The Coming Judicial Confrontation With Social Media.

The double bind Big Tech exploits to avoid accountability.

Robin Ridless September 18, 2021

How the Fall of Twin Towers Led to the Demise of the Internet.

A frank critique of how America conducted herself since September 11th, 2001—and how we can do better.

Preston Park September 12, 2021

Martyred: Three Big names Get Punished for Non-Conforming Opinions, Personal Finances Now Fair Game

Over the past four days, three outspoken dissidents in the fight against selective bigotry and collectivism...

Brent Hamachek August 30, 2021

Google Will Require Employees to Get Vaccinated

Google will now require all of its on-campus employees to receive the COVID vaccine, and will delay the...

Human Events Staff July 28, 2021

UPDATE: Trump Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against Twitter, Facebook & Google for Violating First Amendment Rights

As previously reported by Human Events News, Trump is suing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar...

Human Events Staff July 7, 2021

No More Passing the Buck on Big Tech.

The GOP has a duty to stay the course and enact new antitrust laws that curb the power of Big Tech.

Alex Bruesewitz June 27, 2021

Lawmakers Fight Off Big Tech, Introduce Sweeping Antitrust Bill

House lawmakers introduced sweeping antitrust legislation Friday to fight back against Big Tech’s powerful...

Human Events Staff June 11, 2021

Judge in Texas Google Lawsuit Refuses to Transfer Case to California

A Texas judge hearing a state antitrust lawsuit against Google denied a request Thursday for the case to be...

Human Events Staff May 26, 2021

Seven House Republicans Vow to Reject Big Tech Donations

It’s been three months since Big Tech initiated their conservative witch hunt, and the fight still...

Human Events Staff April 21, 2021

Indiana AG Launches Investigation into Five Big Tech Companies Over Conservative Censorship

The battle against Big Tech continues, as Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced Wednesday he has...

Human Events Staff April 8, 2021

Heritage Foundation Rejects Six-Figure Donations from Google, Facebook

The Heritage Foundation, one of the oldest and most prominent conservative think tanks in Washington, made...

Human Events Staff March 26, 2021

Jeff Webb and Will Chamberlain Appear on ‘The Charlie Kirk Show’ to Discuss Post-Trump GOP, Big Tech, More

On Tuesday’s episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, host Charlie Kirk is joined by entrepreneur and Human Events...

Human Events Staff March 17, 2021

Charlie Kirk Destroys Big Tech in CPAC 2021 Speech

Human Events contributor Charlie Kirk took the stage at CPAC 2021 in Orlando, Florida to discuss freedom of...

Human Events Staff March 1, 2021

Court Docs Reveal Facebook Played Bigger Role in Capitol Riot than Parler

In the wake of the Capitol riot, Google, Apple and Amazon joined forces to destroy their on-the-rise...

Human Events Staff February 22, 2021