Senate Official Blocks Immigration Reform Effort in $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan

Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough ruled against the democrats’ effort to include an immigration...

Human Events Staff September 20, 2021

Twenty Years Later, Afghan Evacuation Under Open Border Policies Could Lead to Another 9/11.

The Biden administration has made it easier to attack our homeland.

Joe Guzzardi September 12, 2021

California’s Recall Effort To Remove Elitist Governor Gavin Newsom.

Crime, homelessness, illegal immigration, and poverty are now hallmarks of the formerly Golden State.

Joe Guzzardi August 22, 2021

Federal Appeals Court Orders Biden to Resume ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

A federal appeals court handed a win to Texas, upholding Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.  U.S....

Human Events Staff August 20, 2021

Biden Extends Trump Policy Allowing Expulsion of Illegal Immigrants to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

The Biden administration extended a Trump-era health policy that allows for illegal immigrants to be expelled...

Human Events Staff August 4, 2021

License and Immigration Status Please: Texas Gov. Signs Order to Fight Transporting of Illegals

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Wednesday, allowing Department of Public Safety troopers to...

Human Events Staff July 29, 2021

93 Days Later...Border Czar Harris to Make First Visit to Texas but Will Avoid Worst-Hit Areas

It’s been 93 days since Kamala Harris was tapped for the role of “border czar,” and she’s finally...

Human Events Staff June 25, 2021

MUST WATCH: NBC Roasts Border Czar Harris For Claiming Admin Has Been to Border, Internet Goes Wild

It’s been 77 days since Kamala Harris was tapped for the role of “border czar,” yet she still hasn’t...

Human Events Staff June 9, 2021

Supreme Court Rules Asylum Applicants Bear Burden of Proof

The Supreme Court reversed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Monday, finding immigration judges do not have to...

Human Events Staff June 1, 2021

Census Shows U.S. Population Grew Slowest Since 1930s

Over the last 10 years, the United States population grew at the second slowest rate since the government...

Human Events Staff April 27, 2021

House Passes Bill to Provide Pathway to Citizenship for ‘Dreamers’

Amidst a whirlwind crisis on the southern border, the House of Representatives voted Thursday to provide a...

Human Events Staff March 19, 2021

President Biden’s Immigration Rollback Puts Americans at Risk.

Unaccompanied minors, COVID-19, drug cartels: the horrors at the U.S.-Mexico border are just beginning.

David Krayden March 17, 2021

Biden Lifts Trump’s Freeze on Green Card Program Aimed to Limit Job Competition

In his latest effort to erase all things Donald Trump, Joe Biden lifted a Trump policy on Wednesday that...

Human Events Staff February 25, 2021

Biden’s New Amnesty Bill: What is it and What Does it Mean? 

Adding to a slew of executive orders aimed to welcome - and ultimately protect - illegal immigrants, Joe...

Human Events Staff February 19, 2021