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The Sun Never Sets On The British Welfare System

Those of you following the barbaric rioting in Britain will not have failed to notice that a sizable proportion of the thugs are white, something not often seen in this country.

Not only that, but in a triumph of feminism, a lot of them are girls. Even the “disabled” (according to the British benefits system) seem to have miraculously overcome their infirmities to dash out and steal a few TVs.

Congratulations, Britain! You’ve barbarized your citizenry, without regard to race, gender or physical handicap!

With a welfare system far more advanced than the United States, the British have achieved the remarkable result of turning entire communities of ancestral British people into tattooed, drunken brutes.

I guess we now have the proof of what conservatives have been saying since forever: Looting is a result of liberal welfare policies. And Britain is in the end stages of the welfare state.

In 2008, a 9-year-old British girl, Shannon Matthews, disappeared on her way home from a school trip. The media leapt on the case — only to discover that Shannon was one of seven children her mother, Karen, had produced with five different men.

The first of these serial sperm-donors explained: “Karen just goes from one bloke to the next, uses them to have a kid, grabs all the child benefits and moves on.”

Poor little Shannon eventually turned up at the home of one of her many step-uncles — whose ex-wife, by the way, was the mother of six children with three different fathers.

(Is Father’s Day celebrated in England? If so, how?)

The Daily Mail (London) traced the family’s proud Anglo ancestry of stable families back hundreds of years. The Nazi war machine couldn’t break the British, but the modern welfare state has.

A year earlier, in 2007, another product of the new order, Fiona MacKeown, took seven of her eight children (by five different fathers) and her then-boyfriend, on a drug-fueled, six-month vacation to the Indian island of Goa. The trip was paid for — like everything else in her life — with government benefits.

(When was the last time you had a free, six-month vacation? I’m drawing a blank, too.)

While in Goa, Fiona took her entourage on a side-trip, leaving her 15-year-old daughter, Scarlett Keeling, in the capable hands of a 25-year-old local whom Scarlett had begun sleeping with, perhaps hoping to get a head-start on her own government benefits. A few weeks later, Scarlett turned up dead, full of drugs, raped and murdered.

Scarlett’s estranged stepfather later drank himself to death, while her brother Silas announced on his social networking page: “My name is Si, n I spend most my life either out wit mates get drunk or at partys, playing rugby or going to da beach (pretty s**t really).”

It’s a wonder that someone like Silas, who has never worked, and belongs to a family in which no one has ever worked, can afford a cellphone for social networking. No, actually, it’s not.

Britain has a far more redistributive welfare system than France, which is why France’s crime problem is mostly a matter of Muslim immigrants, not French nationals. Meanwhile, England’s welfare state is fast returning the native population to its violent 18th-century highwaymen roots.

Needless to say, Britain leads Europe in the proportion of single mothers and, as a consequence, also leads or co-leads the European Union in violent crime, alcohol and drug abuse, obesity and sexually transmitted diseases.

But liberal elites here and in Britain will blame anything but the welfare state they adore. They drone on about the strict British class system or the lack of jobs or the nation’s history of racism.

None of that explains the sad lives of young Shannon Matthews and Scarlett Keeling, with their long English ancestry and perfect Anglo features.

Democrats would be delighted if violent mobs like those in Britain arose here — perhaps in Wisconsin! That would allow them to introduce yet more government programs staffed by unionized public employees, as happened after the 1992 L.A. riots and the 1960s race riots, following the recommendations of the Kerner Commission.

MSNBC might even do the unthinkable and offer Al Sharpton his own TV show. (Excuse me — someone’s trying to get my attention … WHAT?)

Inciting violent mobs is the essence of the left’s agenda: Promote class warfare, illegitimate children and an utterly debased citizenry.

Like the British riot girls interviewed by the BBC, the Democrats tell us “all of this happened because of the rich people.”

We’re beginning to see the final result of that idea in Britain. The welfare state creates a society of beasts. Meanwhile, nonjudgmental elites don’t dare condemn the animals their programs have created.

Rioters in England are burning century-old family businesses to the ground, stealing from injured children lying on the sidewalks and forcing Britons to strip to their underwear on the street.

I keep reading that it’s because they don’t have jobs — which they’re obviously anxious to hold. Or someone called them a “kaffir.” Or their social services have been reduced. Or their Blackberries made them do it. Or they disapprove of a referee’s call in a Manchester United game.

