Sunday Morning News Ignores Hunter Biden Story in Assisting Father’s Campaign

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  • 03/02/2023

This past week the New York Post broke what would typically be a major news story with its release of emails and photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop.  The content released thus far would seem to prove a clear connection between Hunter’s business dealings and his father’s role as Vice President.

So potentially inflammatory is the information, with more disclosures promised over the upcoming week, that the Post revelations generated the most significant voluntary censorship of information by the media in the history of the United States.  This included Twitter suspending the Post account and the Trump Campaign’s account among others.

 White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany even had her Twitter account suspended.

The mainstream media has, for the most part, refused to cover the story, and when they have, like the New York Times piece on October 14 (updated October 17) it has been for the purpose of questioning the reliability of the Post’s information or for positioning the effort as part of Republican conspiracy theories.

Given the importance ascribed by political pundits to the Sunday morning news programs, Human Events News thought it would be interesting to watch this past Sunday’s programs on the major networks and report as to how they were covering the Biden revelations of the past week.

CBS Face the Nation:  Host Margaret Brennan had only two mentions of Hunter Biden on the broadcast.  The first was in the opening teaser where she showed Biden’s over-aggressive response a couple of days prior to a CBS reporter asking him about the Hunter matter.  There was no follow up to that teaser.

The second mention was during her interview with former NSA Director, Retired Admiral Mike Rogers.  She brought up the issue under the premise of it possibly being a campaign interference attempt by the Russians, a “hack and dump” operation as she termed it.  The link to Russia is the Democrats talking point on the matter, as expressed by Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and others, being followed by the MSM.

Brennan also interviewed DNC Chair Tom Perez and did not ask any questions regarding the Post story.

NBC Meet the Press:  Meet the Press host Chuck Todd briefly touched on the Hunter Biden scandal only during the panel discussion by suggesting it was reminiscent of Republicans’ fixation on Hillary Clinton’s emails in 2016.

"You know, Mark Leibovich (panelist from the New York Times), my partner on First Read, Mark Murray, emailed me yesterday and he says, "You know, I'm having déjà vu. There's the President. He's trying to get hacked emails covered, dubious Russian connections, ‘lock her up’ chants,” said Todd.

The show only mentioned the bombshell news story once more, when forced to by discussion panel member and former Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory,

McCrory said “…but now, Joe Biden, whether you like it or not, is going to have to deal with the Hunter Biden October surprise between now and Election Day. And so, I think that's going to be a major issue, in addition to the virus.”

Todd threw that question to Washington Post White House reporter Ashley Parker, asking, “The fact that the Trump campaign wants and hopes that this questionable hack, and we don't know, there're a lot of questions surrounding the story, is this their last card they're playing? This is all they've got left?”

Parker responded by brushing off “the Hunter Biden stuff” as “some of it’s not verified,” and claiming that it actually makes Joe Biden look good.

ABC This Week:  George Stephanopoulos made no mention of the Hunter Biden story at all during the show, either when interviewing guests or during the panel discussion.  He did, however, find the opportunity to grill Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel over his supporters chanting “lock them up” at his recent Muskegon, Michigan rally as though that posed some threat to the Governor’s safety.

Stephanopoulos also used the new Democrat talking point, brought forward simultaneously with the Biden story, of asking McDaniel if she would be willing to condemn “QAnon,” the web-based group that believes they are receiving “Deep Throat” style revelations regarding the “Deep State” and the Democrat Party from an unidentified source.  McDaniel tried to point out the irrelevance of the question, but Stephanopoulos would not yield.

CNN Fareed Zakaria Global Public Square (GPS):  Not to be confused with Fusion GPS, the Democrat Party’s research and documentation wing,  Zakaria’s show focused, in part, on foreign policy approaches of both Biden and Trump. He asserted that foreign policy has “hardly been mentioned on the campaign trail,” this season.

Zakaria featured Joe Biden Foreign Policy Adviser Tony Blinken. He did not question Blinken about the Hunter Biden hard drive scandal despite the links to both China and Ukraine.

Blinken asserted that China is “arguably the biggest challenge” presented to America from another nation, in what seems to be a sudden departure from the Biden campaign’s typical narrative, which has historically downplayed the threat of China, and emphasized the threat from Russia.

In light of the information reported by the Post, it would have seemed appropriate for Zakaria to question Blinken in that moment regarding the Biden-China relationship.  No such question was asked.

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