Bad “Optics”: On Pseudo-Events and Pseudo-Democracy.

What the left's obsession over Senator Cruz's trip to Cancun reveals about media and the politics of...

Adam Ellwanger March 13, 2021

America’s Critical Race Delusion Must Be Stopped.

Indoctrinating our youth into thinking that America is fundamentally racist is not the solution to failing...

R.C. Maxwell March 12, 2021

Canceling Dr. Seuss.

The left's war on our cultural history is alarming—especially when it's backed up by Big Tech.

David Krayden March 9, 2021

Looking To Understand American Politics in 2021? Aristotle’s Got Answers.

2,400 years later, his words still resonate.

Charlie Kirk March 9, 2021

Kamala Harris, Aaron Burr, and the Art of Political Shapeshifting.

Why an eventual Harris presidency may not be as bad as it seems...

Anthony Schwartz March 6, 2021

Left-Wing Hatred has Escalated Post-Trump.

The work of Ryszard Legutko offers insight into leftist ideology today, and why Americans must stand and...

John Klar March 4, 2021

Quarry Elusive in President Biden’s Oil and Gas Subsidy Hunt.

To appease leftists, the President is exploiting a wonky subject ripe for political opportunism.

Bob Tippee March 3, 2021

CDC’s New Policy of No Quarantine After Vaccination Puts Great Stock in Speculation.

CDC continues to relegate policymaking to value judgments instead of hard data.

John J. Cohrssen & Henry I. Miller March 2, 2021

He’s Not “Back” … He Never Left.

My 12 takeaways from former President Trump’s CPAC address.

Charlie Kirk March 2, 2021

The Equality Act Is Really the Inequality Act.

A world where the government gets to decide what gender and sexuality mean for the rest of us—what could...

David Krayden March 1, 2021

The Oligarchical Revolution.

Our debates against socialism prevent us from seeing the actual socio-economic order: managers rule us all.

Alec Orrell February 26, 2021

Erasing Lincoln, Erasing History.

Radical leftists defacing public tributes is a show of brute force and power—not moral righteousness.

Lee Behringer February 24, 2021

From the News Editor’s Desk: What Gives Representative Khanna the Right To Decide What Businesses Succeed or Fail?

Meet a Stanford economics professor who would fail his own course.

Jeff Webb February 24, 2021

Rush Limbaugh: A Conservative for the Ages.

The debt that conservative Americans owe to Rush Limbaugh.

David Krayden February 23, 2021