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EPA Regulations Strangling America

Right now, someone is sitting at a large oak table in the EPA’s marble palace in Washington, D.C., sipping a vanilla latte and dreaming up a new rule to impose.  Without fail, the EPA continues to come up with ideas that leave you scratching your head in wonderment because of the questionable science used to justify these regulations.  Instead of protecting the environment, these rules dreamed up by the EPA in Washington are destroying American industry and killing job creation, which is just what our economy needs right now.  This type of federal meddling is exactly what causes companies to lay off workers, move overseas, and in many cases, fail.  The purpose of the Environmental Protection Agency is to protect the environment—not to regulate American industry into nonexistence.

The EPA’s blatant disregard of the fragile state of our economy is alarming.  Businesses in the United States already are operating in an environment of uncertainty, which makes investors hesitant to invest in American businesses.  The EPA’s efforts to force companies to comply with its expensive (and many times environmentally unnecessary) regulations will inevitably increase the cost for businesses, and accordingly consumers, and destroy job growth.  If the EPA continues on its crusade of destruction and over-regulation, manufacturing and energy companies will take their business to friendlier lands overseas, jobs will be destroyed, and the environment will not be any better off.

In the name of saving us from ourselves, the EPA continues to abuse its power.  The mother of all mandates is the proposed cap-and-trade regulations.  Houston, Tex., is the energy capital of the world, and my area of southeast Texas is home to more energy companies and facilities than almost any other location in the United States.  What I hear most often from the businesses that supply the energy that our country demands is that these questionable regulations will significantly increase costs that make doing business in the U.S. too difficult.  This type of over-regulation will crush the economy and put thousands of people out of work.  What makes the EPA’s proposed regulations most disturbing is that Texas has been successful on its own in ensuring clean air through the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality.  Despite Texas’ own progress, the EPA is looking for more to control, arrogantly ignoring the will of the people and the will of Congress.

The American people have rejected the EPA’s cap-and-trade regulations overwhelmingly, and this month, the House of Representatives passed the Energy Tax and Prevention Act that would prevent the EPA from regulating greenhouse gasses (i.e., carbon dioxide).  Of course, this caused the fear-mongerers to scream that we don’t care about the environment. What was left out of their talking points is that this legislation does not prohibit the EPA from regulating those hazardous pollutants that are harmful to public health.  We await the Senate’s action on this bill.

The Environmental Police Agency’s assault on our economy and state does not stop there.  It wants to control what kind of light-bulbs Americans use, how much power the utility companies generate, the “particulate coarse matter”—more commonly known as dust found on farms and ranches, how much water we have in our toilets, and one of the newest ones:  What kind of anti-bacterial soap we use to wash our hands.  That’s right, the EPA’s overstepping of authority now touches almost every aspect of our lives.  So, if you’re a mom who has been using the same soap for years to protect your children from spreading germs, sorry.  You need to go to the pharmacy and buy some new “improved” EPA-authorized soap.  While you’re there, you should pick up a box of only-Made-in-China compact fluorescent bulbs—because thanks to the EPA—incandescent bulbs will be banned by 2014.

Despite the unconstitutionality of government controlling every aspect of our lives, we’re left without any grounds for why this nanny state is needed.  The EPA has not adequately defended its destructive policies.  Recently, the EPA has chosen to miss several Capitol Hill hearings.  My colleague Joe Barton fairly referred to them as the “Evaporating Personnel Administration.”  But when the EPA has actually chosen to show up for a hearing, what Congress has heard from its administrators is worrisome.  This month, EPA Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus testified before the House Environment and Energy Subcommittee.  Congressman Cory Gardener (R.-Colo.) asked Administrator Stanislaus whether the EPA took job creation into account when it analyzes new regulations.  This simple question sent Stanislaus on a five-minute-long frenzy, where he let it slip that the EPA could care less about job creation.  Apparently, the EPA comes up with regulations in the marble palace without considering the effect that its policies will have on job creation.  You can’t make this stuff up.

The reality is that the EPA policies are driving up energy costs at a time when gas is nearly $5 a gallon, destroying jobs when unemployment is hovering at 8%, and sending companies overseas at a time when investment in America is at a low.  Many of these regulations—such as regulating dust on farms—just make no sense.  It is understandable, but not defend-able, how someone who does not set foot out of his marble palace might think that dust on farms should be regulated.  This just shows how disconnected some people in Washington really are, coming up with rules based on no science or knowledge.  This is why the Constitution does not give the government the power to decide what kind of light-bulb you use.  The pure absurdity of the ridiculous and expensive federal regulations is what makes normal Americans all across our country so frustrated with Washington, D.C.  The regulators sitting at the table in the marble palace are out of touch with America.  The EPA needs to do its job—protect the environment—and get out of the way of American businesses and job creators.