A few well-placed rifle rounds, and the rioting would end in an instant. A more sustained attack on the rampaging mob might save England from itself, finally removing shaved-head, drunken parasites from the benefits rolls that Britain can’t find the will to abolish on moral or utilitarian grounds. We can be sure there’s no danger of killing off the next Winston Churchill or Edmund Burke in these crowds.

But like Louis XVI, British authorities are paralyzed by their indifference to their own civilization. A half-century of berating themselves for the crime of being British has left them morally defenseless. They see nothing about England worth saving, certainly not worth fighting for — which is fortunate since most of their cops don’t have guns.

This is how civilizations die. It can happen overnight, as it did in Revolutionary France. If Britain of 1939 were composed of the current British population, the entirety of Europe would today be doing the “Heil Hitler” salute and singing the “Horst Wessel Song.”

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    Two lippy boyz on a mission. Not the Blues Brothers but the Lavender Lads.

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    The reply button is there for a reason…..but in your delusional and paranoid mind it doesn’t exist for the opposition and it’s only purpose seems to be to serve an idiotic fantasy of yours of some vast conspiracy of which you are driven and compelled to confront….get over it….your “virus” has become very apparent here in Annville…so much so that parts of your neighborhood need a thorough CyberFumigation to get things back to normal again.


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    Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

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    Yep…..that’s about the level of your maturity….baby sounds and nonsensical babblings.

    That drivel you dribble has absolutely no meaning….except to “sign” your posts with humdrum and anecdotal whimpering.

    Not humorous but morosely cynical…..a signature befitting the trembling hand of it’s origin.

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    I won’t tell you what he did with Liberace’s Grand Piano, but every time he farts, he plays “Chopsticks!”  LOL!!!

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    Always look for them Freudian slips, my (lavender) lads.

    ShugayRayJoeGay wants to talk about pantywaists but lets his true thoughts and urges escape when he talks about panty-wastes instead.

    Not sure if that means that pants are a waste on him or if his panty is full of waste.

    Or both.

    Why does this puppet lack archie’s erudition, and Joe’s luscious lips?

    They don’t make puppets anymore like they did in Edgar Bergen’s day.

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    He has already had mercy on my soul. I read and believe Romans Chapter 10 verses 8 and 9    Bless you brother

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    What was your favorite scene at the show last week, ShugayRay?

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    You’re back.  Cool.  I think you ‘think’ that people went after you and failed.

    Some contacted me.  I do not believe in banning.  The wrong people always get banned (see you and Appy for details).

    With one exception, no one has contacted anyone about you.  One person made inquiries as to how to report people like you.  As far as I know that is as far as it has gone.

    Don’t sit on your high horse thinking you got away with anything.  No one has done anything about you yet.  I believe that when HE sees the attacks you make on peoples’ families, when they see you never contribute anything to the forums, when they see how much the other posters dislike you…

    Well, it’s only a matter of time.

    You were better off as you were all week with your mouth shut.  People forgot about you. 

    Mouthing off has only reminded them what a total POS you really are.

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    To be candid?  Your pathetic and paranoid, delusional and conspiratorial musings with Linda.


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    To be candid.  You are shugagay!

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    Now be honest.

    Didn’t that feel, like, really good.  Letting him know EXACTLY how you feel about his posts.

    The man is almost too stupid to live

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    Now I see why they keep moving Michael Jackson around.  LOL!!!

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    “No one has done anything about you yet. I believe that when HE sees the attacks you make on peoples’ familie, when they see you never contribute anything to the forums, when they see how much the other posters dislike you…”

    TDO, your hateful quoted statement above is all subjective tripe and pitifully unbridled petty jealousy….personalized to me and vendetta like. I am a regular contributor here in Human Events/Annville….my “From Shuga’s Corner” essays are widely read and appreciated….unlike your one liner hateful  “pissing contest” raise the post score childish posts.

    Now TDO,….you were out of the loop and busy with personal family matters last week. So, you need to continue to focus on what’s important and stop neglecting those close to you just so you can indulge yourself in petty-mean spirited vengeful posting here in Annville.  I sincerely hope all turns out well for you and yours. 

    Please, don’t worry about where I’ve been or monitor my posts unless you want to comment on “Shuga’s Corner”…..In the meantime and as I’ve said many times before the reply button is there to use….and I use it defensively.

    The organized campaign to silence the opposition here in Annville failed miserably….it was a concerted effort to silence the Shuga….coordinated by LonesyDove…with phone numbers and HE emails being distributed among the “Gang” and based on a vengeful and retribution based campaign as “pay back” blaming me for Appy’s demise….

