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Team Obama Regulates Goat Herders’ Workplaces

The Obama administration is setting new workplace regulations to assist foreign workers who fill goat herding positions in the U.S. , including employee-paid cell phones and comfy beds.
These new special procedures issued by the Labor Department must be followed by employers who want to hire temporary agricultural foreign workers to perform sheep herding or goat herding activities.  It describes strict rules for sleeping quarters, lighting, food storage, bathing, laundry, cooking and new rules for the counters where food is prepared.
“A separate sleeping unit shall be provided for each person, except in a family arrangement,” says the rules signed by Jane Oates, assistant secretary for employment and training administration at the Labor Department.
“Such a unit shall include a comfortable bed, cot or bunk, with a clean mattress,” the rules state.
Diane Katz, a research fellow in regulatory policy at The Heritage Foundation, unearthed the policy in the “Federal Register,” the massive daily journal of proposed regulations that Washington bureaucrats publish every day.

Under the Obama Administration, the nanny state has imposed 75 new major regulations with annual costs of $38 billion.
“This captures what is wrong with government,” Katz said.  “I could not have made this up.”
With unemployment holding steady at 9% and government regulations adding more burden to small businesses, such as those run by ranching families, Katz said, bureaucrats aren’t helping.
“Instead of remedying the problem, the regulations make it that much harder,” Katz insisted.  “We may need a whole set of regulations just to define what a comfortable bed is.  I imagine it’s not straw.”
The new lighting standards say that in areas where it is not feasible to provide electrical service such as tents or mobile trailers, lanterns must be provided.  “Kerosene wick lights meet the definition of lantern,” the regulations say.
“When workers or their families are permitted or required to cook in their individual unit, a space shall be provided with adequate lighting and ventilation.”
“Wall surfaces next to all food preparation and cooking areas shall be of nonabsorbent, easy-to-clean material.  Wall surfaces next to cooking areas shall be of fire-resistant material,” the regulations say.
“It makes you wonder,” Katz said, “how they ever did this before the government got involved?”
“Who knew we needed all of this federal help for herding goats?” Katz quipped.

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  • kipmjf

    I hear you.  I started at age 5 with the David Bradley garden tractor and graduated to the big J.I. Case at age 7 and drove the old  I.H. 5-ton truck at that age also.  Had to sit on the floor and push the clutch with both feet to get it in gear, then jump up on the seat and operate the hand-throttle for clutchless shifting when hauling hay.  Learned to rebuild motors, weld broken equipment , shear sheep, brand and innoculate cattle, train horses and dogs,  and rotate crops before I got my driver’s license.

    Of course there were fewer federal agencies to prevent us from learning
    things back then, and the schools gave us a good no-frills basic
    education to build upon.  That hands-on experience helped make me and my brothers and sisters successful in our later careers, because we  knew how things worked  from the ground up and could solve problems quickly and inexpensively, which has  made us valuable to our clients.

    A friend of mine recently gave up the goat-raising business.  The goats were profitable, but he got tired of the Forest Service constantly changing the rules and preventing him from planning ahead.  That is the main thing that the liberals in the White House fail to understand.  Businesses need a stable government with clear and simple rules that remain the same for 5 or 10 years at a time.  Business cannot flourish when the ground is constantly shifting under them. 

    These people around Mr. Obama rule with a whim of iron that changes with the wind, and the penalties for inadvertent error are very harsh and are enforced arbitrarily.  Tim Geithner is immune.  Jeffrey Immelt is immune.  Most people are not immune, hence, no growth in business or jobs. 

    And as a side-note:  What is this cow-flatulence tax for?  Where is that money spent?  The farmer and his cows never see it again.

  • WillyWallace

    Good luck with that thought Zilla.  Obama just let illegals off the hook so surely his September speech will help out these now “legal” residents. 

  • kipmjf

    A one-sentence revocation of each piece of legislation passed during Obama’s term would be a great place to start.  That would cause many thousands of pages of intrusive regulations to die on the vine. 

    Obamacare should be first on the list. 

  • reddarin

    More like “Provide transportation, with AC, to and from country of origin”.

  • Soul Patch

    Obama Administration = National Goat Herders Local 313

  • confedgal

    Geez, the people who write these rules have WAY too much time on their hands and not enough brains.

  • Niniane

    This is astounding as we have a lot of American citizen border collies with four paws who will be faster than any human who needs to take siestas during the workday or spend time bouncing up and down in Muslim prayer (does that mean farmers need to provide sleeping bags and footbaths in the grazing fields?)

  • Guest

    Lazy goat herders. Who ever heard of sleeping quarters, lighting, food storage, bathing, laundry, cooking and new rules for the counters where food is prepared for goat herders? They’re herding goats. Let them sleep in the fields and eat the goats just like shepherds have done for thousands of years. What next? Restaurant workers wanting a shift meal? People are just so lazy.

  • Danish0072001

    Maybe not goat herders but sheepherders.  Although I would like to see some intercity welfare receiver go herd sheep. 

  • One_Southron

    Shhhhh! They will retroactively arrest your father for child labor law violations.

  • krazykat_randi

    Unions? Don’t give them any ideas!

  • JohnNFlorida

    In context, the regulations make perfect sense. Don’t forget, Preparation H includes instructions to not use the product orally ———-because some fool did.
    H2A employers would be quite happy getting by with supplying only a bedroll and matches.
    Having a way to summon emergency help in case of wild animal attack or medical emergency is ridiculous. The job is out in the wilderness. If s/he dies, just plug in another illegal. (shrug)

  • rebelyell4

    Heck with a good dog or two, anyone, even those with handicaps can handle the job. The whole thing is completely astounding. Will we have seperate rules for each job classification; like a big store greeter will have to have a feather pillow, or what?

  • emykey

    Come on!!!  Hey, here’s an idea that’s sure to help reduce gov’t spending:  A MORATORIUM ON ANY NEW REGULATIONS!!!  Let’s see some dumba** liberal argue about that idea…

  • JayC777

    I’m curious as to what government official is related to a goat herder.

    Just another job above the pay grade of chairman Maobama.

  • Ruby_Con

    Better yet, can’t we just pay them for not herding goats? You would think they could take care of themselves. And what about providing the same level of comfort for the poor goats, I mean after all, goats are people to ( I’m sure I saw a Mr Billy Goat Gruff as a registered democrap somewhere)

  • John Tithof


  • DaneChile

    In Idaho most of the sheepherders are of Basque origen.  They´ve been quite happy for over a hundred years with their campers – horse-drawn not F-150-drawn.

    The regs don´t mention human waste?  Lawdy me, we can´t have human poo-poo mixed in with all the goat poop.  They´ll need Port-a-Potties which will need to be replaced by helo every week.  Etc…

    Let´s expand the idea:  rafting guides spend the nights in tents.  Why don´t they get nice little, OSHA/USDA/FDA- approved cabins?  What other occupations could use some government help?

  • bevus

    ONe thing Obama knows and that is goat herding! he is one.

  • irjsiq

    Hi Keith1941,

    govt policy:

    “It doesn’t have to make sense!

    “It’s Our Policy!”

    The Govt: All Three Branches and Both Parties, intend to maintain their
    assault (full court press) on Our (vastly/fastly diminishing) Freedom as
    long as we meagerly comply!

    I advocated making Obama the first half-term president, prior to his 1st year in office!

    Why:  Freedom is Diametric to socialism!  Obama’s ‘Drum’, drum beat
    solely ‘socialism’!  He had to make Massive Bribes, using OUR (govt
    issued IOUs), because ‘from Obama’s lips’ “We Are Broke …..”

    The size and quantity of those ‘Bribes’, was not even spoken of, much
    less ‘Contemplation’ of any malfeasance, misuse, deceptive,
    mis-appropriations from the public purse!

    A Sick Sick statement from the mouth of the house speaker:  “We’ll have
    ot pass it before we know what’s in it …. those words flowing from one
    mouth associated with campaign claims:  The most Open!, Transparent,
    ‘Post ALL Legislation online, that all citizens will know that we are
    upfront on every issue, everytime, all-the-time … you’ll be able to
    Judge for Yourself, because It Will All Be ONLINE!

    Too late for ‘half-term’ pres!  Too few awake or aware to expect
    anything other than the ceaseless blathering and balderdash which
    issues-forth from the few amongst us who are both ‘AWAKE’ and ‘AWARE’!

    “It doesn’t have to make sense!

    “It’s OUR Policy!”