And that’s just the way it is.

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  • Rusty Turner

    Actually what the EPA needs to do is be abolished.

    The reason we have so many unnecessary regulations is that there are way too many office pogues that have to justify their jobs. They have to show some reason they are employed (at least I hope so with so many sinecures in government) so they dream up things that they think might be offensive to them, that is if they had ever really experienced anything. Things like dust and cow flatulence might just make someone sneeze or hold their nose for a few seconds so we have to regulate them so that we don’t offend anyone.

    If people are so easily offended by something they encounter on a once in blue moon basis then they should live in a bubble and let the rest of of us enjoy a good sneeze once in a while or better yet look at our friends and say WHOOEEE! man does that ever stink.

    All of these regulations not only destroy jobs and lives they take some of life’s small pleasures out of it.

    It is also time to abolish political correctness! My wife is a Mrs. my daughter is a Miss. An administrative assistant is a secretary, a sanitation engineer is a garbage man and the so-called president is an IDIOT. I like opening doors for women I don’t know, I like saying Ma’am and rising when a woman enters the room and holding a chair for her to sit in, assisting them up out of the chair when they arise, escorting them to their car so that they are not molested. In other words I like being a Gentleman, I have also found that more and more women are responding to these niceties with more appreciation than they have shown in the past.

  • Indiola

    The EPA is evil! It should say three Hail Barry’s, and sin no more…

  • goldenprez

    DUH …

    Did you vote for Bonehead for Speaker? Why, I believe you did.

    Did you criticize, in/on any media outlet his appointment of Fred Upton to be chair of the Energy Committee? Why, I believe you didn’t.

    You give every reason why the EPA should be abolished. Then you conclude by saying they should “do their job.”

    Is there any possibility that you will “get a clue” in the immediate future? Why, I believe you won’t.

    I would certainly like to know why you are explaining the obvious, but not doing everything in your power to do something about it.

    Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

  • Martin Hale

    The EPA needs to do its job—protect the environment—and get out of the way of American businesses and job creators.

    I’m very confident that if you asked Ms. Jackson and her supporters in the Congress/Administration, they’d say that EPA is doing its job by enacting draconian regulations on CO₂, dust and lighting. Because, at the heart of it, their job is to impose the social policies favoured by their boss, which they’re doing quite admirably.

    But you can rest assured that EPA is in fact quite concerned about at least some jobs – their own. Which is why Mr. Stanislaus was so distressed by Representative Gardener’s line of questioning. He realised that if he articulated the EPA’s position on jobs creation as a dimension of their standard analysis too clearly, there was a chance he’d lose his job and with it, the chance for that fat government pension.

  • umustkidding

    There is the federal EPA and then there are the state EPA’s. I went to put a pond on my property. I had to deal with 7 different agencies. All protecting the “sanctity of life”. Give me a break. These people believe in evolution but a frog can’t find water if you move it 50 feet away???

    Shut down the federal EPA. Then we have our work cut out for us. I believe that the states must have the EPA but, we can control our states much easier than we can the feds – now that we are awake that is. We will also need to beat back all the little nibbler agencies that have their very own death grip on our way of life.

    Also understand that it isn’t just the EPA that goes after people and businesses. The Dept of agriculture is going after farmers for the dust they put in the air. It’s the EPA that is going after cow farts.

    In Pennsylvania it’s the EPA, not sure if it’s the feds or state, that are going after homeowners in the country to stop burning. Last time my aggressive local police officer stopped in with the fire chief. They warned me that the EPA was working on banning logs with leaves from being burned. Yeah, and my fire chief warned me they can test the ashes to find out what I burned!

    Short of it is that there is pollution that should be contained and then there is insanity that the left practices.

  • Bama

    International monetary fund say China will overtake US economy at 2016; probably even faster if Obama is reelected (which will happen – blacks + illegals aliens + union thugs + rampant fraud + race card + brainwashed youth).
    Now I live in Europe and honestly I am OK with China being #1. I am extremely tired with the political correctness + the climate scam + culture of entitlements + muslim terrorists hugging + black racism + the multicultural society scam.
    Not to mention when China says something everyone listens. When Obama says something everyone just snubs him.

  • chesterarthur

    The House of Representatives controls the money.Cut the money,cut the monster’s food source.Every state has a department of environmental quality that is tuned in to the needs of that state.If that wasn’t true,why would California be ‘allowed’ to set it’s own standards?Turn the EPA into an advisory board,at the most.As a clearing house for real scientific studies on the environment,the EPA might serve a legitimate purpose.Maybe,with strict oversight.Let the states do what they do far more efficiently than the feds,protect the people as the people see fit in their own community.To do anything else is to betray the people who elected representatives to the task of governing in their service.Unelected,unresponsive regulatory agencies violate the public trust.

