The Arms Control Delusion Lives On.

The Biden administration believes that nuclear arms control is key to peace between nuclear states—more...

Francis P. Sempa June 17, 2021

Biden Met with Putin: Here’s How it Went

On his first trip overseas, Biden attended a highly-anticipated meeting with Russian President Vladimir...

Human Events Staff June 16, 2021

ROUND ONE TO RUSSIA: Biden Won't Hold Press Conference with Putin, Fears Reporters

In the latest effort to protect Joe Biden from the press, the president will not hold a joint press...

Human Events Staff June 14, 2021

Biden Departs on First International Trip

Joe Biden departed on his first overseas trip Wednesday, during which he will meet with G-7 and NATO allies...

Human Events Staff June 9, 2021

RUSHIN’ WITH RUSSIANS: Biden to Meet with Putin in Geneva Next Month

Joe Biden is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 16 in Geneva, marking the first...

Human Events Staff May 25, 2021

Needed: A Disciplined Foreign Policy.

The Biden administration is picking ad hoc diplomatic fights—and putting global stability at risk.

Francis P. Sempa May 3, 2021

While U.S. Fights Internally, External Threats Mount

While the U.S. continues on its path of internal destruction by means of extreme political polarization,...

Human Events Staff April 12, 2021

Putin ‘Trumps’ Biden in Clash Between Superpower Leaders

Russian President Vladimir Putin took diplomatic tensions to a new level, challenging Joe Biden to a...

Brent Hamachek March 19, 2021