    Now shut-up . . . we will wake you when we need your vote … sometime
    near the middle of November!  If you’ve Sent a Large enough Donation,
    we’ll try to wake you sometime in October, and have you place “I Voted”
    on all the Grave Markers in your neighborhood!

    Roy J Stewart,

    Phoenix AZ

    P.S.  I had some hope for the ‘Tea Party’ but all they want is Your money,

    Not Your Input … and Money, (or lack of respect for money), ‘Money’ is
    why we are in this “Borrowing 42cents of every Over Budget dollar, Your
    Govt spends!

    We have allowed Ourselves to be enslaved!

    Why ‘allow your Slaves to run free’, when Regulations, with threat of ????,

    will keep them in chains … Forever!


  • Victoria Knox

    Sorry, but I have a different point of view. Farmers and ranchers habitually hire illegals, and game the foreign worker program to ensure that Americans who want these jobs (yes they do exist; check out Center for Immigration Studies) can not get them. So any regulation that will make it more expensive to hire illegals – and therefore wipe out the economic advantages of paying below minimum wage, ignoring safetly regulations that other businesses have to abide by, etc. is fine by me. We already give so-called family farmers and ranchers taxpayer subsidies, and then we subsidize them again by plumping up the meager wages they pay illegals with food stamps, free medical care in the ER, and free schooling for their kids (who, by the way, work alongside their parents in violation of child labor laws).

  • Chuck Curry

    Obviously, a comfortable bed is one that, should a pea be placed beneath it, Michelle Obama could not detect as much by lying upon it. 

  • Phil Reese

    Please don’t forget the condoms.  Those goats start looking pretty good after a couple of weeks in Saddlesore Canyon.

  • simianrelic

    Translation: Rooms will be provided  with a prayer rug, Koran, and under-aged virgin goat.

  • Roman Eagle

    Obama doesn’t seem too concerned about creating private sector jobs for American citizens. Why is he doing this when our unemployment rate is so out-of-hand! Someone needs a clue.

  • Phil Reese

    Please don’t forget the condoms.  Those goats start looking pretty good after a couple of weeks in Saddlesore Canyon.

  • Anonymous

    A “Nanny Goat.”

  • Roman Eagle

    P.S. – If he enforced ILLEGAL immigration laws, then American citizens could fill these goat herder positions and the proprietors would then have to treat their employees better… maybe throw them a bed of some sort. 

    It’s this aiding and abetting illegal workers that creates these horrible working conditions. Let’s start with enforcing the laws and promoting jobs for citizens.

  • Dan E

    The condoms should be for the technocrats that think of this stuff, they’re the ones who shouldn’t be reproducing.

  • matism

    I see dead pigs.

  • nocoteabagger

    It is even worse than that. The feds are now telling the Amish how to farm sustainably. They’ll next be teaching fish how to swim…

  • nocoteabagger



    O’Bama has created NEW Jobs here folks….There will be THOUSANDS of Compliance Officer positions created to enforce the regulations covering HUNDREDS of Foreign Workers.
    No new Production jobs, just MORE Gu’Mint Taxpayer supported Jobs….

  • zooble

    Just when you think our government can’t get any dumber–a “Goat Herd” regulation is written!  Incredible.  (Perhaps Moamar Qaddafi could come over and fill one of these positions, as it is now required he must be given a comfortable bed.)  Just incredible. 

  • Jeff Geisen

    You guys know what the licensing and registering of farm equipment was for don’t you? REVENUE. Why Washington ProgLibs found an unrealized source of untapped funding and you know how much they’re addicted to spending, so why not put another burden on family farmers?

     Just like these standards for goat herders. By establishing these standards you have a basis for which they all can claim workers rights which means they all can be unionized. And if they’re all unionized they all have to pay dues to a union, which means they all become instant Dem voters, and which means that a portion of their dues will go to support Dem candidates. Again more revenue.

    See folks this is the dirty  little secret about BO and his administration. He came from the Chicago Democrat machine and this is what they do to keep in power. BO  has run this country the same way acting  just like a Ward boss from one of the city precints. Trust me, I have lived long enough next to Chicago to recognize a machine thug when I see one.

  • ustserv

    The Government could supply the thousands of defective FEMA trailers that were not used during IKE!

  • Russ Clark-Garrett

    Too Late… They have already got one.
    May 9, 2011

    The U.S. Department of Labor today announced the launch of its first
    application for smartphones,
    a timesheet to help employees independently track the hours they work
    and determine the wages they are owed. Available in English and Spanish,
    users conveniently can track regular work hours, break time and any
    overtime hours for one or more employers.

  • purple1960

    the bureau of goat herding,,,,,,,
    you gotta be kidding me….

  • James A

    Did the department seek the advice of the goats?  If no goat herder is not to be left behind, perhaps Billy, as chief goat in a herd, can speak of the goats. I am not “kidding” you!

  • Art O’Connell

    Your missing the point…people who have a self sufficient streak five miles wide would laugh at and spit in the face of the nanniest government. …in order to enslave us all…this independant streak must be eradicated

  • motimer

    OBAMA THE GRAVEDIGGER buries the goat business, impeach him now he is not a natural born citizen his father was a british subject at the time of his birth!

  • Ron Moor

    Not hard to guess what career Obama is aiming for after he is thrown out of the White House.

  • Tim McClellan

    Doh! How about enforcing the borders and the existing laws on the books NOW? That way the illegals will self-deport and take their turn in line. Then legal Americans will get the jobs including LEGAL immigrants.

    What’s wrong with you people? Haven’t you at last learned that government regulations don’t make things better? GOAT HERDING REGULATIONS??? JESUS

  • Guest

    What we need in this country is an immigration law change.  One which allows current illegals to become guest workers with no pathway to citizenship involved.

    Even the Mexicans can’t complain about this.  They slaughter any Central American coming over their southern border with machine gun fire.  They do protect their borders.

  • BMF

    It depends on where you are and what you are doing.

    In Vietnam, a soft bed was the mud wherever you happened to be when you finally stopped for the day and my helmet was my pillow with my flak jacket over it.  Lighting was a small flashlight with a red lens (as long as you only used it under a ponco).  My stove was a small can with holes in the botton heated with a small blue “heat” tab that could make a baked bean sized can of water lukewarm.  Water was most often the cleanest rice paddy you came across and 3-4 water purification tablets.  Food was out of a can with enough preservatives to embalm an average corpse.  Every so often there was a refreshing spray of Agent Orange to cool things off at night.  Entertainment was provided by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Regular Army.  And there was free medical care if you were shot or a mine blew your leg off.

    As great as it was, I have to be honest.  I wouldn’t have minded trading places with the pre-federally regulated goat herder.

    I can’t wait to see the new federal rules for the care that ranchers must provide to cattle rustlers.

    I wonder if this is the kind of federal intervention envisioned by the founding fathers?  The federal government mandating living conditions for goat herders.  It makes you want to quit ranching and become a goat herder.

  • Rod Anders

    I wish they were all the pigs in Washington.

  • Ann Mathias

    $38 billion???? like-38,000,000,000- how many numbers IS that??? And how many goat herders do you suppose are in the US??  If we keep this up, everyone will be complaining there just aren’ t enough goat hearding jobs and the government will have to start buying more goats so more goat herders will have jobs. but wait, doesn’t this pollute the earth with all the goat poop?  Or maybe we can start a new gov.program for out of work poop-scoopers.  OH dang it, now where we gonna put all that poop? Ah hah!! Maybe the White House lawn could use some fertilizer .

  • Rod Anders

    LOL.  VERY good !!!

  • snapperman

    How many goat herds in the US have foreign goat herders? I bet this regulation is similar to a lot of the stimulus spending – only affects a dozen or so people.

  • Rod Anders

    Guess what?  It would occur to me to provide those things to my goat herders without any government interference whatsoever.  Now, I know that’s a little bit difficult for the average Libturd to understand.

  • Heartland_Pilgrim

    The time has come when it is very evident that the representatives of the people in
    Washington D.C. have lost touch with their constituents and all sense of reality. It appears that they haven’t got a clue of what middle America and the working class is thinking and living at this time.
    They continue to pass laws that only benefit the rich and the illegals.
    They pass laws that penalize the poor, the working class, the ill, the elderly, and the young.
    They continue to bow and act as a sycophant to Obama and his special interests.
    They encourage regulations that have taken away America as it was as little as 15 years ago.
    They limit freedom of expression and penalize those who would speak out on issues vital to
    the continued life and very existence of our country.