  • rick_ds

    The ‘job’ of the EPA under Obama, IS to complicate and slow our entire business system.

    It is working.

    I’m not sure how obvious it has to become in this country that every thing possible is being done to undermine our economy and bring this country onto its knees.
    There was NO stimulus program, just a spending program.
    There is no PLAN to lower unemployment.
    There is no plan to ramp up oil and gas drilling.
    There is no concern about $4,5,6 dollar gas.


    HOW’S IT GOING?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • ordman

    The states that can produce energy in any form should declare their energy independence from the federal government. The states need to re annex any land or ocean area within the 12 mile limit. The federal government should not have the right to decide how the people of the states should or should not exploit their natural resources. A federal law suit or the EPA should not stop a wind farm in Texas or off the coast of California. A federal law suit or the EPA should not stop a solar power plant in the middle of the desert. A federal law suit or the EPA should not prevent a state from producing oil from sand or shale. The states could solve their budget problems and might be able to sale their energy to other states there by lowering energy cost of all. They might even be able to trade energy for other commodities between each other talk about oil for food program.

  • Rebelyell41

    Let me me add a simple fact. Through the EPA and other goverment agencies, we make sure that oil companies are not allowed to reinvest.

    Did anyone pay close attention? Oil companies make huge profits. They need new refineries, new fields to develop and so on. They need to spend the money or be taxed on it. They refuse to be taxed on it. So now we have asituation where the price of gasoline, oil products in general, has gone way up. All oil companies will repost huge profits. All the ppoliticians, starting with Obama will point to these profits and call them all kinds of names.

    One minor problem. Outside of the stupidity of our government actually giving the oil companies money and tak breaks, the oil companies are not the ones creating this windfall of extra cash coming in. Our goverment and others across the western world make darn sure they make this money.

    We do not allow them to spend it, at least not in our own country. Everyone and his brother has regulations that keep the ooil companies from spending money. No investment in refineries, no investment in drilling, no investment of any of the profits made here. We don’t see our own money come back.

    First we need to get rid of special incentice we somehow give oil companies. Then we need to get rid of regulations as to reinvestment. Refineries are not spaced for efficiency. They are in place due to political influence. Why are there 8 ethanol refineries near Chicago? Wanna bet thats the presidents buddies? The same thing has happned for a hundred years. Refineries are in politically correct places and not where they are needed.

    We need Americans to work. We need enegy in the right places for fuel to run electric plants. We need manufacturing to build new plants and make this country great again. Manufacturing wants to be in places they are now NOT. They do not want to be where the unions are strong. They do not want to be where the politicians force the energy outlets to operate. They want power closebut they want the countryside. Never the two will meet as long as politics has something to do with it.

    Oil companies cannot reinvest their huge profits where they need to and manufacturing needs them to. We cannot solve this problem untill republicans jump on board with an understanding of what big business needs. The republican party used to pay attention. We have stopped and let the socialist control this whole agenda. We have joined them in the green agenda to make it look good. But when we join them we cater to their needs and energy and manufacturing cannot get away to more rural right to work states and awy from the unons.

    To be a republican acting in the interest of the environment is to destroy our manufacturing base. I realize ful;ly that it is “popular” to be a greenie, but if we have not noticed by now what that is costing us in jobs, we are complete idiots. The dems no longer have the working man in mind. They only have their union base in mind and their control over where energy expendatures happen is costing the manufacturing base a fortune of reinvestment money.

    These oil companies are overloaded with cash and we need them to spend it here and rebuild the country. We cannot continue to worry about being called names. We can build clean refineries if they are new. We can build cleaner power plants if they are new. We can build clean and safe plants if they are new. Get a fresh start away from the cities, unions and democratic control and we will see money flow like water. The oil companies have the money. It’s our money. Decide where it goes.

    The rest of us have to realize just one thing. This “not in my back yard” garbage has got to go. We cannot afford to keep building plants in democratic areas just because we figure they are an eyesore and only democrats deserve to look at them. Build them right. Build them clean. Make sure they look good and don’t polute. Be conservatives about it. Do it right.

  • Telescoping You

    There is nothing ‘vanilla latte’ about the EPA at all. We are being ‘law’ed’ to death by ‘bongsters’ who circle the cosmos feigning enlightenment but giving us only paranoia and torture.

    Call any local psychiatric clinic, and the FBI.

  • Telescoping You

    Haven’t strayed a bit too far from the Castro District?

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    Are you willing to emasculate the agency when conservatives take over?

  • Niniane

    At least Hugo Chavez is much more honest about Big Brother socialism than the Obama gang. Chavez drives around, points at buildings and declares “I nationalize.” Obama tunnels under the foundation.

