POLL: Two-Thirds of Voters Say Democrats Have Not Made a Case for Midterm Votes

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With the midterm election now just over a week away, a new poll from The Trafalgar Group has revealed that a majority of Americans believe that President Biden and Democrats have not made a "strong enough case" to entice voters to vote for Democrat candidates.

The poll, conducted by The Trafalgar Group for Convention of States Action between October 25 and 30 of 1080 likely general election voters, found that 65.9 percent of voters say that Democrats have not made a strong enough case as to why Democrat candidates should get their vote next week.

Split by political party, Democrats said that their party has in fact made a strong case, with 71.5 percent responding as such. 28.5 percent said that their party has not made a strong case.

Nearly all Republican voters said that the Democrats’ case has not been strong enough to entice voters, with 96 percent responding as such.

A majority of independent voters sided with Republicans, with 75.4 percent saying that the Democrats have not made a strong enough case, while 24.6 said that the Democrats have.

In regards to the outcome of the election, a majority of voters, 50.2 percent, said that they believe the Republican Party will gain control of both chambers of Congress.

30.3 percent of voters said the chambers of congress would be split between Republican and Democrat control, while just 19.5 percent said that the Democrats would maintain their control gained in 2020.

Split by political party, most Democrats believe that the chamber control will be split by political party, at 46.9 percent. Trailing close behind at 41.2 percent are Democrats who say that their party will maintain their control. Just 12 percent of Democrats said that the Republicans will take control of the Senate and House.

A vast majority of Republican voters, 84.5 percent, said that their party will take control of both chambers. 14 percent said that the chambers will be split between Republican control and Democrat control. Just 1.3 percent said that the Democrats would maintain their control.

Independent voters once again sided with the Republicans, with 52.8 percent saying that the Republican Party will gain control of both chambers. 31.3 percent said that the control of the chambers would be split, while 15.9 percent said that the Democrats would maintain control of Congress.

The poll comes a little over one week before the midterm elections, where a number of closely watched races across the country will determine the control of Congress.

The Senate and House are currently under the Democrats’ control, with the Senate holding 48 Democrat senators, two independent senators that tend to side with the Democrats, and 50 Republicans. Vice President Kamala Harris, a Democrat, serves as the tie-breaker. In the House, there are 220 Democrat representatives, and 212 Republicans.

According to Bloomberg Government, a change in just five seats would shift the control of the House towards the Republicans.

The outlet also notes that in midterm elections, the President’s party tends to lose ground in Congress, with this change being seen in 18 of the last 20 elections.



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