethink the part about a constitutional convention.  If the progressive criminals get their hands on a convention like that they could really do away with the United States of America, once and for all!

  • Carney Assada

    If you are surprised by this, then you have either been living on another planet or you are a product of the current American educational system, where you are taught to believe what you are told over what you observe.

    All through school and college, your teachers and liberal arts professors all told you that the sky is green and there is no reason to look up to see for yourself because they know what the truth is and they are telling you so. So you believe it.

    Well, for liberals, truth is what they WANT to be true, not what reality brings.

    Now please take a chance and look up. LOOK UP! You may find that the sky is really blue.

  • Sally Hendricks

    Have you ever noticed when democrats are caught doing something unethical, they ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS  bring up “well, both parties do it”.  But…when republicans are caught, it’s “those horrible republicans” with not even a whisper that a democrat is just as bad.   Watch and count how many times this happens.

  • kevintheelder

    Pat, what’s wrong is obvious. A corrupt press that serves us no good. In fact, it is there to serve one purpose. To fool all of the people all of the time.

  • kevintheelder



    I’m 70+ and have been on the right all my life. Like you Dr.
    Paul’s foreign policy initially boggled my mind. However, after months of
    analyzing, I’m now at a 50-50 point thinking he may be right. I will say that
    it takes a lot of thought to come to his position, but by not making the
    obvious knee jerk reaction and honestly thinking it all out, I’m thinking that
    he just might be right (start with remembering how things were with the USSR,
    add in the hatred of so many Muslims against us and ask why, and then remember
    who it is that keeps making North Korea and Iran and others seem so crazy that
    we’ve come to believe that they are more dangerous than the USSR of the past).
    Tie that in to my being in favor of 90% of all Dr Paul’s other stands, and I’m
    sorry, I can’t easily dismiss him.

  • kevintheelder

    Weren’t you among those who insisted just two months ago that Newt was never going to be nominated.

    Dah Furr! Flopping Poppingjay!

  • The Navigator

    They act like its the last days.

  • derekcrane

    Couldn’t take the stench.

  • derekcrane

    Clinton was hired to give MF GLobal a patina of respectability that only an ex president can give. Thus wealthy Democrats gladly invested their money in the STING which Clinton is as guilty as Corzine.

  • Daniel

    Actually, the tree needs to be pruned of these self-serving “branches” of government.

  • Daniel

    Kudos!  I read Clinton’s net worth now exceeds $65 million. Politics pays, government doesn’t.

  • Daniel

    Now that the National Defense Authorization Act has been passed (only 7 voted no), the gov’t can detain indefinitely any “subversive” person.  The Nazi’s used the same legislation.  See what protesting has done?  We’re scr*wed as a nation.

  • chuckinva

    George W. Bush was ridiculed by the liberals and their lapdog press. He was called stupid, a war monger and incompetent. But what they failed to say is that George Bush is an honorable man. Why do I bring this up? To demonstrate the character differences between the left’s two favorite sons, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Bush has respect for the office, Clinton and Obama are only interested in what it can do for them. While Clinton goes around the world prostituting himself, George Bush remains respectful to his former office and has retired with grace and dignity. These are two words that Harvard graduate Barack Obama can’t even spell.

  • Shairk.

    The Clintons are scum, always have been, always will be. Who’s surprised that they’re also CORRUPT? Can you say Whitewater? Sure ya can…

  • redisto

    Ever notice that while people are pointing fingers and arguing over which party is more corrupt, the politicians just keep robbing us blind and laughing behind our backs?  Criminals protect criminals.  The Democrat/Republican, Right/Left paradigm is just a means to keep the masses occupied and distracted while they empty the treasury for their Globalist Banker Masters.  WAKE UP AMERICA — TWO PARTIES = NO CHOICE.

  • Gary Geedunk

    The Clintons are crooks and the entire Demogogic party is as well.  That’s not to say the GOP is not without its own crooks but they have a tougher time hiding it thanks to the libtard media.  We need to put these folks in prison with Madoff for about 20 years or so.  Corzine damn near totaled NJ.

  • VeryProudofAmerica

    They ignored Bill’s adultery over and over and over again.  They lied under oath and to the American people about it.  They  let Osama Bin Laden escape, and are thus the primary cause of the  911 bombings and the resulting wars.

    And now we are surprised that he worked with other dishonest democrates as they stole inverter money???

    Nah – what would be surprising is if they did something honest.  If they looked out for someone besides themselves, then I would be surprised.  This is just another example of their duplicity and their greed.

  • 1972patriot

    I have been patiently awaiting the CBS morning show’s report on these allegations. Two hours later and I am now going to stop holding my breath. Hey, CBS, this is the news that I am looking for… enough already on how Nancy is going to use the strength of her position to continue to assassinate Newt’s character. Actually, let’s report on how Newt was held accountable for his misdeeds & Pelosi has not… the American public is not through with you yet, Nancy! Or you main stream media! Change is coming… VOTE OBAMA OUT IN 2012, YES WE CAN! 

  • beebee2011

    I have to agree with you there. What is even more appalling is that they barely bother to hide it any more – they are so certain that there will be no repercussions. But it disturbs me that the Republicans are given a free pass by a lot of the folks who post here. If we don’t hold them to account, they will sink to the same depths as the Democrats.

  • 1972patriot

    And now CBS reports on the horrors of ending abortion… still no word on ole’ Bill. This abortion issue will never have a viable resolution so long as democrats hold any office. It has become a political deflection tool, nothing more, nothing less and everyone knows this! BTW… I am pro-choice, doesn’t change the fact that I see right through the BS.

  • farang

    Interesting: Skolnick always claimed Clinton was a bastard son of Winthrop Rockefeller….interesting…..

  • lsly29r

  • caribbeancritic

    Sir for accuracy, please refer to the two parties by their correct names, the  Demaprats and Repugnants.

  • Tucker Wings

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  • Halloween dog costumes

    I’m conservative to the core and couldn’t call myself that without adding boehner, frist, etc to the list.If we do get through the elections I hope the conservatives put a lot of the demedope crooks in jail

  • Alisha Fox

    Keep it up!! You have done the nice job having provided the latest

  • jaklin badr