FINALLY! Pentagon Announces Ending of National Guard Deployment at U.S. Capitol

The Department of Defense confirmed Wednesday that the overwhelmingly unnecessary National Guard mission at...

Human Events Staff May 20, 2021

Defense Secretary Overrules National Guard Chief, Will Keep Troops Stationed at Capitol through May

Though the reasoning and accusations are baseless with no real proof or explanation given to the public,...

Human Events Staff March 11, 2021

Gov. Abbott Deploys Texas National Guard to Deal with Illegal Immigration Border Crisis

Amidst an explosive surge in illegal immigration thanks to Joe Biden’s lenient and absent-minded policies,...

Human Events Staff March 8, 2021

Dem-led House of Reps. Shuts Down Early Over Baseless Reports of Possible Militia Attacks

The House of Representatives ended work early Wednesday and cancelled all scheduled events for Thursday...

Human Events Staff March 4, 2021

5,000 National Guard Troops to Stay in DC Through March, Some Returning Home

Following a controversial deployment to the nation’s capital to defend and protect the inauguration, at...

Human Events Staff January 25, 2021

Democrats Fear Inauguration Violence: They Are Subject Matter Experts

In a CNN interview, Rep. Steve Cohen (TN-9) made the egregious accusation that because of its conservative...

Human Events Staff January 19, 2021

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen says 75 percent of National Guard ‘might want to do something’ at Biden inauguration because they are conservative

With Joe Biden’s inauguration just two days away, the nation’s capital is ramping up security to the max....

Human Events Staff January 18, 2021

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