    When enough people begin to feel that they are less important than property, a state has the beginnings of a revolutionary movement, and, such movements are less fomented by agitators than they are
    inspired by the very element who are trying to maintain and preserve the status quo.

    Revolutions only occur when people feel they have nothing to lose; and the only permanent way to retain privileges is to extend them, which a privileged class always seems reluctant to do, and thus brings about
    their own doom.

    What must be uprooted, attacked and destroyed is, generally, the tendency to place legalisms and property above the interests of society, and individually, the tendency of politicians to place their interpretations of law and social justice above that of the people’s.

    Laws themselves are only the paper bunting of a concrete political and social order. When we have a generation of lawyers and politicians who confuse fancy with reality, and when the laws are smothering
    the people, it is time to pull down the bunting. Let it begin.

  • Ruby_Con

    Good idea, but how about creating more green jobs by having air force 1 and all other govm’t vehicles converted to run on goat poop?  

  • Guest

    Homeless people regs.

    Shopping cart sizes and functionalities.

    Regulations on what type of bridge, or bush may be slept under.

    Cardboard boxes (refrigerator boxes for the taller folks) and hammocks high up in trees obviously need some regulations.

    Also, most important of all…where a person may vomit, urinate or whatever, when they are in city versus rural environments.

    Food regultaions: No food is to be consumed from garbage cans without prior government inspection of said cans. Maggots must be of uniform size and color.

  • Rod Anders

    Get real, Zilla!  How will DemoCraps ever get elected without illegal aliens, dead people, and stupid, kool-aid drinking Libturds?  Sorry, kool-aid … no disrespect intended.

  • Muttipie
  • BMF

    Good idea.  Obama is already distributing one that tells construction works when its hot outside.  I could have used something like that when I was younger.  I used to work construction resealing 12,000 foot runways and digging ditches for the phone company in the summer to pay for college.  It was really hard to tell when it was hot.

    A few more job-creating federal programs like this and the economy will explode–or was it implode?  I forget which.

  • Mark Dabbs

    And next week, Obama plans to release new regulations for “Hunters and Gatherers” in his bid to reposition America’s global economic importance.

  • garygc01

    These do-gooders just do not understand simple math. When the cost of regulations can not be passed to the customer the owner closes and all sheep herders are without a job. These people do not realize, or care, that they hurt the very people they think they are helping…

  • Forrest Higgs

    There is actually quite a bit of it and it’s been going on for at least a hundred years.  The part of California I’m living in has been bringing in Basque shepherds for at least that long.

  • rusticubergeek

    Please don’t insult billy goats like that.  Goats are intelligent, friendly creatures that serve a useful purpose in this world.  Obama shares none of their qualities.

  • Ronald Davis

    You all know this is part of keeping track of immigrints who come in the country to work for the Americans that hire them.  Wise up guys this is a good immigration thing.

  • whitemailkansan

    That would be a hoot to watch, wouldn’t it!! 

  • Reggie

    Please, just shut your scum sucking Marxist libtard mouth.

  • whitemailkansan

    No pillow if you are a conservative white male because we have to be “punished”.  They should have some rules to protect the goats and sheep from the foreign perverts they hire. 

  • Reggie

    Democrat Party/Unions are almost the same as the Nazi Party except
    instead of murdering Millions of Jews the Democrats support the
    continued Genocide/Murder of Millions of Unborn (Babies) Americans.

    The Nazi party were Socialists and liberal environmentalists too.
    National Socialistiche Duetsche Arbeiter Partei (A.K.A The National
    Socialist German Workers Party), referred to as the Nazi

    had several key party platforms:
    for the Elderly (Social Security)
    of Industry
    Health Care
    of market-based lending

    Gun Control
    Animal Rights and a Vegetarian.

    memorable Nazi slogans:
    need before private greed”
    must be different”
    socialize human beings”

  • seanster5977

    That’s not all your girlfriend loves. She seemed pretty happy with what I have been giving her Mike Rodgers. She may have been screaming and crying, but I think it was from a big O. Get off our blog!

  • whitemailkansan

    NOOOOOO!!!  Took you this long to figure that out???   This is why communism and socialism eventually FAILS!!  Vote all of the Democrat/Leftist/Socialist/Communist trash out next year.

  • DJ5h

    Or how about this instead:  If you’re a goat herder and you don’t like the accommodations provided by the eeeevillll rancher/landowner, don’t herd goats for him — go somewhere else.   Please note:  my idea took ~ 2.3 seconds to formulate and didn’t cost taxpayers a dime, nor will it require any ongoing government expense.   Government vs Private Sector — which do you think is more efficient?

  • ew_3

    Explains why they love the religion of peace.  

  • whitemailkansan

    Aha!  Finally somebody agreeing with what I said in one of my earlier posts!  Should we contact PETA about the poor abused sheep?

  • whitemailkansan

    You are a VERY ASTUTE Rebel Yeller!!  That is exactly what needs to happen, we need to get Republicans or Libertarians in office that will dismantle most of the useless regulations so normal people can operate freely.  Otherwise, I suggest moving to another country.

  • whitemailkansan

    Bravo!  Good suggestion for where to start!!

  • whitemailkansan

    I would give them a cell phone with 1 minute per month.  Use it wisely, dipshi$!!

  • whitemailkansan

    That’s what I essentially said before, give them a cell phone with 1 minute paid per month.  If they don’t like it, tough shi&!!!

  • Ricky

    How is it
    possible that this is even happening in America today? It will be very hard for
    America to clean up the pile of goat dung this current administration is going
    to leave behind. Everywhere you turn there is another FED up in your face
    telling you how to live your life. Is that really the roll of the Federal
    Government to worry about how people are treating goat herders? Are the goat herding
    employees “trapped” or “imprisoned” by the owners of the
    goats? Or do the goat herders make a choice to go work for the goat owners?

    “Really – Really”
    - we need regulations telling us how to treat other human beings? Can’t the
    goat herding employee just quit and go find a new job elsewhere? Maybe we
    should propose some legislation that requires all Federal Employees to serve
    for free and without pay. They can then retire without benefits and be given a
    place to live in that meets these “goat herding living quarter requirements”.  Wonder if the FEMA trailers are going to meet
    the “goat herding living quarter requirements”, or are they still going to be
    omitting poisonous gases that are going to make the disaster survivors

    The retired
    federal workers, politicians and congressmen may also receive food stamps,
    welfare, Medicare, chips, Obamacare, government cheese (goat cheese), social
    security and a bus pass.

    All kidding
    aside it is crazy that the federal government makes the rules for all of us,
    but they do not have to live by them. That is out of bounds and needs to change

    I can tell you
    that if I were blessed with the ability to be president of the United States of
    America I would do it for just food, water and a place to live. Then once I was
    no longer president I would not expect any type of pension at all. I would just
    go back to work in the real world again and leave it at that.

    We do not
    need to be adding rules and regulations to America we need to be removing

  • whitemailkansan

    You got it!  Washington is completely nuts.  Either these people are removed or we just ignore their silly bullshi% as much as possible.  If they get adamant about abusing their power then we will be moving toward a revolt.

  • DaneChile

    Just ONE little example:  every county in the country has a USDA Extension Agent.  How many does that add up to?  Why isn´t each state paying for its own agents IF IT WANTS THEM?

    In this internet age, all the info any farmer could ever want is at his fingertips – not to mention the age-old wellspring of information known as the Daily Coffee at Mom´s Diner on Main Street or the Feed and Seed  Store.

    Meat inspectors?  Bee inspectors?  Poultry?  Herd animals?  Dairy inspectors?

    The collectors and wholesellers can perform their own QA tests and simply quit buying from producers that don´t make the grade.  Free market at work.

    The whole army of desk monkies that back up these field inspectors?

    USDA should be run as a clearing house for research and a source for ADVISORY information to the states.  I picture a few hundred desk monkies and NO MORE:

  • lifes-funnybone

    Are the really taxing cow farts now? This is the height of insanity. If they want to fight fart gas start in Washington. Lots of gas bags there.

  • cajunwarthog

    for you old 55g’s,,,, bwf is needed…

  • Aldo_C

    I do the same thing without a smart phone.  My app is called pen and paper.

  • marvl

    Goat herders!???  What’s next, unemployment benefits for gigolos?  Sheesh.

