Florida Dishes $3.5 Million Fine to County for Violating Vaccine Passport Law

A Florida county received a hefty $3.5 million fine Tuesday for violating the state’s ban on vaccine...

Human Events Staff October 13, 2021

Conservative Groups Issue Open Letter to the U.S. President and Congressional Leaders: Stop Vaccine Passports

PRESS RELEASE: Stop Vaccine Passports: Open Letter to President Biden and Congressional Leaders  For...

Brent Hamachek August 5, 2021

Vaccine Passport, Step One? NJ Moves Vaccine Data from Medical Files to App Store

New Jersey will allow residents to access their COVID-19 vaccine data via a mobile app, but the governor...

Human Events Staff July 13, 2021

Denver Bar Demands Vaccination Proof for Indoor Dining

In yet another example of selective bigotry, a bar in Colorado is only serving customers who have received...

Human Events Staff April 13, 2021

Texas Gov. Bans Vaccine Passports Statewide

While team-left cries “racism” over Georgia’s new voting law, they are simultaneously pushing a...

Human Events Staff April 6, 2021

There is Nothing "Common" About CommonPass

The concept of a Vaccine Passport granting citizens access to certain elements of society has suddenly become...

Celine Ryan Ciccio March 31, 2021

Bloomberg Editorial Board Acts as Propaganda Arm of “Great Reset” Plan

The editorial board of Bloomberg recently endorsed the use of "vaccine passports" as a means of granting...

Celine Ryan Ciccio March 26, 2021

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