    Human Events frowned upon such tactics and consequently LD has become persona-non-grata and dubbed a shameful charlatan here in Annville.

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    No reply button to your other post, DO. So I’m hijacking this one:

    Snickering and chattering teeth aside, we are confronted with a serious health issue today — the reported outbreak of a puppet-demic of a serious malady known as Shuga’s puppet itch.
    It’s characterized by a burning throughout the crotch and a fixation with other people’s lips and bulges.
    It’s symptoms include Tourette’s-like outbursts of profanity-laced resentment and troll arrogance.

    No one is safe.

    Except humans.

    Gotta shut down and prepare for bed. A long day.

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    It hasn’t failed, Shugagay.

    It hasn’t started.

    My personal problems have nothing to do with this site, my comments, or anything that you feel about it. 

    Unlike you, I can keep a lot of things going at the same time.   My personal problems have been going on since at least last October.  Worry about your own.

    We have all noticed however, the low profile you have been maintaining.  Thank you for that.  No one really likes reading your hate screeds.

    What else you got?

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    I’m flagging your Homophobic hate post… just can’t help yourself….

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    You’ve eaten too many Japanese mushrooms, you old Inactive, Radioactive Hippie.

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    Yeah, I understand, Jerry.

    I came on merely to catch up on my reading and lo and behold, there was Shugagay in all his naked obsession.  I thought maybe he got the news that his BS is not only not welcome, but eagerly flagged by those that know and ‘respect’ him.

    He believes that it is ‘mission failure’.  You and I both know that this is not what it is.  Once again I have to say that I don’t believe in banning.  I’d rather see shuga expose himself for what he is, night after night, with all of us laughing at him, than to see him shut down. 

    Anyone that follows his posts knows just how delusional he is.  I am content with that.

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    Are you as eager to defend your posts this week?

    How many have you had, and how many are on topic and respectful?

    Hmmmmmm?  Not too many I expect!!

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    If “A Streetcar Named Desire” were filmed today, Marlon Brando would be shouting, “Shuga!!!”

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    Shrooms?  I don’t think so.

    Dementia would be my guess.

  • JakeBSteed

    In 1989, Ginsburg was quoted in the New York Times regarding his views on recent attacks against Palestinians and the rise of racism in Israel:Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg had offered biblical justification for the view that the spilling of non-Jewish blood was a lesser offense than the spilling of Jewish blood. “Any trial based on the assumption that Jews and goyim are equal is a total travesty of justice”, he said.[11]

    In 1994, Ginsburgh received much publicity on account of an article “Baruch Hagever”[12] in which he praised Baruch Goldstein who hadmassacred 29 Arab worshippers at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.[13][14] Rabbi Ginsburgh wrote that it is possible to view Baruch Goldstein’s act as following five Halachic principles, namely “sanctification of God’s name”, “saving life” (referring to testimonies that he had allegedly received regarding a planned Arab massacre of Jews[15]), “revenge”, “eradication of the seed of Amalek” and “war”.[16] Motti Inbari commented on this:In his writings, Ginzburg gives prominence to Halachic and kabbalistic approaches that emphasize the distinction between Jew and non-Jew (Gentile), imposing a clear separation and hierarchy in this respect. He claims that while the Jews are the Chosen People and were created in God’s image, the Gentiles do not have this status…. Ginzburg stated that, on the theoretical level, if a Jew requires a liver transplant to survive, it would be permissible to seize a Gentile and take their liver forcefully. From this point only a small further step is required to actively encourage and support the killing of non-Jews, as Ginzburg did in the case of Goldstein.[17]

  • jas

    These are special Japanese Nuclear-Powered mushrooms.

  • ^TDO^




    And we all know about Marlon, now don’t we?



  • jas


  • ^TDO^


    It sounds like Ginsberg is as much an expert on the Jews as say, oh, I don’t know, Adolph Hitler.

    One man’s opinion does not make truth.

    NO facts, just more BS.  What else do you have?

  • ^TDO^


    EXCUSE ME.  Joe must have been right after all.

    They made it across the Pacific, LOL

  • Guest

    TDO….it’s August….vacation time in America too….but I’ve been posting all along only infrequently…if you deem it a respite then good for you….and as far as your “threat” that the campaign to “ban” Shuga “hasn’t started”….the Shuga is not concerned at all…HE is aware of your petty and miserable attempts to “control and micro manage” the thread to your own liking using hateful and homophobic tactics. 

    All the cajoling and whining from the “gang/clique” here in Annville will be for naught as HE has bigger fish to fry…. not bothering with the petty vendetta you and your toady’s have in for ShugaRay.