  • confedgal

    Okay Rep. Poe. You are complaining about the EPA. Fine. You don’t like what they do, try defunding them, then shutting them down. You’d better be clear though about what they are doing to this country. Shout it from the mountaintops to every citizen of the U.S. Don’t just preach to the choir.

    About the incandescent light bulb ban, that one belongs to congress. REPEAL THE DANG LAW FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! Quit whining about something you can fix, just fix it. Write a bill repealing the incandescent ban. You would have plenty of co-sponsors. Why, I bet that it would be bi-partisan.

    I hope you are reading the comments from this article, because you are getting good advice from lots of people.

  • confedgal

    You hit the nail on the head with that statement.

  • Fred, Wa State

    Although I firmly believe that the government has no business telling us what kind of light bulbs to use, I’m pretty sure that the ban was a law championed by Fred Upton, passed by Congress, and signed into law by George W. Bush.

    There is no doubt that the EPA should be reined in or better yet abolished, but don’t blame what you and your colleagues have done on them.

    I do believe that the House should pass every piece of legislation they can to slow the EPA, and at the least let the Senate Dems and Obama take all the responsibility for the damage done by this rogue agency

  • Mike

    Yes, trying regulate dust and cow flatulence is tantamount to trying to regulate Chlorpropham and Deisopropylatrazine. If you mind having some Chlorpropham in your drinking water once in a blue moon then they should move to Canada and just let the rest of us enjoy a good dose of it every once in a while.

  • Concerned4America

    The problems with the EPA started well before Obama, he just put them on steroids because Congress would not pass all the laws he wanted. The EPA is staffed by a bunch of zealots who have no concept of systems or balance or the big picture, what ever you want to call it. It appears that like all self perpetuating bureauracies they believe it is necessary to think of new ways to justify their existance.

  • zeezil

    This is the babbling EPA idiot that Congressman Poe refers to:

  • deeme

    EPA and Planned Parenthood , killing the American way of life and Americans so our enemies don’t have to.

  • tortuga101

    I am amazed at the defense of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The truth is that the Commission is in the pocket of polluters and has no interest in protecting the public.

  • ordman

    Energy is the new cotton. This will become (I believe it already has) another battle over states rights. The question is what will the Federal Government come up with to use has and excuses this time? Look for the commerce clause to come into play very soon.

  • Guest

    It’s about time to put a boot on the throat of the EPA.

  • justsaynotosocialism

    ACTUALLY, remember when Obama proclaimed to an adoring audience in California (at a university, no doubt) that he and Nancy were cleaning up Bush’s mess with a “socialist mop” with a ‘twinkle’ in his eye? My friend, Barry’s been out of the closet for a while now

  • truebluedetroiter

    What worries me is that the Republicans and/or Tea Partiers will not even acknowledge all of this in 2012. The dirt on them has to be dug up and dished out when getting close to voting. I am just so frustrated with all of this crap going on.
    They are on a mission to ruin America. As soon as I noticed BHO did not address jobs as his #1 priority after the swearing in, and he started barking about health care, I had the gut feeling right then that he was there for his own agenda. The guy is a slimy snake.
    Don’t get me started……………

  • Tripmom92

    THe EPA should be abolished just like the dept. of education. Each state should be the one making regulations (if need be) the state know better what is needed for their own state. California is very different from say, Virginia – each state has different problems and issues so the same regulations are not needed. I am all for being good stewards fo our environment but the looney left has crossed the line. One example — EPA wants us the use these new light bulbs, well, okay — here’s the problem nobody is talking about… first these bulbs cost 3-4 times more then the incandesent bulbs — so economically that’s tough. Secondly, most people do not realize that these new bulbs contain low levels or mercury ( a toxin ) so if it gets broken this get released into the environment and the owner has to pay up to thousands of dollars for clean up.-( hazmat team to clean up a broken bulb) and once these bulbs burn out- they have to go somewhere — like a landfill, duh ? so let’s put toxins in our landfills and the environment while at the same time , telling we are going green – helping our environment while using these. Does this make sense ? another example — electric cars — what a joke. First off, these cars can cost twice as much as traditional cars (avg cost $40,000). Secondly, the batteries used only last 3-4 years, so every 3-4 years they must be replaced at the cost of $4000 to $ 6000 dollars, who can afford that ? I certainly can’t. You can go about 90 -100 miles on one charge and it can take 6-8 hours to recharge the batteries. If you do any serious traveling, the electric car is simply not practical. The electric is car is not feasible for the family to use either. My family of five can not fit in an electric car.
    We simply do not have the technology as of yet to make electric care practical. They have also been know to catch on fire easily. Again the EPA should be abolished — it is slowly destorying our country.

  • Forrest Samuels

    The economic cost of pollution needs to be added to the cost of energy and manufacturing. That is the goal of the EPA. Pollution costs us all our environment and health. There is more to life than the economy.