  • Aldo_C

    Cow farts contain methane which contributes to “global warming”. Therefore, cow farts are bad and must be taxed. (Cap and Trade for cows???)

  • armyone0one

    davis, i think cuba is more your style, go f it up with them not here

  • stopthemorons

    Goat herds – there are what, 32 goat herds left in America.  Got to justify the jobs of the m 0 r 0 n s appointed to positions in the administration of our  k i n g.  This has got to end come November 2012.  It is really scary that our leader still polls the numbers that he does.  No matter what our Kings numbers are, to still have as many supporters as he does this far into the the most failed administration in the history of country goes far into requiring an IQ test to vote. 

  • kickdemout

    Don’t forget the morning-after pills (for the goats).

  • AZVick

    I guess this rules out a tent. Do I get to keep my sheep dog?

  • mark t

    Have you heard what cased the 5.9 Earthquake in DC. It was our founding fathers turning over in there graves.

  • 27reggie

    How about dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs or Border Collies, much smarter and strong work ethics

  • Scott

    How can we get ourselves out of this mess we have gotten ourselves in?

  • Old Rotorhead

    Did those exhumations also count as 3 votes for the Democrat party?

  • Irving Farnsworth


  • vic_vega

    Now who thinks Obama isn’t islamic-oriented?

  • grannycares

    Sounds like something that may have come from his cousins in Kenya!  The bureaucrats have WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS, and we have WAY TOO MANY BUREAUCRATS!

  • Truthmonster

    We have a black President, a bunch of over paid bureaucrats, and zeal to put as many rules and regulations on the simpliest of tasks to make that task expensive thus eliminating any profit except if your Obama’s job czar selling our technology to a Godless moraless country like China. Those pagans eat dogs. Save our country now.Vote for anybody but Obama 2012

  • Nicholas Bozman

    Lol, was waiting for the “pun intended” tag-line at the end of the sentence:

    Under the Obama Administration, the nanny state has imposed 75 new major regulations with annual costs of $38 billion.

    Nanny state haha….goats….nannies….nevermind.

  • drofmanythings

    The Soviet Union crashed largely because of the failures of central planning. When we start writing regs for goat herding, are we far behind? God help us from the heartless lovers of mankind who want to control, regulate, change every aspect of our culture into their image of social enlightenment. There is probably a committee of pinheads writing this stuff without ever seeing an actual goat in their lives,  just as Karl Marx never once actually stepped foot into a factory or associated with the workers he championed. Goat herding should be tough, dirty, and lowly, in order to inspire those individual herdsmen toward greater vocational achievements, such as Democratic Congressman or DC bureaucrat. 

    “Look, a herd of goats!”
    “Yeah, I’ve heard of goats.”
    “No, I MEAN a goat herd.”
    “Goats aren’t mean at all.”
    “I’m talking about a herd”
    “Why should I care about what a goat heard?”
    “You aren’t listening!”
    “Listening? Whatever they are talking about I don’t care.”
    “Damn it, I’m just saying it’s a goat heard.”
    “I don’t care what a goat heard, I have no secrets from a goat.”

  • Ford289HiPo .

    How are you going to remove them? They are worse than a case of herpes.

  • Ford289HiPo .

    This feces shows exactly what is wrong with the malevolent force called “government”.

  • James Murray

    The good news is the regulations have created 140 new government jobs all paying over $100,000 plus benefits, with the Goat Czar making $200,000.  Isn’t Obama Great…? 

  • drofmanythings

    And he was a pagan with one testicle…

  • NotfooledbyRhetoric

    We could try rubbing Preparation H on all of them.  Some of them would have to shrink away

  • onceproudamerican

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something,
    if his salary depends on his not understanding.”

    – Upton Sinclair

  • onceproudamerican

    If illegals were unemployable, that would force wages to a place where the jobs would be filled by legal workers. Basic economics…

  • bheld

    And sheep, don’t forget the sheep…. !!!  They love sheep, they really really do!!!

  • RedDawn2012

    HumanEvents: you need to add a “Delete” feature to your “Edit” function so we dummies can delete our duplicate entries! Thanks!

  • bheld

    Goats don’t use bidets.   YUCK!!

  • RedDawn2012

    This sounds so nice I think I might like to herd goats too.  I
    wonder if American citizens are eligible to enjoy these new
    requirements.  Nah . . . probably not.

  • Rabidamerican Forsure

    Hey, foreign workers or any workers, keep the lipstick at home and hands off the goats.  That’s as graphic as I’ll get.
    God save us!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    BINGO! Thanks, ‘Tex! And it’s not just the tractors, the proposed regs will require ALL farm machinery to be registered as CMV’s, requiring biannual DOT physicals, log books, maintenance records, etc..

  • smartgranny55

    I thought it said unscented TP.

  • smartgranny55

    It wasn’t considered child abuse, either.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    Very well said, Mr. Geisen, libs have NEVER seen a tax or regulation increase they didn’t like!

  • RedDawn2012

    I agree, go to Cuba, Davis.  No cool aid there . . . just piña colada’s – you gonna love it!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    NOPE, it’s true, you lose again!

  • Liberty

    Which country?

  • confedgal

    But think of all the hot air that politicians have. Shouldn’t we be able to tax them as well, say a nickel per spoken word?

  • confedgal

    More like 9.

  • MannieP

    Shut up and eat your cake.

  • Spooky Dude

    you sound like a jag,, your not kidding, thats the problem with you libs.
    buzz off bonzo!

  • Skitz00

    Sadly, our president is a very small minded man who aspires to achieve very lofty goals.
    Only such a man could imagine solving big problems with “cash for clunkers” or improving the lot of mankind by regulating goat herding.

  • Jane Dough

    FUBO!  Would Nov. 2012 please get here FAST?..  That is, if we’re still America by then and 0bama hasn’t proclaimed himself “King” with a lifetime term.  This just goes to show that what 0bama “says” with his left hand, he does the OPPOSITE behind our backs with the other hand. Cutting back on regulations, MY AZZ.

  • Aldo_C

    Sounds good to me.

  • Been

    This is part of a process that began with roosevelt in the 1930s.

    Any regulation affecting civil life must be termed a tax and approved or disapproved accordingly.

  • peteto1

    The Marxist-hijacked Democratic Party NEEDS to be thrown out in 2012, or there WILL NOT be an “America”  left!! These crooked pols are just making up regulations and agencies as fast as they can, in order to INSTITUTIONALIZE (permanently) Socialism as the new form of government. In every case in history, after Socialism becomes implemented, tyranny is not very far behind!!…………

  • seaarrow

    Government is the cause of most famines by insane regulations and laws. Another vote for Obama is a vote for starvation.

  • TangentToWhat

    It’s Obama’s inner goat surfacing and proof positive he’s a Muslim. 

  • john_hurd

    Been a long time since I was in the Service but are the barracks as good as these sound, now?

  • bobc15

    Years ago a bracero program was killed with nonsense like this.  The Unions are behind these  impossible regulations

  • bobc15

    These regs are going to raise the price goat stew

  • swndans

    This is the administration that loudly pronounced that they were eliminating wasteful regulations! Well “illegal goat herd” may be the only job this man’s advisors could all get behind..and I mean literally! 

  • Ken Heins

    What is your source? Specifically 

  • james thomas

    The eventual reaction to the lose of freedom will be unreal.Can you say french revolution? Pol Pot will look like a picnic when the peasants rise up.

  • justm59

    Why isn’t anyone bashing the ranchers?  The Americans who own these goats went to the federal government and demanded that they be allowed to participate in the H2-A program and bring in foreign workers instead of having to hire American Workers.  The government said ‘fine, but you have to give them a safe place to eat and sleep and a way to contact someone while they are out in the wilds working 24/7 to take care of your goats; you can’t hand five men a rusted out trailer with moldy sleeping bags and a camp stove and send them off for months on end. 

  • Rattlerjake

    Because those on welfare will not accept a lower paying position.

  • Edward Franckowiak

    Where can I signup to be a goat herder?

  • solo_poke

    What nerve, treating people decently. Maybe if people were decent in the first place the government wouldn’t have to regulate decency.

    I cringe to think how this will cut into wallstreet goat traders bonuses.

  • Terry

    I train herding dog for a living WHY do we need illegal aliens or other people to do herding? Give a BC a good food and place to sleep and they will move your herd wherever you want. 

  • solo_poke

    Is that the same Ronald Reagan who raise taxes 11 times in his two terms?…The ignorant sheeple will soon be fleeced.

