U.S. Inflation Skyrockets to Highest Rate in 13 Years

U.S. consumer prices surged five percent from one year ago, reaching the highest annual inflation rate in...

Human Events Staff June 10, 2021

WOKE NOT BROKE: Sen. Pat Toomey Warns Fed is Going ‘Woke’

As is the case with troves of institutions these days, the Federal Reserve Bank, nicknamed the Fed, appears...

Human Events Staff May 25, 2021

CALIFORNIA CRUMBLES: Controller Can't Find the Cash

Betty Yee is California state controller, meaning she is tasked with “accountability and disbursement of...

Human Events Staff May 17, 2021

“The Buck Stops Where?”

Biden presidency calls into question just who is responsible for what.

Jeff Webb May 16, 2021

SOCIALIST SLOWDOWN: U.S. Added 266,000 Jobs in April as Hiring Slacked

The American jobs industry slacked remarkably last month, contradicting expectations of economic recovery and...

Human Events Staff May 7, 2021

CRONY CAPITALISM: Global Billionaires’ Wealth Skyrocketed $3.9 Trillion During Pandemic

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic created economic turmoil worldwide. But, a new report by Oxfam...

Brent Hamachek April 22, 2021

BIDEN V. TAXPAYERS: First ‘Major Federal Tax Hike’ in 3 Decades in the Works

Following the already controversial whopping $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill, Joe Biden is reportedly...

Human Events Staff March 16, 2021

Biden Threatens Sanctions on Myanmar After Military Coup: What Does This Mean?

Joe Biden threatened new sanctions on Myanmar, also known as Burma, Monday after its military staged a coup...

Human Events Staff February 2, 2021

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy raises $25 million and counting for struggling small businesses

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage its way through the country, small businesses have been hit...

Human Events Staff January 18, 2021

In Defense of a Self-Interested Market Response to the China Virus.

It’s not in the benevolence of the Butcher, Brewer, or Baker (or Politician) that a thriving economy is...

Charlie Kirk October 6, 2020