  • Rusty Turner

    It is very obvious Rick. The socialist agenda for the past 100 years or so has been to destroy the the American Way of Life, the past two plus years is the culmination of these efforts.

  • Rusty Turner


  • Hominid

    Where’s Randy Shackleton (that guy who thinks the the environmentalists are not out to destroy the US economy)? Are you reading this Shackie? Oh, Shackie??

  • Dustoff


    Try that when you can’t stay warm, or eat.

  • Guest

    Watermelons! Green on the outside and communist red on the inside.

    Sorry, look at their platforms, they are EXACTLY the same as communists.

    Oh well, I guess I am being the modern day McCarthy! Funny thing, my father taught me many things, one of them was to never trust the bright package but to look at the whole thing.

    Hmmmm, I have investigated the UN and their platform, boy it looks a LOT like the communists in the USSR of long ago. So we defeated communism hey!? Where did they go? Hell even China saw the failure and allowed a limited amount of capitalism. The problem is, they do not go full Galt, that is the problem. They are afraid as most tyrants are.

    We are on a cusp, we are going to go the same way that many empires have gone, either give freedom or not. Will the government destroy us or let us survive, that is the question.

  • Zexufang

    It now takes an act of Congress to prevent an EPA bureaucrat from issuing a regulation.

    That’s odd – I never voted for a bureaucrat.

    Accordingly, Congress should abolish the agency in question and set up a Congressional committee to take over its function.
    That is all.

  • tedpeters

    More than any other factor, EPA regulations shall be the undoing of Obama. They are killing major construction, especially of industrial facilities, and that means a ton of jobs, and a huge impediment to economic growth. This Titanic is already on course for a collision with a presidential election in 2012 and it is too late to turn the ship… even if Obama was of such a mind.

  • rbimm

    To put the icing on the cake there is now a commercial on the radio touting the joy of the oil reserves in Canada which they will be happy to sell to us and which will create jobs. These enviornmental boys wanting to send us back to the stone age and those in Congress actually passing these bills are nothing but Marxists in elected official clothing.

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    These Leninists at the EPA will stop at nothing until they have confiscated private property and have us all living in stack housing like in the Soviet Union. This has nothing to do with the environment. They indocrinate these useful idiots who reek of petulie oil and BO out there preaching how evil business is and republicans are out the destroy the enviroment, yet when these morons leave an area, it looks like cattle have been through it.
    The demoncrats are the first one’s out there bitching about how ‘evil” businesses are sending jobs overseas, well hell yes when they are looking at tax rates for 40% and higher and the Marxist EPA adding additional costs to “green” their business.
    Countries like Ireland for example offer companies an 11% corporate tax, and yes they have skilled labor over there, and a lot of corporations will even offer their brightest people incentives to relocate.

  • 1tomritter1

    If the GOP were truly interested, they would defend Congress’s EXCLUSIVE power to pass regulations.

  • SueDinNY

    The federal gov’t has become too powerful. It should be up to the states to regulate their own environmental impact rules. Time to call an end to some of these agencies.

  • Rusty Turner

    And what has that got to do with my comment?

  • imcurious

    Forrest,obviously you’re a product of an Affirmative Action education.

  • umustkidding

    Exactly right Rusty. We are on the precipice of changing over to the dark side with no return ticket. Look at the liberals they are clamoring to ram every destructive thing thru that they can. Remember it was Hillary that said the problem with what Jimmy Carter did, wasn’t his policies, it was that he didn’t implement them fast enough. It’s why they don’t obey the laws and why you have different agencies usurping authority that rightly belongs to the states or sometimes congress. They are on a mission and will stop at nothing.

    Yet nothing is done about it. Or for that matter it seems that they only answer that the correct authorities have is to go to court. Which ties everyone up.

    I don’t understand this either. If someone were to come to my home and say to me that it was time for me to plant new bushes, I wouldn’t take them to court. I either would tell them to flip off or just ignore what they had told me to do seeing that they don’t have the authority to tell me anything.

    So why is it for example, that when the EPA over steps it’s bounds and oppresses businesses or even family homes with garbage issues, pond issues or burning etc, why do we follow what they tell us even if there is no law or regulation to back them up? Is just saying the words global warming enough?

  • deeme

    Let them keep at it, I promise you there is not a person in their right mind who will vote for him when gas is seven dollars a gallon ..Remember I said in their right mind..This isn’t about protecting anything either, I have seen the pictures of pipelines and all the wildlife fitting right in..The only thing they are protecting is their right to bring down anyone who does not represent their plan to transform America,..