  • solo_poke

    Yes your family doesnt need clean safe drinking water, go for it genius.

  • Terry

    Oh BC stands for Border Collie. Also there are may other herding dogs that can do the same thing. so DON’T piss on me for NOT naming them.

  • Dialla

    Everyone forgot the reading material, there needs to be a copy of Dreams of my Father provided

  • solo_poke

    Goat is the most commonly eaten meat around the world. I had goat curry in Jamaica and it was out of this world.

    Amerika is in big trouble, I see ignorance and racism are not just a hobby any more, its the imbecile sheeples favorite past time, right after baseball and apple pie.

  • solo_poke

    If you understood anything past the propaganda drivel you have been exposed to all your life, you would understand, the main frame of fascism is government and corporate intertwining. For example revolving door between government and Wallstreet, military industrial complex, energy, pharmaceuticals, etc etc.

    Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it…

  • solo_poke

    I have an independent spirit, I grow my own food, and produce all my own energy. If I herd my own goats I can choose what conditions I provide for myself, however if I have an employee, there are certain standards, I would say moral before regulated I would want to provide.

    Not because the government tells me, because “treat others as you would want to be treated, if the roles were reversed”.

    Moral impotence seems rampant in certain ideologies holding themselves as “better or best”.

  • etrp211acr

    1984 is now, We’ve got it all. Newspeak (war is peace, ala Libya). Telling employers every detail of how they will run their business. What did they do with our country?  Where is it go? I thought we won the cold war!

  • hiway280z

    As soon as Al Gorethe bore thinks about it he will make people declare their farts on their tax returns. We will have to keep track and pay dearly for every fart we let. Washington elites are exempt so those gas bags can fart all they want. Laws do not apply to them. They make them for us.

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    This is an
    example of a government employee over think. Give someone in government a task
    without a budget or an idea of the effects of their decisions and you get goat
    mania. What ever happen to the good old days when herding goats was a simple
    task needing only some goats a herder and some grass.

  • jsps999

    That 5.9 Richter Scale earthquake that also hit Wash. DC was caused by Bush’s Fault (sic)

  • wallace1303

    I do not think there is a goat herding lobby nor a goat herding union, so who came up with this critical issue to be solved by massive government regulation ????  We have to find him/her and get them professional help.

  • frank marino

    And after going thru this postings…… Is hilarious how the Drudge  brigades 
     Tea  slurp boys 
    always flock to articles for inputting 
    their bagger ideology and they don’t even know what the hell are talking
    In other news.. The Bagger Gazette 
    is reporting  that the price of
    oil jumped to 8 bucks a gallon on the news from Libya. Exxon stated that the
    higher price of gas results from the Lybyan crisis, the melting snow in Alaska,
    the speech by Huntsman, a lost herd of cattle in Texas, and the increase cost
    of hamburgers. Exxon also stated that record profits had nothing to do with the
    increase. “We don’t just raise prices to fatten our record profits”
    said Exxon’s CEO.

  • tajtwit

    Hundreds of Basque herdsmen are having a real belly laugh about now.
    For over a hundred years, sheep have been herded around California ranges sans gov’t. B*LLS**T.

  • texan59

    How many times do we need to tell you that you’re making stuff up on this thread.  In other words – quit lying and hush up your piehole.  You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • em20101

    Great post you make excellent points.

    I started on our small John Deere and Graduated to the Huge International tractor.  I recall grabbing the steering wheel while pushing with both feet to get that clutch in.  Being the youngest and a girl I had it good ’cause I got to drive the tractor while my brother and the hired guys ran around loading brush/pipes/or whatever on the tractor bed.

    I’m sure the govt. would not have approved of the game my brother invented where he’d drive a tractor under a tree branch, grab the branch and let the tractor keep going and it was my job to chase the tractor down. 

  • em20101

    “BEDROOMS: “Only one goat per person allowed in individual sleeping quarters. To alleviate jealousy and arguments leading to fights, individuals may claim their goat, including gay goats, as their own. Naming your goat is allowed but no goat can be named ‘Obaaaaaama.’”

    ah hahahah …that made me laugh so hard it hurt.

  • Real Rick

    Just curious frankie, how do you breathe with your so far up your can?

  • Jack

    Wake me up when the revolution starts.

  • Felipe_Miguel

    And so when Obama asks his controllers, “How come all this stuff you are making me do makes me look so
    s t u p i d?”

    worry sir, the TV media will make it sound like it’s the Republicans
    fault that you sound so s t u p i d!”

  • idiot565

    you are all ignorant morons, libturds, repubtards, racists, or should i say scared white christians.  cling to your own sense of self entitlement before it slips away.  oh no look a brown person,  ooh a muslim, a jew, run!

  • mitchie124

    That’s right. We just can’t have enough government, can we?  Hey, Obama, how about a goat czar?


    Anyone who does not think that we need to get control of the money and the politicians has to be nuts.  Term limits and a nat’l sales or flat tax, the need to put the civil back into public service is a imperative.
    Trusting politicians to be responsible cannot be done without We the people in control….

  • johnharnes

    Folks you miss the main point of these new regulations. To monitor compliance the government will be forced to hire hundreds if not thousands of inspectors. I honestly don’t think the government folks care one bit about  the folks herding goats and sheep. Just doing the paperwork is going to force farmers not to hire non relatives. But the bureaucrats are looking at compliance and enforcement and that requires lots of inspectors which means this department also needs a much larger budget!

  • oregontrail

    My family comes from several generations of Basque sheep herders and cattlemen in the southwest going back to 1655. It’s a hard life but our family is free from Gov’t overreach. We haven’t needed the Gov’t for the last 450+ years. We certainly don’t need them now… O’bummer you are so done next election. You’ll be nothing more than a laughing stock at just how miniscule your supporters actually are. The USA does not need a Communist-Marxist president again…

  • Leesa Lewis

    not Australia, we have the same problems and are a clone of the US atm

  • Frankie Ninja

    “The Obama administration is setting new workplace regulations to assist foreign workers who fill goat herding positions in the U.S. , including employee-paid cell phones and comfy beds.”W T F ???  Isn’t this, by defenition, socialism?  WHY hasn’t the Congress done something about this? I’m speechless.

  • Ron Schimes

    If you check, you’ll find the original Prearation H has been outlawed, the new PH doesn’t work, the fed’s plan ahead.

  • nomonkeydreams

    It’s called Fascism not Socialism, O’Bama the Irish Prezbo is a D I C K   T A T O R  T O T imbecile.

  • nomonkeydreams

    What about free condoms did he mandate free condoms too? He should have you know with those clean linens and all the goats and goat herders will have it better than ever. Heck they will probable work for the perks alone at this point forget the pay.

  • Sidro Steel

    em… you effin rock

  • Frankie Ninja

    I stand corrected but my premise remains. The glorified Erkle is not worthy of his title.

  • patriot6280

    Very true! Not just hot air though, it contains CARBON DIOXIDE which is now going to be regulated by the EPA.

  • Stoneman

    The earthquake was caused by Washington, DC shifting to the Right

  • Suzanne Boisvert

    Great post,  my question is what about the cattle herders?  Was this legislation racist? Do cattle herders  get the same accomodations?

  • Matt Kjelland

    Ron Paul would give whomever is making these regulations the boot simply because he believes government should do it’s job as described in the Constitution and stay out of the People’s personal lives.  I’m sure a lot of the crooks in Washington would get a foot up thier a$$ and lord knows…they deserve it.  If you want ludicrous BS like this to stop you should start looking at the only real candidate on the republican side that is worth his salt.  There is a reason why mainstream media goes out of thier way to not mention his name.  Just watch the video clip of Jon Stewart exposing the media bias towards Paul. 

    I see another G. W. coming down the pundit pipe.   It’s no wonder that Rick Perry is the establishment darling seeing as he has done nothing but still wins these fake or obscure polls that they shove in your face everyday.  Perry has a bad record.  There is a good amount of dirt on him.  He ain’t no daisy.  He will act conservative, god fearing, and make outrageous promises he never intends to keep…Paul won’t.  He warned of the financial collapse back in the 2008 presidential race and he was the only one that was right.  He’s the real deal and is the founder of the Tea Party before filth like Perry and IRS attack dog Bachman (also a supporter of the privacy invading Patriot Act) infiltrated the movement and split it in two. 

