Bricks, pipes, ???Occupy??? graffiti found near site of Republican convention

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  • 09/21/2022

Fox News in Tampa reports that police have ???confiscated bricks and pipes from a rooftop in Tampa, and discovered what they say is ???anarchist??? graffiti.???  The pre-positioned rooftop stash of riot weapons was discovered by the owner of the building, which is located near the venue for the Republican National Convention.

The Fox report quotes private investigator Bill Warner, who knows exactly what the bricks and pipes would have been used for: ???These are tactics terrorists use in the Middle East.  They will hide bricks in piles in buildings and so forth.  They will move into the area start their little protests.  Then they will find their pile of bricks and pipes and start busting out windows.???

The "anarchist graffitti" discovered at the scene is pictured above.  For the uninitiated, both the Guy Fawkes figure (actually the main character from the comic book and movie ???V for Vendetta???) and the number ???99??? figure prominently in the mythology of Occupy Wall Street, the Obama-endorsed left-wing protest movement.  The eponymous hero of ???V for Vendetta??? is a righteous terrorist crusading against a fascist government in futuristic Britain.  ???99??? refers to the ???99 percent,??? which is the new name for the proletariat, now that blatantly Marxist language has gone out of style, and his disciples find it necessary to claim the proletariat is much larger than Marx thought it was.

OWS includes a ???direct action??? wing known as the Black Bloc ??? which is, as Fox News notes, not coincidentally the name for an international anarchist organization labeled by the FBI as ???domestic terrorists who are against government, corporate America, and law enforcement.???

Anarchists, and Occupy Wall Street, are not ???against government.???  They???re against the current government, or more precisely whatever components of it they find most inconvenient for their agenda.  ???Anarchists??? are routinely used as tools by those who would impose far more oppressive regimes.  Sometimes this comes as a nasty surprise to the more delusional anarchists.

"Revolutionary??? movements are not always shy about using the language of totalitarianism, even while posturing as crusaders against oppression.  For example, another potentially violent threat to the Republican National Convention was issued by the New Black Panther Party, whose spokesmen threatened to disrupt the ???Republi-Klan Convention??? and vowed, ???Our feet will be on your mother***ing necks.???  Funny, the imagery of boots upon necks is more commonly employed by those who claim to oppose the boot.



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