Biden Announces Series of Executive Actions Backing Gun Control

Joe Biden announced a series of executive actions Wednesday confirming his support for gun...

Human Events Staff June 24, 2021

Biden Sedates America Into Accepting Even Bigger Government.

The President reveals his plan for America: a cradle to grave welfare state.

David Krayden April 29, 2021

Biden’s Executive Actions on Gun Control Drive Another Nail Into Freedom.

Executive policy after executive policy, the President's pandering to the radical left shows no sign of...

David Krayden April 13, 2021

Joe Biden Pushes Background Checks for Guns, While Hunter Lied on His Own

Joe Biden took his first steps to address gun violence Thursday, calling the situation in the United States...

Human Events Staff April 9, 2021

Biden’s Pick to Lead ATF Locked His Twitter Account: What Is He Hiding? 

Secrets, secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone.  President Joe Biden is set to nominate David...

Human Events Staff April 8, 2021

Biden Will Announce Six Executive Actions on Gun Control: What Are They?

In the latest team-left effort to strip Amerians of their Second Amendment right, Joe Biden will announce...

Human Events Staff April 8, 2021

Biden to Announce Executive Action on Gun Control

The king of executive action is at it again.  In the latest efforts by team-left to take away Second...

Human Events Staff April 7, 2021

Hunter Biden, Secret Service & a Gun: Report Details Bizarre Incident Involving Firearm

Following a bombshell scandal just before the 2020 election, Hunter Biden’s name virtually vanished from...

Human Events Staff March 26, 2021

House Passes Gun-Control Bill to Expand Background Check System

It didn’t take long for team-left to move from COVID-19 stimulus to gun reform.  The House of...

Human Events Staff March 11, 2021

Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Block VA from Interfering with Veteran Gun Purchases

Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy will introduce legislation Wednesday to ban the Department of Veteran Affairs...

Human Events Staff March 10, 2021