    And, like I said….I hope all is well with you and yours…… sincerely

  • JakeBSteed

    You are wrong. Rabbi Ginsburg has made those statements. Let me show how irresponsible and stupid most are here. If one writes negative about zionism and Israel he is a jew-hater and an anti-semite. When a jew write extreme bad things about non-jews , it is just an opinion. You guys are stupid and worth to lose your livers if you are goyms.

  • ^TDO^

    Oh, of course they are, Shugagay.  And they are on your side.



  • ^TDO^


    Again.  I guess you missed it.

    ONE MAN does not truth make.  Whether or not he made those statements means nothing.

    Are you just this stupid or don’t you understand that when YOU pick out one person to show as being bigotted tells us more about you than it does about him?

  • Guest

    “profanity-laced resentment”

    You’re a liar as well as a delusional paranoid…..making things up out of whole cloth……..prove your accusation cretin or forever be shamed and vilified.

  • Gabriel G. Gator

    Tell me Jake, do you believe that “Salvation lies in the Quran?”  Funny that statement is part of the Mission Statement from the website that you copied the above from.  Are you a Jihadist Jake?

  • Guest

    HE is very fair and unbiased….they look unfavorabley at posters ganging up on regular contributors in order to try and rid the thread of opposing views.  Homophobic diatribes and continuous hateful sexual innuendos and bullying will not be tolerated ….but this is over your head TDO..…because you and your toady’s are used to getting away with it….but things have changed … with it.

  • JakeBSteed

    It happened that my ears have heard from most of the jews bad statements about non-jews! If you don’t believe me that is your problem. Rabbi Ginsburg just confirmed to me what they think of others. He is not alone, don’t forget that he has a syangogue and followers as many rabbis who talk like him. But again, I’ve heard from most of the jews saying very bad thinks about non-jews. It is in their culture to disregard others.

  • ^TDO^

    Bullshiite, Shugagay,

    When a bunch of doctors look at an MRI and say that kidney has to come out, the administration listens to what they say.

    If I were to go after you – week after week after week, I can show that you bring nothing to the table except attacks on the people here.

    Now read the above comment statement by H.E.   On topic and respectful.

    Do you really want to fight about it?  You are the leech here.  I wouldn’t have to prove anything.  All I would have to do is show them your own comments.

  • ^TDO^


    As opposed to bad statements about Jews by anti-semites.

    It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo different.  I forgot.

    Forgive me please.

  • ^TDO^

    time to get to bed.

    Good night and God bless all on this thread.

  • JakeBSteed
    This is an exceptional column which however touches only one part of the story. 

    Disrespect comes most of the time from disrespect. Initially, somewhat like them, but then , few incidents with jewish groups convince me of how stupid was to interract with them! 

  • ^TDO^


    They don’t care.  They have used comments from jihadi websites, neo-nazi websites, far-left individuals like Noam Chomsky, KKK’ers like David Duke, black muslims like Louis Farrakhan, etc,

    Those people have absolutely nothing in common except:

    They all hate the Jews,

    It’s why Jake likes them.

  • jas

    Night, Nick!

  • UpLateAgain


    What do you suppose would have happened with Khadaffi’s nuclear bombs if we had not invaded Iraq?  You know… the ones he was making using Iraqi scientists and Iraqi centrifuges that we knew nothing about…. that would have been operational within six months?  Do you think those would have just been thrown away after he finished them?

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    After several posts you STILL…..haven’t come right out and proclaimed your ideology like a man.

  • Guest


    I opened an account with with the username of tubacarizona, to establish an ID with HUMAN EVENTS, PAT BUCHANAN FORUM. I had been “bantering” with a NAZI POSTER, WITH JEWISH HATING POSTS.

    I decided to open another ID, by using my new google email account. My older ID with Human Events was ALTILLA.Upon registering my new name with the Pat Buchanan forum, owned by Human Events, at, the person obviously that I had been “bantering” with, also was the employee working for Human Events, and they at the time was using the disqus forum program.

    At approximately 3:42pm eastern time on sunday, the 14th of August, 2012, while I was registering the email address belonging to me and operated by, I was HACKED into, as the person in question at Human Events working as a moderator of the Pat Buchanan Forum Service.

    He changed my name to Don Robidoux with a new contact email address at yahoo, from my access address at aol, as well as changing my password, and security question.

    Now, it is against any common decency to do that, as well against all Internet and Emails regulations, and possible laws of the companies and Internet.