  • Vladimir

    It isn’t the culmination of this effort – just beginning of the final stage of destroying American Way of Life.
    See the plan “Clovard and Piven”

    “Unions are the school of communism” – V. Lenin

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    You got that right. Like Mark Levin has said, the EPA is a bunch of Leninist.

  • Vladimir

    What???? Government is the reason for internet creation?????
    It’s something new

  • Bruce Boelter

    The EPA freed the slaves??? Wow they REALLY suck at PR cuz I never even heard that!

  • bheld

    I read that news announcement on Drudge today. One ship, 70 miles away, and the town will SUPPOSEDLY (according to the EPA) have it’s air quality raised to “near” regulatory levels.

    Shell Oil spent $2.2B on oil leases for offshore drilling in that area. No wonder the price of oil is going up.

    Obama has to go in 2012 and the EPA has to go NOW!!

  • bheld

    >>… “the EPA continues to abuse its power”.
    >>… “Despite the unconstitutionality of government controlling every aspect of our lives”.
    Congressman, where are our oversight committees?? Why aren’t you doing your job??

  • bheld

    I agree.

  • bheld

    Ain’t it the truth?? Tell it like it is, gal.

    Obviously this congressman is wanting exposure, he wants to be able to point to something he has done, and brag about his position in front of the choir.

  • bheld

    >>… “and then there is insanity that the left practices”.
    LOL… maybe besides the pollution that should be contained is….

    the insanity that should be contained.

  • bheld

    GP… great post as usual.

    You got it right. All this writer/congressman is doing is bloviating. He doesn’t believe a word of what he is saying. Explains the obvious, but does nothing.

  • billwhit1357

    We should elect someone who will disband the EPA and send these idiots packing! The EU is even worse! They banned incandescent bulbs and now have found out that the new bulbs are full of poisenous material and is hazardous to everyones health. How stupid can one group of people get anyway? I stocked up on enough incandescent bulbs, to last my lifetime, before they took them off the shelves. I do think Obama wants to break America and destroy our Great Nation. He has already screwed up our relations with our Allies and made us a laughing stock. Not one leader of the Western World has any use for the Fool, Obama, as they can see he is a two faced Liar and has no one thread of Honor or Integrity! How could we do this to ourselves, America? NOBAMA 2012!

    ALLEN WEST 2012! A proven Leader, Patriot, and a Born American with a REAL Long Form Birth Certificate he will Honorably Show, Unlike Obama! Sen West would never let good military officers be sent to prison because of a Childish Refusal to show his BC, also Unlike Obama, who has already let good people go to prison because he is a Snake in the Grass! It is horrible when you do not and cannot trust your own President!

  • Rusty Turner

    Kidding, it is because your neighbor can’t threaten you with a fine or jail time.

    Unfortunately the epa is its own enforcement agency and can (illegally) fine a company for non-compliance. The authority usurped by these office pogues is beyond any they were given when the epa was first enacted. The time has come to defund and disband these socialists, the problem is that if you or I were to walk in to their office and tell them that as their employer we were firing the whole lot of them it would be you or me that would be in trouble.

  • Rusty Turner

    I disagree Vladimir, this is the culmination, we have just about passed the point of no return. If the GOP doesn’t stand its ground over the budget and obummercare the United States is finished as a Sovereign Country.

  • goldenprez

    bheld, thanks for the thumbs up, I do appreciate it. It is encouraging to know that there are, at least, a few people frequenting this site who are immune to the poppycock ladled out daily here, and most everywhere else.

    Reading the comments of a majority of the posters, and writers for that matter, can sometimes be disheartening. These people are our “neighbors,” and without their being educated to the fact that they are being conned on a daily basis, we are never going to be able to bring this country back to its constitutional roots.

    As for Rep. Poe, I do not know the man, never met him. I do not live in Texas, but I have seen many posts, on many sites, by people who live in his district, and they swear by him. The fact is, the man is a “professional politician,” which, almost by definition, makes him “not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.”

    “Politician,” should not be a job description. The founding fathers did not intend it to be so.

    However, the founding fathers were not in a position to be doling out billions of dollars in largesse to their constituencies, to keep themselves in their seats of power, in order to have sway over the lives of their fellow citizens. The very thought of that was anathema to them.

    Anyone with any real brain power, is making their way in the business world, and has no time for dilly-dallying in D.C., for years at a time. Very few of these “professional politicians” have any “real world” experience to bring to the table.

    There are, of course, exceptions, and we must find those exceptions and replace the “professional politicians” with these exceptions as quickly as possible. Our glorious country is circling the drain. We need people who will put a stop the socialist undertow NOW.

    Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

  • umustkidding

    Yes, I understand this. However, when the Dems lost the Global warming bill. The Obama administration said that they were going to skip the EPA getting regulations past into law. Now the EPA comes in demands to inspect a company’s location and “recommend” the type of equipment or process that “they” feel should be used. There is no regulation for enforcement for some of these mandates that the EPA is handing down.

