MANIPULATIVE MEGHAN: Harry Reveals Wife’s Comments About Suicide & Diana, Backlash Ensues

If you aren’t convinced that Meghan Markle is the Duchess of Manipulation, this story is sure to be the...

Human Events Staff May 24, 2021

‘ENTITLED ARROGANCE’: Piers Morgan Blasts Prince Harry After First Amendment Scoff

Celebrity television personality Piers Morgan blasted Prince Harry for his First Amendment criticism in a...

Human Events Staff May 17, 2021

ROYAL PAIN IN THE...Constitution Expert Prince Harry Calls First Amendment ‘Bonkers’

Ever since leaving the United Kingdom for Los Angeles, Prince Harry can’t seem to stay out of the...

Human Events Staff May 17, 2021

CBS Finishes Off Sharon Osborne: The Latest Martyr of Bigoted Cancel Culture

Cancel culture has taken its next victim: Sharon Osbourne. Osbourne will no longer co-host “The Talk” on...

Brent Hamachek March 29, 2021

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Admit to Lying About Secret Wedding: What Else Have They Lied About?

A few weeks ago when he opened his nationally syndicated radio show by suggesting Meghan Markle and Prince...

Human Events Staff March 25, 2021

CBS Embraces Soviet Media Model, Tags Sharon Osbourne with Fake Racism Label

CBS daytime show “The Talk” will remain off the air for another week after a discussion on racism...

Brent Hamachek March 18, 2021

Kensington Palace to the White House: Meghan Markle Reportedly Eyeing 2024 Presidential Run

From Kensington Palace in London to the White House in Washington, Meghan Markle clearly has no limits as to...

Human Events Staff March 15, 2021

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