    I have advised Google to supply me with the ID information, on who made the changes to my account, and I fully intend upon after viewing the submitted information and verifiying it, I will pursue legal claims against HUMAN EVENTS AND THE MODERATOR in question.

    No one has the right to HACK into any other person’s email account or any type of account in this country.


  • 1LonesomeDove1

     He won’t listen. All he knows is what the liberal media “pre-chews” for him. He can’t digest anything else on his own.

  • UpLateAgain

    Nonetheless, I posed a direct question to him.  If (when) he fails to answer, it will just be another nail in his credibility coffin.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    Do they sell spines at Wallmart? Bill is in bad need of one. Even if it’s a cheap one from China.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    “I’ve made no secret of my opposition to the war in Iraq.”

    Again, you’re being elusive about what I said.

    I never said you made any secret about the war….just your ideology. Why is it you guys can never respond to what was actually said to you? Fear? Lack of honesty? Dislike for the light?

    It’s beyond me.

    What you believe, or have been made to believe about that war is no more than liberal propaganda. There were no lies, and anyone with any common sense at all knew exactly what was happening when it was happening. That the UN inspectors were dragging their feet for months while those WMDs were being exported as was obviously seen by satellite.

    Congress declares war, and that congress was democrat, so complain to them.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    All the nails were already driven in his credibility coffin long ago. Like you, I just like driving a few more nails as often as I can.

  • UpLateAgain

    See, I really don’t mind when one of the trolls poses some bit of liberal falderall and asks for a reply.  On occasion, it causes me to think (though usually I don’t have to think very hard in order to answer), to discern specifically what the fallacy is in their argument. 

    It’s good, because while they think they are making a salient point, what they are really doing is providing a forum for someone reading this blog who has not heretofore considered the issue to gauge how valid the liberal position is.

    I’m not going to convince the troll, but somewhere out there another soul may get saved.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     You probably don’t know it, but one of our regular posters was one such soul. She had no idea what she was until she spent time reading us and came to the conclusion that she was conservative.

    What you say here is the absolute truth, and it works!

  • UpLateAgain

    Since Bill doesn’t seem to want to answer the question, why don’t one of you other trolls out there jump in?

    What do you suppose would have happened with Khadaffi’s nuclear bombs if we had not invaded Iraq?  You know… the ones he was making using Iraqi scientists and Iraqi centrifuges that we knew nothing about…. that would have been operational within six months?  Do you think those would have just been thrown away after he finished them?

    Remember, no answer here is also an answer.

  • Bill

    The biggest supporters of terrorists are the Saudis and the Pakistanis. Why have we not attacked them? Gaddafi is a known terrorist supporter, charged with killing hundreds of Americans over Lockerbie, Scotland when his security men blew up a 747. If you are going to stand behind the Saddam was a terrorist supporter argument, at least tell me why we pick on the small frys, and not the real terrorist supportyers in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

  • UpLateAgain

    That’s a soft ball, Bill.

    Because Saddam had a history of using his national forces (The fifth largest army in the world) to attack those he didn’t like.  He also had a history of using WMDs both on his enemies and on his own people.  He also was failing to allow the weapons inspections he had agreed-to after the invasion of Kuwait.  He also had violated the no-fly zone on numerous occasions, and there were 17 UN resolutions telling him to comply or face ‘serious consequences’.  He also had been using oil for food program money to seriously expand his armed forces once again.

    And since you won’t answer my question about what would have happened with Kahadaffi’s nukes had we not invaded, allow me to speculate.  Since Hussein had provided the scientists and centrifuges, I’m guessing he’d want a say in how the bombs were deployed.  Given his history of support for terrorism and his prior willingness to use WMDs, they probably would have ended up in the hands of a proxy group like Hamas or Hezbollah… or even Al Qaeda.

    The fact that the bombs were not being built in Iraq (as we thought at the time), and were actually being built in Libya, really doesn’t change the equation. If we hadn’t invaded, we would not have known about them until one was set off.

    In other words, there are many who sanction and support terrorism.  There are not many with the capacity and demonstrated willingness to kill hundreds of thousands in doing it.

    Stopping Saddam when we did draws a natural contrast with the British and France NOT stopping Hitler when they could have, and instead trying appeasement to avoid war.

    Saddam was NOT a small fry (as you characterized him). He was by a large margin the ‘biggest fry’ at the time and under the circumstances that existed.