    Companies are complying simply out of fear of harassment and so does Mr. Home owner.

    Unfortunately today we are only as free if we can afford to go to court.

  • confedgal

    What is so bad is he only got part of it right. Until they start screaming so loud they can be heard over the traditional media, it does no good to talk. We already know what is going on.

  • gregio

    The citizenry can always take action by arming themselves and spending some time informing themselves who amongst the political candidates are espousing the greatest freedom of choice to the electorate. Politicians who want to take care of your children and “protect” your job or family are quite obviously trying to convince you that you are incompetent to do so. They pander to the weak willed and the the freeloaders. There is no reason for politicians to promise outside of their mandated tasks except to pander for your vote. The informed voter will spot this and reject these candidates. Obama is the most skilled at lieing and pandering of any politician I have seen yet.

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    You’re an idiot. Is this what George Soros is telling his drones like you to spew? I realize not many of you can hold a random thought, or even concieve one for yourselves, so your communist leader must direct you. You are nothing more than the equvilent of a socialist borg.

  • TheNightHawk


    EPA does regulate dust.

    PM 2.5

    Learned about it through work. Dealing with hydrocarbon PM regulations.

  • TheNightHawk

    “Anyone with any real brain power, is making their way in the business world, and has no time for dilly-dallying in D.C., for years at a time. ”

    Except that dilly dallying in DC (and California) is a must for industry. Teams of corporate lawyers are needed to beat back rabid regulators.

    Failing to do this will lead to complete destruction of transportation and industry. (this being the goal of many environmnetal zealots)

    It’s interesting for someone with a scientific or engineering background to deal with a DC administrator like at EPA. Takes an hour or so to figure out that Ms. Jackson does not understand and does not care.

    You walk out thinking: “there’s no point in talking”, then you have lawyers work out the least painful deal. (then you pass the cost on to consumers)

    Yeah, I know I’m taking it in a different direction from what you meant,

  • TheNightHawk


    I can say that you are correct about Ms. Jackson and her people, as well as the people at NOAA.

    I would also point out that if you told many of these folks that their actions would result in destruction of industry, transportation, employment, quality of life, private property rights, etc., they’d say “I’m okay with that.”

    Not to say that there aren’t some folks there that are merely doing a job, but they are vastly outnumbered by zealots.

  • TheNightHawk

    It has nothing to do with moviing a frog 50 feet.

    It has to do with maintaining a “balance” of wetlands.

    If you take some, someone else has to provide some.

    So, when the developer puts in a shopping mall and pays big coin for the privelege of displacing a wetland, someone has to make up for it. That’s where you and your frog come in.

  • TheNightHawk

    Hey LeAnn.

    Don’t get excited. He’s just putting in a plug for the inventor of the Internet: Albert Gore.

  • TheNightHawk

    “Unfortunately the epa is its own enforcement agency and can (illegally) fine a company for non-compliance. ”

    An company can fight the fine in court, but will have it’s licences pulled.

    Poof! Out of business!

    Cheaper to move the business to another country where they can pollute as much as they want.

  • umustkidding

    With all due respect sir, you know not of what you speak. There were 5 agencies I had to deal with. All with there special point of view on the matter. Basicly, I would be killing something that simply could not handle the channeling of the water that flowed thru my property.

    I don’t think any of them could have passed the sanity test. Of course they made themselves “sound” professional. But in the end when faced with facts they were simply agents of the “No” that won’t work.

    The criss cross of what each one of them wanted and how you were supposed to appease each of them was inexcusable. What’s more, I think the whole thing was only to make themselves relevant. There was no damage to anything that was going to be done. It’s all about the money and their justification. They were smart in their own minds.

  • TheNightHawk


    You missed my point.

    With enough coin, you grease the skids. Bigger people than you grease the skids, thus getting variances. Note that the developer can be hundreds of miles from you.

    In the minds of the regulators, this needs to be made up for somewhere.
    That is what they use you for.

    This happens with simple things like well drilling, If a developer wants to buy your land and your well goes dry, don’t expect to get a permit to drill a new one. Happened to my aunt.

    In the end, none of what your regulators said was true. But that doesn’t matter to them.

  • umustkidding

    Ok, Thank you for clarifing. I guess the point is still that they are infringing on our liberties. I mean the expenses they put you thru are outrageous.

    That brings me full circle to, since when do you need a permit or license to exercise your liberties and pursue your happiness? And why can’t I just ignore them and do what I want on my property. They will take me to court then. So now it comes to you must have money to exercise your liberties to defend why you have the freedom to do what the constitution says you can.


  • bheld

    Lead the way, GP, lead the way… and God Bless….

  • bheld

    Well said…. and it’s the truth.