    Please don’t fall for the same tricks again.  The corporate media can’t be trusted to produce real news or information anymore.  Case in point…Obama.  He sold the American people a dream, a farce, a bundle of blatant lies and the media encouraged and covered for him and they still do.  This country cannot afford another puppet president that takes his orders from the elitist corporate borg.

  • chris scott

    MUSLIM should be impeached!

  • GunsandMoses

    The product of this govt. incest program…. is more radical terrorist of the islamic faith; as long as leftistist libtards subsidize this G. F. orgy we will have mentally challenge immigoatrents in our cuntry working sortof in AC/DC Washington and perverted lobbists from the AFLCIO, NEA, and ACLU scum bag locker!

  • GunsandMoses

    What about Federal Funds for abortions for under aged goats? and lets not forget the Health care, Retirement plans, and a legal defence funds for offended goats and goat herders who don’t get the alloted relationships as defined by Satanator Nancy Pelosi!

  • arp00c

    So then that means the government must have the authority to establish levels of morality right? Who’s morality must we establish as the supreme moral authority then. We certainly can’t use a Christian’s view of morality becuase that violates the seperation of church and state theory, which I will remind you doesn’t actually exist anywhere in the founding documents of this country.

    I don’t disagree that we should always follow the Golden Rule but at the same time I don’t believe government has the authority to impose it upon us. Furthermore it’s ultimately up to the individual performing the work to either accept or reject the level of comfort he/she is willing to work in. If an individual needs a bed to sleep on or non-absorbant cooking surface in order to eat then perhaps that individual shouldn’t be a goat herder. No one is forcing any individual to be a goat herder so in reality no one who is employed as such has the moral basis to issue a complaint. The individual would have known the work conditions before entering into employment and if those conditions did not suit the individual then the responsible reaction would be to find another line of work. If the employed suddenly decides that they need greater levels of comfort than what the employer is providing then they have the right to ask for improved conditions but not the right to demand because if their request is denied then they can always find employment elsewhere.

  • rjm2238

    Well here we have it, when
    regulations to hire someone to perform a job, any job, become so burdensome and
    egregious the simple solution is to either not hire anyone or hire the bare
    minimum required to just get by. And while all this is going on the stupid
    Liberals just cannot understand why the unemployment level is 9.2% and holding.
    If this nonsense continues one may expect the unemployment rate to increase and
    increase rapidly.

    There is only one pleasant by
    product of this ridiculous policy and all others like it, it will assure that
    Mr. Obama has no chance what so ever to be re-elected in 2012.

    It is a shame so many must suffer
    so that a few misguided voters see the light and correct their awful mistakes
    of 2008. I guess it is like the old Steve Miller song, “you have to go through
    hell before you get to heaven”. Reminds me of having to survive Mr. Carter to
    get to President Reagan. For me it was worth the wait, I lived through it. Many
    as a result of Mr. Carter’s foreign policy decisions did not.

    In compliance with another old
    saying “He who forgets his history is doomed to repeat it”, well we are now repeating
    it and it is a costly and for some a tragic lesson. Even though I certainly did
    not vote for Mr. Obama, next time let us all remember our history/mistakes in
    order not to have to go through this again.

    Rich in New Mexico.

  • jmbreland

    And you point is?

  • Jolyn Rebecca Snider

    Oh you won’t have to worry about all those things because the ARAs will require that the goats be spayed/neutered and never ever breed because of the inhumanity of it.  Thus.. ALL the goats will die and be extinct… and the whole program will be MOOT…   Welcome to the insanity of Animal Rights !!

  • johndd

    Shouldn’t there be a Federal regulation for Presidential pets.   Who can ever forget the horrifying photos of LBJ (D) lifting a beagle by its ears, JFK (D) forcing dogs to fetch, BHO (D) forcing Bo to go on innumerable long and exhausting vacation flights.   On the flip side, what about regulations to allow a maximum number of fleas on Presidential pets, and to ensure they are properly tethered at all times to avoid the danger of a loose pet biting someone.    Regulations begin at home.

  • johndd

    There already seems to be a Federal regulation involving panhandlers.   Signs must be made of sturdy cardboard at least 12″x18″, hand lettered using a wide felt tip pen, and must include at least the following mandatory phrases: (1) God bless, (2) I am unemployed, (3) anything will help, and at least one of the following optional phrases (a) disabled, (b) homeless {insert name of war} vet, (c) family needs help.   Display of sign must be accompanied by downcast eyes, poor hygiene, and if possible dog tethered nearby.   No explanation shall be given as to why person displaying sign has time to work on crafting sign and standing on corner, but no time to look for work. 

  • JWnTX

    So back up your assertion that we “don’t know what the hell (we’re) talking about” with some facts–oh, that’s right–you’re just another snarky lib faux intellectual who calls names and brings in Exxon to discuss goat herding regulation.  I guess that’s that DU or Kos education at work. What complete and utter morons you lefties are.

  • littlegreengiant

    Will the goat workers be unionized?  Goatworkers’ Employees International Commerce Organization (GEICO) should be the name and they can wear lavender colored shirts similar to their SEIU counterparts.

    Oh wait – GEICO is already taken by Warren Buffet (who would help pay for the $38 billion worth of extra regulations, but only if you raise his taxes along with everyone else’s.  A great idea, but not one he’s willing to volunteer for.)

  • JWnTX

    Uh–if they don’t want the work, they’re free to look elsewhere.  It’s called “freedom”–a foreign concept to those who believe government can solve every problem imaginable.

  • DennisinWV

    Anything in those new regulations that require these workers to be here LEGALLY??

  • yancypup

    Yeah, but border collies are the best!

  • fricknfarm

    Sixty THOUSAND SOMALIS on their way (probably MORE) what job skills do they HAVE??? Thsi ought to be a hoot, suddenly goats will be in high demand as political hacks scramble to set up goat farms to collect new GVT subsidy funds, just wait and see.

  • yancypup

    I used to see herders in Wyoming.  They have distinctive wagons and live on the open range with their herd.  This may come as a shock, but some people LIKE this lifestyle just like some people LIKE being cowboys.  Don’t demean them.  Not everybody out there is greedy to become a millionair, some people just like what they’re doing.

  • yancypup

    Yeah, they eat the dogs AFTER they torture them.  Supposed to make them taste better.  Not a lot of kind hearts in China.

  • yancypup

    I’ve had over a dozen border collies over the years and not ONE of them was a democrat.

  • seamusdonn

    Another example of Mulcahy’s Law:  It is no fun being a regulator unless you have something to regulate.

  • BruceRLA

    The people ruining/running our government have no interest in money except as a means to an end. What they crave is power and control over people. People are easier to control when then are continually licensed, inspected, taxed and fined, and especially if they are in unions. You do NOT buck the union bosses!

  • BruceRLA

    Research, THEN sound off.

  • LeeJaen

    Why don’t some folks take a minute to learn about the topic before reacting like sheep and strat criticizing? This industry has been overdue for someone to stop it’s inhumane practices. How would you like it if it was your family member that was brought over under false pretenses and made to struggle this way? especially because the underlying reason for them to take the job is a result of our own policies? Come on! Read, Learn, and take your blinds off, you may find it enlightening!

  • UUggghhh

    This is f’g nuts!! There are plenty of LEGAL Americans who would like this cushy job! Would be a grea job for college students who are LEGAL Americans!  Now, we’re employing the entire world?! WTF??!!

  • pecopfc

    …treehugger need spellcheck…

  • American_League

    Should we REQUIRE goat herders to be treated better then members of our armed forces?
    When people accept a job, they understand the circumstances of their employment. Military personnel  know that there will be times when they share sleeping quarters, eating facilities, restroom facilities, and other activities.  There are a wide range of jobs that have uncomfortable aspects to them.  Mike Rowe had a TV Show about the world’s dirtiest jobs.  The government can regulate SAFETY issues, but why should we let them regulate COMFORT issues?  To me that is too much intrusion by the government in our everyday lives.  Next thing we know there will be Navajo’s out of work because of government regulators don’t like the way they herd sheep and goats.

  • Shelley Powers

    I suppose it’s too much to ask for all of you to realize that this is a complete fabrication and misrepresentation.

    Deliberately so, I would say. Do you all like being played for fools?

  • rebelyell4

    I used to spell America with a K, but that was before I came to this country. It’s funny how you can just make blanket statements about goat meat like that when the most natural food is fish.  Know what upsets me? Chicken. Way too many chickens around. Bring back beef. Heck that ought to be a plank in the republican parties floor.

    Will chicken herders get those same things?