  • deeme

    I’m with you and if you listen to the Seal team six and their family members they believed they were fighting the single most greatest threat this country has ever faced..It’s easy to talk about what a useless war it is while sitting by the freedom of our laptops. Not easy to prove what those brave men have prevented from happening..

    I’m glad they chose this audience to tell it like it is too, the dad especially,

  • A_friendly_reader

    Jack, I’m just reviewing last night’s posts and after seeing ShakraGay’s response to this post (there’s no reply button there), I hafta tell you to give it up.

    There ain’t no way you can compete with him when it comes to dishing out “low blows.”

  • Bill

    So what do we do now with Iraq> Do we stay or do we go?

  • Bill


    We didn’t have a 9/11 for 225 years prior to the first one. What does taht tell you. And if we are going to kill all of the terrorists, how do we know who to kill until they have commited an act of terrorism? I’m all for killing terrorists, as long as we can be sure they are the bad guys. I’m against pouring trillions of dollars into chasing a few guys around and creating more terrorists in the meantime. We should concentrate on killing known terrorists- surgical targeting. What we’ve been doing is creating a huge industry with no clear objective, that is draining our coffers. I understand why we are doing it- a few people are making a load of money. But it’s not worth the costs to the rest of the nation.

  • A_friendly_reader

    Response, DO. I had to move your post to get access to a reply button.
    You wrote:

    TDO 8 hours ago in reply to TDO

    Jerry,It doesn’t work this way.

    “My past reading indicated Cheney lobbied for Rummy. That was years ago, and I can’t cite you chapter and verse, but it was widely, if not consensually, believed. If you can cite highly credible sources to the contrary, I’ll consider them.”

    You made a statement of fact that I disagree with.  This has been a liberal mantra for years.  It is up to YOU to prove your statement.  And I don’t care if 200 million people in the USA believes this as fact.  That is the problem with repeated lies.  Eventually they become fact.

    I will look forward to your link.

    AS to Tommy Franks, I also ask for your link to this stooge as you are making him out to be.

    You are playing the role of conservative here and yet you keep putting out rumors, conjectures, and opinions as facts.

    Tommy Franks was very candid in his book.  I find comments about generals like him that you made to be somewhat self serving to the Libertarian view. 

    Want to know the biggest mistake made in the Iraq war?  (My opinion, I am not stating it as fact).

    Breaking up the Iraqi army.  You had a TRAINED military force that could have been used with a different chain of command to help police Iraq.  You would have kept all those young men employed.  They wouldn’t have been as anxious to join the Mahdi army for example.  They could have taken pride in helping to restore their nation.


    (1)  Right you are. It doesn’t work that way.

    You say because we disagree on something, it’s my burden to prove my case? Not at all.

    We have a standoff. I’m not trying to convert you. You asked “where do you get this stuff.” I answered your question. I doubt if anyone else cares about the matter, and if they do, they can do research or ask you for yours.

    I answered, and that’s the extent of my obligation. As I said, if you provided extensive documentation for a different interpretation from very credible sources, I’ll reconsider, but I’m not looking to do so.

    As for Tommy Franks, I followed his role for years. I saw him at the GOP convention. I listened for him to address failures and noted his failure to do so. I consider him a partisan and manipulable. I rank him with Wesley Clark — a pair of bookends. One more of them and we’d have the makings of a new 3 Stooges stage act.

    Will I go back to review years of reading and listening to prove a point? Not hardly, as a friend of mine likes to say. Once again, I answered your question and know better than to think you’ll be convinced. If I went back and inundated you with 100 links, you wouldn’t want to read them anyway.

    You can have both Franks and Clarke.What on Jupiter does playing the role of a conservative mean? And how can I be a libertarian and a conservative simultaneously? You’ve labeled me a libertarian repeatedly, and you seem to have a bit of a following. I just was tagged a “blowhard libertarian” just yesterday, and today I’m some kind of role-playing conservative?

    My head is spinning.

    Speaking of mantras, I’m getting the impression that a conservative one is this: During argument, don’t restrain yourself in offering your viewpoints, but when someone you disagree with reciprocates, accuse them of coloring their opinions and beliefs as fact. This is maybe the third time I’ve been accused of the same thing.

    I figure everyone has their views and they’re entitled to express them. I will pick this or that statement to butt heads with for various reasons, but I don’t as a rule try to discredit everything someone says. If I want to discredit them, I’ll pinpoint specific misstatements and take those apart.

    I have trouble believing that you actually dismiss the totality of what I believe as mischaracterized conjecture and rumor, but if you do, have at it. If anything contradicting your ideology is offensive to you, then be of good cheer in that stance.