  • goldenprez

    bheld, the way is clear.

    One has to get involved in the process. The TEA Partiers have already learned this, and they are joining the ranks of the state GOP parties as Precinct Committeemen. This is where the process begins, at the grassroots.

    Precinct Committeemen can attend state conventions, and they are the ones who decide who the candidates will be. In order to get rid of the “establishment” Republicans, we have to unseat them at the grassroots.
    Exactly as the TEA Party Precinct Committemen did in Utah, when they voted Mike Lee as their Senatorial candidate, and threw Bennett into retirement.

    For a full explanation, I suggest you peruse RedState and look for COLD WARRIOR. His posts explain all.

    I would also suggest a trip to SARAHPAC.COM. The lady needs our help. Every donation, no matter how small, takes us a step closer to a true conservative candidate for President. One with the guts to call Obamao by his “true” name, and take him, and his policies, to the cleaners.

    The money is also needed to help local and state true conservative candidates to boot out the “establishment” Republicans who are conspiring and colluded with all the other progressives/socialists.



    Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

    Illegitimi non carborundum.


    The EPA like many other government agencies which have been over funded and over paid for becoming police agencies like the IRS also have the power to make rules and bypass congress and the constitution. The need to re-pare this huge expensive nightmare government has grown by leaps and bounds and this administration is making it impossible to afford the government much less the growing inflation of energy and commodities.

  • etexfisherman48

    I’ll say it again the House can get rid of the EPA by defunding it. The courts nor the president can stop them. The EPA for those that don’t know is led by communist and works in collusion with another communist dominated organization the ACLU.
    The Answer: Fire the spineless Republicans and of course the socialist Democrats and replace them with true conservatives that are born again men with the backbone to take on these devils in a no compromise fashion.

  • dslam47

    Im a enviromentalist and a conservative. Yes they have gone a little to far. They should decreaes the federal, but not abolish it. They should just make sure the state epa is doing there job. If we get rid of the EPA, were just gonna want them back, unless you like smog, and drinking water full of toxins and trash. I do like business but in a enviromental safe side of business.
    The only way to get rid of the Epa and keep the gone, is if we learn to be enviromentally safe. The only way to grow as a world, is to do it green.
    Going green does create jobs, from all the forest services, and recreations.
    Im ok with drilling for oil on our land, but it needs to be done cleanly, and safe.
    I just want to see the same forest i do now, in the next 60 years, healthy and growing.
    We need to find alternative energy, and dump coal, and oil. Natural gas is ok still. Coal and oil is far to messy, and causes huge health problems. Im pro epa, but i can see that they are going to far.
    Green is the future. Im against obama, but i dont agree with some conservatives idea. Yall rather destroy the world to gain a dollar, rather than make money off it scenery.
    Sorry about spelling, autocorrect.

  • Garwoodv6

    And what about warming up the interior of that electric car on the morning drive to work? There goes a lot of the battery charge… that reduces range further and must be replaced (more $$$)

    Are we supposed to bundle up for the morning drive?

  • Garwoodv6

    And you know this… how? Please elaborate, and provide some verifiable support. Any.

    I live in Houston and know of the TCEQ. I also know of the EPA. Most importantly, I know about the actual quality of the air around here.

  • Garwoodv6

    H e l l Yes! We want the EPA defunded. Obama put the bill for the Gulf mess on BP without the EPA, proving their uselessness.
    In fact the EPA’s incompetence in enforcing and inspections were a big part of the reason the conditions leading to the oil spill went unchecked in the first place. you cannot conduct field inspections and reviews from the office desk, relying on data provided by the very entity your EPA is set up to police. Some safeguard, huh?

    The EPA has no friends in the public eye, save for a few environmentalists that don’t realize their role as useful idiots to the few powerful ones that fund them and energize their cause to serve agendae other than promoting environmental responsibility.
    Remember, conservatives are by nature thrifty, clean, and reponsible. Recklessness is just that, regardless of political alignment or ideology.

  • sky1959

    Since Reagan (James Watt), big brained Bush, moderate Clinton, and tiny brained Bush basically did either nothing or dismantled environmental protection, then why the economy crumble in 2008? And if the massive amounts of wealth pouring into to places like Cleveland via trickle down supply side economics, then why are poor people even more poor today?

  • goldenprez
  • Dave Ryther

    This is simply the most abject stupidity I’ve ever seen on a single web page.

  • Andrew Delaney

    EPA is here to keep us safe and keep our families from getting sick so stop saying bad things about the EPA its here to help us and our community. If you or your company does not meet the standards that is you own fault. Get with reality.

  • Andrew Delaney

    You know where its at

  • Andrew Delaney

    Than why even bother reading all this?

  • Andrew Delaney

    No. WE don’t just you.

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