Harvard Scientist Says Trump Hatred Influenced Experts Who Denied Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

A Canadian scientist and Harvard postdoctoral associate said she and her colleagues withheld support for the...

Jack Posobiec June 17, 2021

Usurpers: Macbeth and the Tyranny of the Left.

For years, the left has used the figure of Macbeth to criticize President Trump—distracting us from their...

Jane Coleman June 11, 2021

Lessons From 2012: Bush, Trump, Voter Demographics, and the Future of the GOP.

How Donald Trump defied the conventional wisdom of the political mainstream to expand the Republican base.

J. Allen Cartwright June 8, 2021

HE’S BACK! Trump Returns to Political Arena: Here are the Highlights

President Trump is back and better than ever, delivering his first public speech in nearly four months at the...

Human Events Staff June 7, 2021

Facebook Formally Suspends President Trump For Two Years

Facebook announced that it will suspend Donald Trump for two years following its Oversight Board urging the...

Human Events Staff June 4, 2021

Biden to Suspend Arctic Oil Drilling Leases

In a move certain to increase prices across the board and heighten America's energy dependence on foreign...

Human Events Staff June 1, 2021

Origins of Chinese Coronavirus to be Officially Investigated, Advisors Make Biden ‘Feel Like it's His Idea’

After ruthlessly denying the idea over the last year, Biden called for a 90-day investigation into the...

Human Events Staff May 28, 2021

UNREPENTANT! Cheney Speech Shows No ‘Political Intelligence’ on Eve of Oust Vote

The night before her colleagues are expected to vote on her removal from leadership, Rep. Liz Cheney...

Human Events Staff May 12, 2021

SAVE THE DATE! House to Vote Wednesday on Cheney Leadership Oust

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy set the date for a vote to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from her republican...

Human Events Staff May 11, 2021

Utah County Republican Party Censures Sen. Mitt Romney

The Repubican Party of Weber County, Utah censured Mitt Romney over the weekend for voting to convict...

Human Events Staff May 10, 2021

Arizona Republicans to Brush Off DOJ Audit Concerns

Republicans in Arizona plan to tell the Department of Justice that they do not need federal assistance or...

Human Events Staff May 7, 2021

LATER HATER! Rep. Jordan Says 'Votes Are There' to Yank Cheney From GOP Leadership

House republicans are on a mission to bid Liz Cheney adieu - from her leadership position, that is - and Rep....

Human Events Staff May 7, 2021

MSNBC Dials Up the Crazy

In the latest effort by the mainstream media to appease the progressive left, a guest on MSNBC suggested on...

Human Events Staff May 6, 2021

FACEBOOK OFFICIAL: Oversight Board Upholds Decision to Ban Trump

The Facebook Oversight Board decided to make things official Wednesday, upholding the January decision to ban...

Human Events Staff May 5, 2021

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