    But I’m highly disappointed. I respect you as a perceptive and usually very realistic thinker. I suppose it’s just a matter of time before you call me a liberal.

    With respect to the post I’m writing under, you suggest that the tea party deliberately screwed over Republicans. I’d love to see the evidence of that.

    As for the “authority” that Michelle Bachmann lacked for starting a caucus in the House of Representatives, now some kind of external authority is required to start a caucus or group?

    Who authorized prayer groups in the House? The black caucus? The Hispanic group? Some past singing groups? The “blue dog” coalition? Wives’ groups? Interparty baseball games? Various other get-togethers? Maybe there’s even a ufology fan group, for all I know.

    Anyway, I answered your questions and challenges, as I did yesterday. Now I’m going deeper into the thread to see if you answered mine.

  • A_friendly_reader

    In going back in this post to fix the spacing (I’ll resume momentarily), I realize I omitted something significant.

    I’ve said in a few posts yesterday that the Bush administration erred in breaking up the Iraqi police force. In retrospect, it was the army that Bush’s minions dissolved, which accelerated the breakdown of order and helped significantly to fuel the civil war that Bush and Cheney refused for such a long time — until they looked like doofuses — to admit was spooling up.

    So I obviously agree with you.

    BTW, if Tommy Franks opposed that massive ineptitude, I’d love to know.

  • jas

    Atta Boy Jerry!!

    You haven’t pissed off any women around here in 12 hours.  LOL!!!

    The girls are easiest offended and more likely to go away permanently (and I include Eddie in that).  

    The worst part is ya never know her tipping point.  

    That’s why I seldom converse with any of em on our side.  LOL!!!

  • A_friendly_reader

    ShugaRay 20 hours ago in reply to Jerry

    Jerry, the “retort” is just more of your pitiful sawed off mind fornications…..get a wife…oops I mean get a life….nevertheless, you have neglected both of them for far too long….there are rumblings of discontent and there you are platted on that cheap Office Depot  chair trying to “make a difference.” It’s pathetic.

    . ———————————————

    Sugary, I mean SugaRay,  

    Sometimes you just don’t get enough credit. Because of your uncreative, repetitive, lowbrow, nonsensical manner, I tend to overlook sometimes that there’s a keener intelligence behind your identities, which is shown in your more agile, sharper puppet counterparts. 

    Though your intent was purely self-serving, you may well have hit on some degree of the truth.  Why am I focusing on the likes of you when there are far more satisfying things I could be doing?  

    By showing up when you do, you deny me the pleasure of sparring one to one with you except in passing. More than that, the color of puppet clothes you’ve been exhibiting in this latest incarnation is brownshirt light rather than the fully developed uniform. You only go brown occasionally, and that, too, dilutes the satisfaction of thumping your flat, painted puppet head. 

    When it comes to pushing buttons, you’re no slouch, puppet. In fact, none of your identities is. It’s what you — pardon the expression — live for. 

    I’m not even so sure that whichever of you is the sum total of the puppet trunk is actually gay, though I have suspected for some time that discomfort over your sexuality, not politics, prompts your mission – harassment of readers on this board. 

    It’s possible that your suggested sexuality is only a channel for re-enacting Appy’s banning. You’ve got your puppet crosshairs on people that you’re luring to cross the line of acceptable banter, and you’re just waiting for the best time to drop a banishment daisy bomb. 

    Maybe your show of sensitivity toward “homophobic” language is just geared to manufacture a false vulnerability that you know Coulteristas will fall for and try to defile. It worked like a charm with Appy, and some others may be following in his human (not puppet) footsteps.

    You even got me to engage in some fun wordplay on the subject, and I had avoided it before. 

    So are you trying to lead the sheep to slaughter, StormyDay? Probably.  

    There’ll be no believable answer from you – the mother-father puppet — on whether you’re straight or not. You won’t even let on what movie you supposedly took in at the theater. Chances are you never made it to the cinema anyway; you probably just attended a puppet show. For you, free admission. 

    I don’t care, ShagaFly,  if you and some or all of your puppet pals are gay or bi, which in your case would probably mean physically active with both people and puppets. Hmmmm: puppet porn. Bet that one is a cult favorite at the ventriloquists’ convention. 

    I’ve given your pleading remark some thought, Dr.JoeKenArchJovitaBillChuggaLongneck. You’re pretty much a waste of time and attention.

    But we have some unfinished business before one of us vacates this arena. Let’s see how that goes.