  • Guest

    Exactly. The solution is to hire NON foreign goat herders and let them make their own deals. I raise goats and I know many people who do and not one of them is foreign nor Muslim for that matter although many sell to Muslim markets as well as Spanish, Caribbean, etc. With the unemployment situation in this country why even hire anyone else? And please don’t tell me it’s because “these are jobs Americans won’t do”! Sure they will!

  • Guest

    You consider flipping burgers at minimum wage doing better? Whether you know it or not there are plenty of people who would prefer the serenity and beauty of being outside with animals (where one might even…gasp….read a book!) to sweating over a greasy grill. Might be outside your ken but it’s true.

  • reddarin

    Well. I was gonna make a flip remark about goat herding not being like on the set of The Sound of Music but I see that you actually do raise them.

    I assumed from the requirements the Gov is mandating that herding them is more of a wide open spaces job than back at the ranch house type stuff. No?

    I think, though, one of the problems connecting American’s with this sort of job is location. Those people that are available for a burger flipping job are generally in the city/suburban areas while herding is some distance away. So, they’d have to drive a long ways or relocate. And, absent active recruiting in the city, how would someone even know this sort of job was open and required no experience?

    How many do you raise?

  • Amy Mullins

    There’s a shocker, federal regulations of  a liberal administration in response to a perceived “need” of California immediately before a presidential election cycle.  I am a proud goat owner in Ohio and I don’t need the government telling me how/when to do anything related to my farming.  Butt out!

  • JimmmyTheKnife

    Aldo_C – True.  But even more methane is produced by the thousands of acres they call LANDFILLS.  These gas-producers, popluar since the early 70′s, are probably the REAL cause of the man-made variety of global warming.  We should go back to burning the unrecyclable portion of trash

  • Martha Gran

    Well!!!  I hate it when morons make comments…….I have been raising goats, botrh for they fleeces (mohair) and their meat for over 10 years now.  I AM NOT MUSLIM! 

  • reddarin

    >this is a complete fabrication and misrepresentation.

    pg. 6

    All H-2A sheepherder (goatherder) employers must offer their U.S. and foreign workers free
    food.  Board arrangements may involve the provision of three prepared meals a day when
    workers are in camp or free and convenient cooking facilities and provision of food for the
    workers to prepare themselves while in camp or on the rang

    pg. 15

    2. Lanterns, where used, shall be provided in a minimum ratio of one per occupant of
    each unit, including tents

    pg. 16
    Such a unit shall include a comfortable bed, cot or bunk with a clean
    mattress.  When filing an application for certification, the employer may request a variance from
    the separate sleeping units requirement allow for a second herder to temporarily join the herding
    operation.  The employer must explain why it is impractical to set up a second unit.  The second
    herder must provide his/her individual sleeping beg or bed roll.  If this is impractical, the
    employer must supply a sleeping bag or bed roll.

    “Do you all like being played for [a] fools?”

  • reddarin

    “Moral impotence seems rampant in certain ideologies holding themselves as “better or best”.”

    An excellent yet succinct critique of Liberalism.

  • Rattlerjake

    Oh, get a life Martha.  I also have pygmy, nubian, and boer  goats and am not muslim.  I was making a JOKE YOU MORON. Do you take every comment on these sites as gospel? Use some common sense. Are you sure you’re not muslim??????

  • LeeJaen

    Do you mean: tree hugger needs spell-check?  treehugger is not a word nor spellcheck, these are both separate words combined incorrectly. The use of the verb “to need” needs to be conjugated in the third person so you should write : “needs” not need.

  • LeeJaen

    Why don’t you send your kids to apply? or give it a shot yourself before you give your professional opinion?

  • Christine Cantera

    The thing is, though, not nearly enough people think or behave the way you do. There are far too many cruel, thoughtless, unempathetic people in this world who see no difference in the way goats and the people who tend to them are treated. And oh, look – most of them appear to be commenting on this site! Quel surprise.

  • pecopfc

    …treehugger “needs” bite me…..educated idiot…

  • confedgal

    Does this mean they won’t be able to exhale unless they pay a tax on it? As tight as the libturds are with their own money (as opposed to other people’s) maybe they’ll just have to hold their breath.

  • confedgal

    Does this mean they won’t be able to exhale unless they pay a tax on it? As tight as the libturds are with their own money (as opposed to other people’s) maybe they’ll just have to hold their breath.

  • Shelley Powers

    “Under the Obama Administration, the nanny state has imposed 75 new major regulations with annual costs of $38 billion.”

    Do you know how much of a budget the Department of Labor has allocated for implementation of foreign worker regulations? $87,378.

    And let’s look at the regulations in context. The author makes a big deal out of providing cell phones to the employees. But the letter states:

    “Employer-provided items. Due to the remote and unique nature of the work to be performed, the employer must also specify in the job order and provide at no cost to workers an effective means of communicating with persons capable of responding to the worker’s needs in case of an emergency. These means are necessary to perform the work and can include, but are not limited to, satellite phones, cell phones, wireless devices, radio transmitters, or other types of electronic communication systems.”

    Now, I realize that people reading this article don’t understand the concepts of “remote” and “emergency”, but providing a way for people to signal for help in case of an emergency when they’re working in a,remote region doesn’t seem to me to be a frivolous burden.

    Perhaps Ms. Hudson would like to try it sometimes, since she seems to think this is such a perk for such an easy, cushy job.

    And what are the other requirements? Access to clean water. A cooking area that’s not going to go up in flames. Some form of light for the night, such as a kerosene lantern. And yeah, a bunk or a bed, as well as shelter from the elements.

    Wow, I mean really, such extravagance.

  • Shelley Powers

    Seriously, why don’t you go sign up, then?

    I can imagine you living in a tent, peeing in a dug latrine, reading by kerosene lamp, as you cook your dinner over an open fire, before going to bed in a bunk in a tent. Oh, and having a radio to signal for help if you break your leg — wow, what a perk.

  • reddarin

    So. I believe you started off with ‘this is a complete fabrication and misrepresentation’.

    Then I posted the facts of the regulations. That shows that this is neither a complete fabrication or misrepresentation.

    Your response?

    Yeah but but but but but…

    You don’t really have a response other than you agree with the new regulations. You also seem to think that goat herders were formerly in shackles forced to eat bugs and live in remote areas without communication because…??

    As for this:

    “Do you know how much of a budget the Department of Labor has allocated for implementation of foreign worker regulations? $87,378.”

    I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean. You take it to mean that the DOL has determined that compliance with these new goat regs will cost $87,378? Care to link to that? And when can I expect your personal check to cover those costs to arrive?

    >And what are the other requirements?

    Again you fail to see the point. First off, was there some problem with goat herding conditions that required the Fed to step in and set formal rules? Can you link to that? Second off, setting rules with so many intentionally vague adjectives is crappy rule making period.

    “Comfortable bed”. Comfortable to who? ‘The person sleeping in it, you moron!’ you say in response to me. I say, oh? That means that instead of buying a good quality mattress for a couple hundred bucks I have to buy a $1,000 Serta because Jerry isn’t comfortable on anything less. *That* is how these crappy regs are written. And if I tell Jerry to get bent then I get sued by Jerry and some lawyer with dollar signs in his eyes because while I may not have a lot of cash I do have a lot of assets that can be liquidated per court order to pay a big award.

    “A cooking area that’s not going to go up in flames” Who the hell is going to build a shack and burn their workers up by lining the walls with gas soaked rags?

    >Now, I realize that people reading this article don’t understand

    I realize you feel like we must have the government dictate every detail of our lives as though we cannot take care of ourselves and every employer is an evil bastard that seeks to maim or murder thier employees.

  • reddarin

    You are kind of a one trick pony huh.

  • Shelley Powers


    The author states about 38 billion dollars on new regulations, and yet there’s nothing in the letter the Department of Labor put out that stated it needed enormous amounts of cash. This is misrepresentation.

    Then the thing about “every employee getting a cell phone”, is a complete fabrication, when what the rule states is that remote workers must have access to some form of emergency device–whether cell phone, satellite phone, radio, whatever. And that’s for a group of workers, not just one. It’s per remote location, and is specifically for emergencies.

    And you say how dare the government specify these rules for goat herders, how dare it micromanage, and then you seem to be complaining because you think the rules are too vague. So what? You want more rules?

    Or do you know not know what you want?

