Ron DeSantis Gets It: Big Tech Must Be Put On a Leash.

Florida's freedom-loving governor takes on Big Tech censorship.

David Krayden May 26, 2021

U.S. Postal Service Using Law Enforcement Arm to Track Americans’ Social Media Posts Before Protests

In a strange twist of events, the United States Postal Service is now using its law enforcement sector to...

Human Events Staff April 22, 2021

GUESS WHO’S BACK? Apple to Make Parler Available in App Store Again

After nearly four months of blacklisting, Apple announced that it plans to make Parler available in its app...

Human Events Staff April 19, 2021

Court Docs Reveal Facebook Played Bigger Role in Capitol Riot than Parler

In the wake of the Capitol riot, Google, Apple and Amazon joined forces to destroy their on-the-rise...

Human Events Staff February 22, 2021

Dan Bongino Spits the Truth on Why Parler CEO Was Fired

After the platform essentially got wiped off the face of the world-wide-web, Parler CEO and co-founder John...

Human Events Staff February 4, 2021

‘IS THIS THING ON?’ Parler’s website back online after Big Tech blackout hiatus

Parler was an app born in reaction to the hundreds of thousands of conservative accounts that were censored,...

Human Events Staff January 18, 2021

Twitter loses $5 billion in market value after banning President Trump

In the wake of the Capitol riots last Wednesday, Twitter and other Big Tech giants took cancel culture to new...

Human Events Staff January 11, 2021

Biden has ties to 5 major tech companies

Silicon Valley works hard, but Joe Biden works harder.  Over the last several weeks, Joe Biden announced...

Human Events Staff January 11, 2021