  • Guest

    From Shuga’s Corner:

    Ladies and Gentlemen of Annville

    Last night this post (below) appeared on Pat Buchanan’s thread. It appears authentic as it addresses the legal ramifications of the absurd, accusatory and inflammatory posts made on multiple Human Events Forums by Disqus/HE poster named “ALTILLA” (aka “Alf”).

    All here in Annville have sought to try and fathom the depth of Altilla’s rage and finger pointing and all end up scratching their collective heads wondering what possibly could cause such a slanderous vendetta/lawsuit threat from just a seemingly disgruntled and vengeful “poster.”

    As it turns out….Altilla is in hot water himself over his over the top allegations and has now been put on notice to cool his jets and threats or else.

    I post this announcement not to ridicule Alilla or beg retaliation but to concur with the Moderators….and inform all of you as to what my perspectives are on the lengths that some here are willing to go to try and silence others on the thread; and the serious fact that some personalities here in Annville and elsewhere on these Forums give the impression that they are ill equipped emotionally to understand let alone retort responsibly to the intensity and gravity of the discourse.

    From: Don Robidoux

    Responding to Altilla:

    Dear Visitor to this site:

    We take no responsibility for events that happen to posters who do not hold to the Terms of Use specified in numerous locations. By displaying both Disqus and Google at the same time on the same GUI (Graphical User Interface) you violated the posted terms of use. In doing so, you opened up the Disqus portal to the possibility of cross-platform intrusion by DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) swapping and IP mis-configuration.

    Actions such as this may be in violation of FCC (Federal Communication Commission) guidelines and as such can result in fines and/or imprisonment.

    Also creating an email account using a corporate name without the consent of the corporation is something we will not stand for. You in no way represent the name of the corporation you have hijacked. In using this name, you are representing yourself as an officer or executive of the corporation which may be against Federal Law. I ask that you take immediate action in deleting this account. Refusal to comply with this request may result in a civil action being brought against you and a request by us to the FCC that they may open a criminal investigation.

    Furthermore, your description of the alleged incident defies logic and may result in Obstruction of Justice action and a civil action of malicious prosecution in case you should attempt to bring a civil action on your part.

    For now we request you abandon these ridiculous actions and adjust your behavior to the norm of the forum.

    As a Master Moderator, I will use all my power and influence to see that you are not permanently banned and I will also continue to monitor your posts so as to ensure you are not retaliated against for creating this confusion by other visitors to this site.

    Your attorney is welcome to contact us at any time and we can furnish him with the Terms of Use and other guidelines of this forum.

    Your cooperation will be appreciated.

    Don (DRMM)


  • Tony_Seco

    Sugar: on Mitt’s Dilemma 08/16/11 04:05 PM
    Yes “Jack” think about it… you can put your toupee back on after you exit the stratosphere…….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    An example of your intensity and gravity of discourse?

  • jas

    What I read into this is the clock’s tickin on you too, ShugaJoe.  

    Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc……….

  • jas


    You gotta admit it was funny.  LOL!!!

    But who said I’m bald?

  • Tony_Seco

    Uncle Fester has a full head of hair?

  • Tony_Seco

    I’m wondering how my attorney can contact him.

  • A_friendly_reader

    Don’t sell me short, Jack.

    If you give me a legitimate period, say 24 hours, I count 4 to 5. That’s a unisex measurement. Can you beat that?

    Jeez, I wasn’t even being mean last night. It was just mime mimicry in fun.

    Maybe there should be a requirement to have satire radar before stepping onto this site.

    I can’t believe I’m taking advice from Yoda Shields, Mr. Sensitivity, but that’s what I’m reduced to.

  • jas

    You Remembered!!!!  LOL!!!

  • Gabriel G. Gator

    Shuga, is it true that you hacked Alfred’s Gmail account and sent naked pictures of yourself to the Obama’s (that’s what everyone is saying)?  I’d hate to be you when the Feds finally catch up with you.  On the plus side, you will have the opportunity to get a Swastika prison tattoo on your forehead ala Chuck Manson…

  • jas

    Well, I do feel kinda responsible for egging you on.  LOL!!!

    I can’t believe you fell for it!!!!  but you did…..

    You kept digging yourself deeper and deeper into a bottomless pit of raw female emotions.   And you know they run in packs.  Wound one and they all start howling.  (There aren’t any around now, are there? ((lol))

  • jas

    And the Blind Sheikh will finally have that roommate he’s been asking for.  LOL!!!

  • Gabriel G. Gator

    I was thinkin more like Saddam Hussein, him being dead and all…