    This author professes to be a professional. She knows this wasn’t a professional piece, by any means. She knows the letter has been misrepresented. Rather than defining unreasonable requirements, as per the author’s allegations, the Labor Department’s letter specifies the minimum requirements for a remote camp for this type of position.

    Now, I know that you would all prefer to allow the employers to dump people out in the middle of a desert with a rusty pocket knife, a tin of sardines, and one jug of water, but I think we have a responsibility to ensure more than this.

  • reddarin

    >Would be a grea job for college students who are LEGAL Americans!

    I can think of several reasons right off the top of my head.

    As Shelley points out, this is or can be a remote location job. You need experienced hands that know what to do and when do do it and how to take care of themselves and the herd. It makes sense to use experienced foreign hands in cases like this since the pool of experienced and available local workers has got to be small.

    >Now, we’re employing the entire world?! WTF??!!

    We’ve always imported workers. Both through permanent immigration and green card employment.

  • Shelley Powers

    Well, that was a thoughtful, intelligent response. Did it take you hours to come up with it?

  • reddarin

    You are not too bright I see.

    >The author states about 38 billion dollars on new regulations

    Yes. That is not her number. And notice the word ‘new’ as opposed to the word ‘the’. $38 Billion is the total for all of the new regs. The figure comes from the GAO and other agencies:

    In total, according to the Government Accountability Office, 1,827 rulemaking proceedings were completed during the first six months of FY 2011 (between October 1, 2010, and March 31, 2011). Of these, 37 were classified as “significant/substantive” or “major,” meaning they each had an expected economic impact of at least

    >Then the thing about “every employee getting a cell phone”

    If you read the paragraph you are so incensed about it does not say ‘per group’ so you are just making up stuff to fit your preconceived notions – exactly as you are projecting onto this author and article and the people here at HE. And of the devices listed a cell phone is the least expensive so that will be the default item if possible.

    >is a complete fabrication

    So. No. *You* are coming up with complete fabrications and getting all hot under the collar about it.

    >So what? You want more rules?

    You have a reading comprehension problem too. Yes. That is correct. Not only are the rules onerous in the first place but they use adjectives and vague language that are sure to cause conflict and uncertainty.

    I don’t find that it is hard to hold those two thoughts in my head. I don’t understand why you find it difficult.

    >Or do you know not know what you want?

    Yes. Churchill’s remark about poison comes to mind.

    >This author blah blah liberal blather blah blah.

    Right. Employers = evil. Nanny State = good.

  • reddarin

    Yup. Laid awake thinking ‘gosh I hope some lib zombie posts tomorrow so I can say one trick pony yeehaw!’

  • Samuel012



    I think this is a lie… anything the republicans can pin on obama they
    will.. Its like the Japanese before they invaded pearl harbor. Its like
    playing pin the tail on the donkey. The officials did this and then 9/11
    happened! This is a recurring theme inside the republican mind!

  • reddarin

    Flagged. Pimp your blog somewhere else you freeloader.

  • 1uncle

    First the demos wanted us to give houses to everyone via Chris Dodd and B. Frank thru Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. That didn’t work out but at an enormous  cost. They are living in them free to ‘care’ for them.
    Next, government will be looking into their special interest groups homes to see if  they have clean bedding,etc.
    Imagine how far this could go and how much this will cost. Stop breeding incompetents on welfare just to vote demo or this country is over.

  • LeeJaen
  • tuffone3

    When I got my first job my employer did not buy me new clothes, prepare a lunch for me, provide transportation or educate me. I worked to do those things for myself. I decided what things were necessary and I spent the money I earned accordingly. So grown men who herd animals don’t have sense enough to know their own needs? They are too irresponsible to provide for their own needs out of their income? Yes we are becoming the American Socialist States. You figure out the acronym(got it from PJTV).

  • Aldo_C

    They are now tapping the landfill gas (methane) and using it to generate electricity.  I’m thinking that before long we’ll be encouraged to dump as much as possible into landfills as an alternate energy source.  Or maybe they’ll invent a car engine that burns garbage.  Can anyone say Flux Capacitor?

  • reddarin

    I don’t mean to sound picky but when I asked for a link or links I meant something other than a full color brochure in PDF format from an advocacy group.

  • reddarin

    The problem I have with advocacy sources are things like this:

    DOL did file a lawsuit against a Colorado rancher in 2000 for beating, starving, and exploiting 
    sheepherders for 10 years, but the rancher was only required to pay back wages and a $3,000 fine.

    This obviously means that the DOL’s case was weak or the judge would never have been so lenient. So. Who was lying? The DOL? The worker? The employer?

    The footnote (6) references a NY Times article. The times article does not link to the case.

  • John The Unique

    It was 6 feet… oh wait, make that miles deep ;)

  • John The Unique

    Guess it’s time to try Preparation P instead.

  • rjm2238

    I thought Ron Paul had a snowballs chance in heII of getting elected I might
    vote him. However I do not wish to emulate the Ross Perot debacle that resulted
    in Bill Clintons’ election with 43% of the vote.

    No, nope,
    no way my friend. 2012 is far too important, we dare not risk a second Obama
    term, the nation cannot stand it, the republic would fail, as per his plan.

    I will
    decide what Rick Perry is for myself. So far all that I have seen I like. You
    will have to do your own research as the mainstream media is totally
    democratic, with a few exceptions, hence un-American, and cannot be trusted to
    utter even one syllable of truth about him unless it fits their perverse
    agenda.  Remember where the media is
    concerned believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see, so
    again, do your own research.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • rjm2238

    I suspect there isn’t one.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • rjm2238

    Another post with no point what so ever. Libs, what are you going to with them…
    Wait a minute, get a rope, I see a tree over there.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • rjm2238

    I’ll bet those dreams were all dashed the first time young Mr. Obama opened up his mouth.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • Okay

    What a joke…. This is a small update of Bush ERA regulations…  The verbage quoted in the article about sleeping arrangements and food preparation etc. was issued in 2001 under the Bush administration. 


    And the link at the bottom points to 17 pages of regulations for goat herders issued by the Bush administration here:

    This second link has all the language in the article attributed to the Obama administration, but released by the Bush administration.

  • Okay

    Hey reddarin…. Do you know the link you posted was to regulations issued under the Bush administration in 2001?

    Here is the link to the original 2001 field memorandum:

    Look at the link at the bottom of the page, it is to the PDF you linked to…

    Here is an article written in 2009 about these regulations citing the 2001 regulations:

    So this article here is not even the fist one on these regulations…. This article is only one written by someone who is either incompetent not to know this was a a slight update to old regulations and what she was citing as awful Obama regulations were awful Bush regulations.  And if she was not incompetent, then she is a deliberate liar… 

    Either way, we have all these right wingers all over the web regurgitating her incompetence and lies.

  • johnwlooper

    I’m about ready to move anyway.  These people are past ridiculous!

  • ConservativeLadyDi

    This administration is clearly insane and the sad thing is you won’t hear about this insanity on the lefty main stream media which is where most of the ‘sheeple’ get their information.  I post this stuff on FB to get the word out…and I have some liberal friends so I’m not preaching totally to the choir.   Maybe they’ll take the time to read it…  I have a regular yoga practice and a lot of my friends from that part of my life are lefties “searching for Enlightenment”  I’m TRYING to help them see the light  LOL.  BTW, why do we need to import goat herders?  Clearly Americans have been herding goats, sheep and cattle for centuries and done it well without the Government telling them HOW.  zoikes…. And CELL PHONES?  Did I read that correctly?  They have to have CELL PHONES….for what pray tell?  Are the goats going to require GPS chips implanted in them ore something.  Good Lord!  This stuff makes me crazy.   And I live in SoCal   don’t even get me started on the stuff the new Governor is doing…. I think on this hot afternoon I’ll have a good ol American Beer and think about moving to Texas!!

  • Okay

    Read 2 posts down before you start your left bashing.  These regulations are ridiculous.  But they are 11 years old and were published in 2001.  So you need to adjust which administration is “this administration” that was insane.

  • Constance

    Problem solved:  No more foreign workers in this country while we have unemployment over 9%.  Don’t tell me there isn’t anybody in this country who is a citizen who would herd goats.  Come on.  There may not be a line of people wanting the job, but go without an income long enough, and that job looks okay.

  • confusified

    let me see if I’m getting this…If employers want to bring over foreign workers and they provide housing, they have to meet a standard of decency and safety.  Isn’t this the kind of stuff we would expect to have in our own homes?  crap, how badly were the goat herders being treated before this.