New Bill Would Block Kamala Harris from International Travel Until She Visits Southern Border

It’s been 83 days since Kamala Harris was tapped for the role of “border czar,” yet she still hasn’t...

Human Events Staff June 15, 2021

MUST WATCH: NBC Roasts Border Czar Harris For Claiming Admin Has Been to Border, Internet Goes Wild

It’s been 77 days since Kamala Harris was tapped for the role of “border czar,” yet she still hasn’t...

Human Events Staff June 9, 2021

The Power Behind the White House.

Kamala Harris and the quiet pursuit of power.

David Krayden May 4, 2021

‘TRAFFICKER-IN-CHIEF’: GOP Rep. Blasts Biden After Visit to Border 

Amidst a surging crisis at the southern border, neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris - who was named border...

Human Events Staff April 9, 2021

LAUGHTER TO LEADERSHIP: Biden Picks Harris to Head Border Security After She Laughs Off Idea of Visit

Just a few days ago, when asked if she plans to visit the southern border amidst the ongoing illegal...

Human Events Staff March 24, 2021

Kamala Harris Blames Trump for Biden’s Border Crisis

As Joe Biden’s physical and cognitive health is increasingly called into question, his would-be successor...

Human Events Staff March 24, 2021

Kamala Harris Breaks Tradition, Disrespectfully Refuses to Salute Military on Air Force Two

Potential soon-to-be commander in chief Kamala Harris revealed her true contempt for those in uniform after...

Human Events Staff March 24, 2021

WH Directs Federal Agencies to Officially Use Term ‘Biden-Harris Administration’

After widespread speculation on who really calls the shots in Washington, the White House has officially...

Human Events Staff March 23, 2021

Biden Administration Refuses to Say How Many Kids are in Cages, What is Florida Doing About It?

Since he took office nearly two months ago, Joe Biden has failed to address the public regarding any of the...

Human Events Staff March 10, 2021

PROGRESSIVE NIGHTMARE: Senate parliamentarian gives team-left bad news on wage hike

The Senate parliamentarian gave progressives some bad news Thursday night: the proposed minimum wage hike to...

Human Events Staff February 26, 2021

3 Top Democrats Who Turned a Blind Eye to Team-Left Violence Get Big Donations from Corporate America

While big corporate donors threaten to pull funding from the 147 republicans that voted not to certify the...

Human Events Staff February 22, 2021

Kamala Harris: Family Benefits & Setting Off Joe Manchin

While much of the mainstream media puts her on a pedestal, there are things they don’t share about the new...

Human Events Staff February 1, 2021

Charlie Kirk’s Message to Trump Campaign: Forget Biden, It’s Harris You Need to Defeat!

Turning Point USA founder, and political thought-leader Charlie Kirk made some waves earlier today on his...

Brent Hamachek October 14, 2020

Pence Shows Harris How It’s Done, Cleaning House in Vice Presidential Debate.

“Senator Harris, you're entitled to your own opinion but you're not entitled to your own facts.”

David Krayden October 8, 2020